Exploring a Beach Sports Academy: How to Take Your Summer Vacation to the Next Level

Summer is a time to enjoy the outdoors, soak up the sun, and try something new. Exploring a beach sports academy could be a perfect way to elevate your summer vacations and make them unforgettable. Whether you are close to the beach or visiting a new area, enrolling in a beach academy provides a unique opportunity to try new activities and expand your skills.

At MitGlobal Dubai Sports, we recognize the importance of summer break as a time to learn new things and make memories. With that in mind, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to beach sports academies, including how to enroll and what to expect when you attend. So if you are looking for an exciting addition to your summer activities, keep reading to find out how to take your next vacation to the next level with a beach academy.

Types of Beach Sports

A Beach Sports Academy allows you to explore a range of exciting activities to help you make the most out of your summer vacation. If you’re looking to get some outdoor, beach action, there are several different options to choose from.

Surfing: Surfing is one of the most popular beach sports, and it’s easy to understand why. It’s a thrilling adrenaline rush that allows you to enjoy the ocean with an amazing sense of freedom. This activity requires a bit of skill, so it’s best learned from experienced surfers or through certified programs like the ones offered by a Beach Sports Academy.

Kitesurfing: Kitesurfing is a relatively new, extreme sport that has gained popularity all across the world. This exciting hybrid of surfing, windsurfing, and skateboarding provides an intense physical and mental challenge. It’s best suited for strong swimmers who have had some training in either kitesurfing or windsurfing before attempting the sport.

Stand-up paddling: Stand-up paddling is a recreational water sport that anyone can enjoy. It’s ideal for those looking to get a great workout while enjoying some time on the beach. All you need is a large board and a paddle, and you’re ready to go. The activity involves balancing on the board and using your arms and legs to propel yourself forward.

Windsurfing: Windsurfing is a sport that combines sailing and surfing. It requires a windsurf board, a sail, and a few basic skills to get started. The goal of windsurfing is to use the wind to maneuver the board across the water. It is a great physical challenge that offers the opportunity to explore different water conditions in a fun way.

Kayaking: Kayaking is another great water sport that is perfect for those looking to get out on the open water. It is a great option for beginners, as it doesn’t require as much skill as other sports. Just make sure to take the necessary safety precautions and follow the instructions provided by the professionals at a Beach Sports Academy.

Advantages of Beach Sports Academies

A beach sports academy can provide numerous benefits to an individual looking to take their summer vacation to the next level. Professional instruction is a key element of such programs, as it allows participants to gain an understanding of the fundamentals of the sport and the proper execution of technique. Participants may also have access to equipment rental, with quality gear provided by the academy.

Another distinct advantage of beach sports academies is the focus on safety. These academies strive to instill safety measures, so that participants can learn in a protected environment. Such measures may include offering life jackets, suitable instruction in case of an emergency, and tips to stay safe in the water.

Additionally, many academies also provide amenities such as waterproof equipment, picnic areas, and relaxation zones. This allows participants to enjoy other parallel activities during the academy and make the most out of their experience.

Participants of beach sports academies may also benefit from discounts on lodging and transportation. Such discounts offer an affordable way to make the most out of the trip and obtain a great deal of value from the experience.

Tips for Exploring a Beach Sports Academy

The beach sports academy experience is all about fun, adventure, and pushing yourself to the next level of competition. Here are a few tips for making the most out of exploring a beach sports academy in order to take your summer vacation to the next level:

1. Research academy options. Start by doing research on different beach sports academies in the area. Look into the types of programs they offer, the fees involved, and the facilities they have available. You’ll also want to find out what their coaches and instructors have to offer. Ask anyone you know who may have experience with any particular program.

2. Choose an appropriate level. Depending on your skill level and experience, try to match up with an academy whose program best fits your current level. If you’re a beginner, joining a more advanced program may not be the most appropriate choice for you.

3. Prepare properly. Before signing up for a beach sports academy, make sure you’re well-prepared for the experience. This includes getting in shape, having the necessary equipment and clothing, and making sure you are familiar with the rules and regulations at the academy.

4. Learn skills. While having fun is indeed one of the main draws of a beach sports academy, make sure to take this opportunity to learn and enhance your skills. Listen to the advice of coaches and instructors and apply the new information. Utilize what you learn at the academy to give you a major advantage.

5. Respect the academy. Make sure to follow all of the rules and regulations set by the academy, and respect the boundaries they set. This will ensure the safety of all of the participants, and will keep the beach sports experience positive and enjoyable.


A beach sports academy offers a unique and enjoyable way to spend your summer vacation. Not only will you and your family have the chance to explore the beach and participate in beach-related activities, you will also learn life-long sports skills that can help you stay fit. You will make memories that will last a long time, and your family will have the chance to bond together and create something special.

By joining a beach sports academy, you and your family can make the most of your summer vacation and create lasting memories. The skills and fun you will gain will create wonderful memories that will stay with you throughout your life.

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