Creating a Volleyball Skills Lesson Plan for Success

Welcome to MitGlobal Dubai Sports! In this article, we will explore the necessary steps to successfully create a lesson plan for volleyball skills. We will explain amazing and challenging drills to help train for all levels of volleyball. We will also go over the importance of focusing on the basics, developing individual confidence and strong team chemistry.

What are the important skills to focus on when learning the game of volleyball? We will identify the various techniques and essential skills needed to become a great volleyball player and how to create a lesson plan to build practice drills around them. Finally, we will cover the importance of working on teamwork and group collaboration.

Creating a lesson plan for volleyball skills and drills is essential in order to improve individual and team success. We will discuss what is needed to create a successful lesson plan and how to best deliver it. We will also identify challenges and engage in an interactive discussion on how to develop a powerful plan.

Developing a Plan

Creating a successful lesson plan for teaching volleyball skills requires setting goals, choosing activities, and making adjustments as needed when teaching. It is important to determine the overall purpose of the activity and make sure that the expectations are clear to all participants.

Setting Goals: Before beginning the lesson plan, consider the goals that should be achieved. Are there specific knowledge or skills that the participants must gain by the end of the lesson? It is also important to decide on an appropriate time frame for the activities and set a goal for completing the lesson plan.

Choosing Activities: Decide which activities are best suited to the goals that have been set. If teaching more than one skill, it can help to group the activities into smaller units. It is also important to choose activities that will be engaging and fun for all participants.

Making Adjustments: As with any lesson plan, it is important to be flexible and make adjustments as needed. If the activities or the time frame need to be adjusted, it is important to make these changes so that the lesson plan is successful.

Implementing the Plan

Once the plan is established, it’s time to begin the unenviable task of putting the plan into motion. To ensure a successful skills lesson, there are some key points to keep in mind.

Using Visual Aids: Visual aids can be an invaluable tool when teaching sport specific skills to students. Examples of visual aids include printed worksheets, drawings, diagrams and videos. By providing visual aids, students can better understand the concepts being taught and learn the skill more easily.

Encouraging Participation: Encouraging participation is key to the success of any lesson. When students are encouraged and given the opportunity to verbalize their opinions and ideas, they will be more likely to stay engaged and learn more readily.

Providing Feedback: Providing feedback is a crucial step in helping students learn and master a skill. It’s important to both praise and critique student performance so that they receive the proper guidance and instruction needed to hone their skills.

Allowing for Time: Allowing for ample time in between activities is important for student success. When teaching a skill, it’s best to give students ample time to practice and apply their newly acquired knowledge by themselves or in small groups.


Creating an effective volleyball skills lesson plan is an important process that prepares coaches and players for practice sessions. Reflection on prior practice sessions and a review of material to be covered are both essential components of the planning process. Coaches should consider how each practice session can be used to build on and refine fundamental volleyball skills and to ensure sufficient repetition of the skills. Additionally, coaches should strive to use each practice session to consolidate learning and to further develop players’ confidence. By planning and structuring their practice sessions effectively, coaches can help players to become more proficient at specific volleyball skills and to grow as athletes.

Are you looking for a way to teach your students the essential skills to become successful volleyball players? Look no further than our comprehensive guide on Creating a Volleyball Skills Lesson Plan for Success. Learn how to successfully create and execute a lesson plan that will help your students reach their volleyball goals.

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