Understanding the Standard Measurements of a Tennis Court

Are you interested in getting into tennis? Do you want to learn more about the standard measurements of a tennis court? This blog post will provide the information you need to know.

We are here to help you understand the basic measurements of a tennis court. We will discuss the length, width, and net height of a tennis court and provide guidance for all tennis fans.

With all this in mind, let’s get started and explore the standard measurements of a tennis court.


When talking about tennis court measurements, the most important element to consider is the court size. The size of the court depends on whether it is a singles court or a doubles court, the two main types of court.

A singles court is 78 feet long and 27 feet wide. The baseline, centre service line and back fence are all 78 feet in length, while the sidelines measure 27 feet in length. The service boxes are 21 feet deep and are parallel to the sidelines.

A doubles court measures a little longer at 84 feet, but is still 27 feet wide. The baselines, service lines and back fences are all wider than a singles court by six feet. The sides are still 27 feet and the service boxes remain 21 feet in depth and parallel to the sidelines.

In both singles and doubles, the court is broken up by the service line that separates it in the long direction and the centre line that separates it in the short direction. In addition, the service box, located on either side of the net, is 17 feet deep.

At the centre of the court is the net, standing 3 feet 6 inches high at the posts and 3 feet high in the centre. The outside edges of the net are marked by singles sidelines, which are generally marked with white lines.

Surface of a Tennis Court

When it comes to the surface of a tennis court, there are several options in play. Clay courts are perhaps the most popular, as they are more forgiving on joints than hard courts, and allow for a slower bounce that encourages more creative shots. Grass courts are as true to the game’s European origins as you can get, though they are difficult to maintain and require a great deal of upkeep in order to remain playable. Hard courts are the most popular in the U.S., and are a low cost option with minimal maintenance required.

Carpet courts are also an option, though they are not as common as they used to be. These surfaces provide good traction, but the ball tends to travel faster than on other surfaces, meaning that rallies tend to be shorter.

No matter the surface, all tennis courts follow the same basic measurements. The court has a rectangular shape with the sides measuring 78 feet and the ends measuring 27 feet for a total area of just over 2,100 square feet. The service boxes, which stand out from the other court lines, measure 6.4 feet by 13.4 feet.

Maintenance Matters

Maintaining a tennis court is essential for keeping it in the best condition possible. Some of the most important maintenance aspects include raking the court, painting lines, and regularly cleaning the court. All these activities are necessary for keeping the court in a good playing condition. Additionally, you must regularly check the court’s condition for damage and wear, as this can affect its appearance and quality.

Raking the court is important for leveling out any bumps or depressions on the court’s surface. After completing this step, you should move on to painting the lines, which will establish the court’s boundaries. Finally, cleaning the court should be done at least once in a while to remove debris. This is best done with the help of specialized court cleaning machines.

Maintaining a tennis court requires dedication and knowledge. If you own a tennis court, you should have an experienced staff member in charge of making sure it is always in good condition. Alternatively, you can hire a third-party maintenance service to handle cleaning, painting, and other court maintenance needs.

Are you trying to understand the standard measurements of a tennis court? Look no further! We have all the information you need to know in our article Understanding the Standard Measurements of a Tennis Court. Learn about the measurements of the court, the net, and the service line so you can be ready for your next match!

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