Review of Lorde’s Tennis Court EP

Welcome to MITGlobal Dubai Sports’ review of Lorde’s Tennis Court EP! Here, we take a closer look at Lorde’s second EP and the mesmerizing soundscape produced by this budding artist.

For those that don’t know her, Lorde is a New Zealand singer-songwriter and musician whose music has gained recognition worldwide since she emerged in the music scene in 2013. Her debut album “Pure Heroine” was perhaps her most acclaimed work, spawning hits like “Royals” and “Tennis Court”.

Now, we take a look at her second EP, “Tennis Court”. The four-track EP was released on June 13th and has been receiving rave reviews from music critics and fans alike. In true Lorde fashion, this EP is a powerful and captivating experience, boasting a unique sound and song structure. We’ll be breaking down each track on the EP to discuss the overall production and lyrical content.

So grab a seat, plug in your headphones, and get ready for our review of Lorde’s Tennis Court EP!


The Tennis Court EP by Lorde consists of six songs: Tennis Court, 400 Lux, Royals, Ribs, White Teeth Teens, and Buzzcut Season. “Tennis Court” is an intense and optimistic song about courage and passion for life. The song has a steady beat that builds to a rousing chorus, which is lifted by Lorde’s arresting lyrics.

“400 Lux” is a dreamy and melancholy tune that is both gorgeous and heartbreaking. It is a song about the possibility of beauty in the mundane and it resonates because of its simple, earnest lyrics.

“Royals” is a song about the contrasts between one’s inner feelings and the world around them. This hit single has a contagious, minimalistic beat and Lorde reflects on the discrepancy between glamour and poverty with both cynicism and an understanding of the struggle.

“Ribs” is an introspective, personal song that explores the power of nostalgia and the conflicts of growing up. Lorde reflects on the difficulty of leaving one’s past behind while still struggling when dealing with young adult life.

“White Teeth Teens” is a syncopated anthem about teenagers and how they are interpreting their lives. This song is a sonic collage with uplifting lyrics, a powerful beat, and a catchy chorus.

“Buzzcut Season” is a hopeful, thoughtful song that is built around an anthem of resilience. Lorde’s lyrics explore the concept of finding strength and determination even in dark moments.


Released in 2013, the Tennis Court EP was produced by Joel Little, a New Zealand producer. The production of the EP and its instrumentation was quite unique and ground-breaking for the time. Lorde’s creative process for the EP especially focused on minimalist musical elements and sparse instrumentation mainly consisting of synthesized pop drum beats and a simple bass line.

The lack of an overly produced sound allowed Lorde’s powerful and rich vocals to take center stage. The production and instrumentation of the EP offered a left-of-field approach which proved successful with fans and even today it remains a distinctive, innovative production.


Lorde’s Tennis Court EP offers an insightful and relatable look into the artist’s inner mind. The EP features a range of topics from the mundane, like relationships and growing up, to the spectacular, like what lies beyond death and the beauty of the natural world. Much of Lorde’s music focuses on the hazards of modern living, and this EP does not disappoint.

The lyrical content of the EP is complex and thoughtful, with an impressive thematic range. The first track, “Tennis Court,” is a dreamy and elegiac exploration of post-adolescence, while the second track, “400 Lux,” is an anthemic ode to living in the moment. Other songs, such as “Bravado” and “Glory and Gore,” explore feelings of insecurity and the quest for survival.

In terms of sound, the EP is a unique combination of vibrant electronica and intricate guitar riffs. The songs build on one another in an organic manner, creating an intense atmosphere that further enhances the lyrical content. The production is sharp and precise, giving the EP a crisp and polished sound.

Overall, Lorde’s Tennis Court EP is an emotionally charged journey through the joys and struggles of modern life. Lorde brings her signature brand of sophisticated and thoughtful songs to the table, making this an EP worth listening to.


The Tennis Court EP is a fantastic example of Lorde’s artistic innovation and talent. Each track builds on the others, combining to create a full, professional and unique sound. The EP has a great mix of funk, electronica and dream pop, bearing a message of understanding, self-reflection and empowerment. It was unsurprising that it reached the top 10 of several charts, and how it has gone on to achieve vast success.

The EP has shown the world Lorde’s sonic potential, and has ultimately set the base of her career. It has given her a platform to build on, and empowered her fans to be confident in their own skin and listen to their own kind of music. Through this EP, Lorde has marked her own spot in the musical world and is an inspiration for self-expression and vocalization of inner reflections.

In summary, the Tennis Court EP is an example of both incredible talent and political awareness that has made Lorde a creative phenomenon in music. It still stands today as one of the biggest cultural influences, and will carry on to inspire and empower many more generations to come.

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