Running Man Dubai Episode: An Inside Look at the Popular Korean Variety Show

Have you ever dreamed of visiting the amazing city of Dubai? Have you ever been mesmerized by the culture and vibe of Korea? If yes, then you no longer have to choose between the two. The Running Man Dubai episode, part of the popular Korean variety show, made this a reality for millions of viewers worldwide.

These two cultures meet on the Running Man Dubai episode that shows how each cast member experiences the best of both worlds. Seoul and Dubai were combined to create an episode full of unexpected twists and memorable turns. Our blog ‘MitGlobal Dubai Sports’ will explain the ins and outs of Running Man Dubai, providing all the information you need to know.

Origin of Running Man

Running Man is a South Korean variety show created by SBS, originally aired on July 11th, 2010. It is a spin-off of a Japanese variety show called Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!! This television show is a heavily themed version of the game tag and has a unique combination of game-variety show, urban action, and comedy.

The show consists of cast members who complete various missions in order to earn rewards or punishments. Some of the show’s regular items include races, project teamwork challenges, hidden camera sets, gags, and dares. Because of its fun and hilarious format, Running Man has become a very popular show in South Korea and Asia, and has gained international popularity over the years.

The show has since been expanded to other countries, such as China and Dubai. The first-ever international episode was filmed in Dubai and aired in June of 2018. It featured several of the original members of Running Man, along with a few guests. This episode was a major milestone for the show, and it opened the door for many more international episodes.

The show’s format has also evolved over time, adding new elements and features to the game show. It now includes advanced game elements, such as missions that involve eliminating certain players, as well as the introduction of “invisible cooks”, which are characters that can help or hinder the players during missions.

Cast of Running Man: Members and Roles

Running Man Dubai Episode, first aired on April 8, 2018, saw the original cast of the show travel to the United Arab Emirates for their popular variety show. To get an understanding of the show and its beloved characters, it is important to know the cast of Running Man members and the role they fill.

Yoo Jae-suk is the leader of the group and the main MC of the show. He is quick-witted and often plays pranks on his fellow cast members from which he gains laughs and recognition.

HaHa is Running Man’s Clown. He often comes up with hilarious ad-libs and gags that have become popular among viewers.

Ji-Suk Jin is typically the slowest member of the cast and is often a victim of the other cast members’ pranks.

Song Ji-hyo is the only female member of the cast. She is known in the show as the Ace and often shows her expertise in physical activities as well as her eye for intelligence.

Lee Kwang-soo is the hidden weapon of the group. He is often underestimated but rises to the occasion during intense missions or problems the cast faces during the show.

Yang Se-chan is the youngest member of the cast and serves as the creative and unpredictable member. He often surprises everyone with his unique ideas.

The seven permanent members of the cast complete the show’s trio and form the core of Running Man. They each represent a different aspect of the show, leading to variety and hilarity.

Popularity of Running Man

The Korean variety show Running Man, which first premiered in 2010, has gained immense international popularity and has now reached countries beyond Korea, such as Japan and Taiwan. This success is due in part to its unique combination of game-based challenges and quirky humor.

In addition to its current popularity, Running Man has won several awards both domestically and internationally. These accolades include multiple KBS Entertainment awards for Best Variety Show in 2011, 2012 and 2014, proving that it has come a long way since its premier.

International fans have also been key to Running Man’s success. Through networks such as YouTube and Viki, fans from around the world have been able to access the variety show from the comfort of their own homes. This has made it possible for Running Man to build an extensive international following.

Due to these factors, the Running Man show has become an international success. With its unique combination of game-based challenges and humorous skits, it has attracted a diverse fan base from all around the world. The running man episode in Dubai was another example of the extent of its global reach.

Overview of Running Man Dubai Episode

Running Man Dubai episode first aired in June 2017 as a special featuring celebrity guests from all over the world. In this special episode, the cast ofRunning Man visited the city of Dubai where they experience the exciting attractions that make the city so special. From bungy jumping to racing off-road cars, the cast of Running Man takes part in thrilling physical activities and activities. In addition to the physical activitiesthe cast also take part in missions that are related to the culture of Dubai such as trying traditional food and exploring the popular tourist attractions. The episode ends with the cast crowning the champion of the special, who is determined by the score they receive from the missions.

Highlights of Running Man Dubai Episode

The highlight of the Running Man Dubai episode is all of the thrilling activities that the cast participated in. From bungy jumping off the tallest building in the world to discovering desert oases in dune bashing, these activities provide the viewers with an unforgettable experience. Another highlight of the episode is the introduction of the ‘Rookie Corner’. This is where new guests or crew members are introduced to the show and the viewers get to know more about the new people. The last highlight of the episode is the crowning of the champion of the special. This is always an exciting moment as everyone roots for their favorite cast member to become the champion.


In conclusion, Running Man Dubai Episode is a great example of Korean variety show entertainment. It is incredibly popular among audiences of all ages. It brings together veteran Running Man cast members along with new celebrity guests for a fun, entertaining and exciting show. The episode was filled with fun activities, entertaining challenges and lots of memorable moments.

The episode was well-received by both fans and critics, who praised the production values and the thrilling storyline. The episode marked the show’s first trip to the Middle East, and it was a huge success. This episode also broke records, becoming the highest-rated episode in Running Man history.

If ever there was a perfect example of why Running Man is such a beloved international hit, it has to be the Running Man Dubai Episode. Not only did it entertain millions of people around the world, but it also showed off the diverse cultures of both the Middle East and South Korea in a unique, fun way.

Are you curious to know what it’s like to be a part of the popular Korean variety show “Running Man”? Join us for an inside look at the Running Man Dubai episode, and find out why this show has become one of the most beloved TV shows of all time! Click here to learn more.

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