The Top 10 College Volleyball Teams in the US

Welcome to our blog post about the top 10 college volleyball teams in the US. In this post we will discuss college volleyball rankings and name the top ten collegiate volleyball teams in the US. We will also discuss their performance and achievements over the last year. We hope you enjoy this informative article and by the end you will have a better understand of the best collegiate teams in America.

College volleyball has been gaining popularity in recent years with the emergence of the NCAA tournament. Teams from around the nation compete in regional and national tournaments, displaying the incredible skills that they have developed. There are numerous teams and players that have come out of college volleyball, showing the impressive talent that can develop within the sport.

Every year, there is a power rankings list released which ranks the top ten volleybal teams in the US. This list takes into account how the teams have performed throughout the season, as well as how many championships they have won and the number of players who have emerged from the program. In this article, we will be discussing the top ten teams, giving an overview of each of them and their achievements throughout the year.

Team Profiles

University of Nebraska: The Nebraska Cornhuskers have won four NCAA championships since 1995, making them one of the perennial powerhouses of college volleyball. The program is led by John Cook, who took over in 2000, and has had thirteen 20-win seasons and seven trips to the Final Four.

Stanford University: The Stanford Cardinal volleyball team is one of the most successful college teams of all time, with seven total NCAA championships since 1996. John Dunning has been the head coach since 2001 and has produced eight 30-win seasons.

University of Wisconsin: The Badgers are a consistent presence in the NCAA tournament and have won six Big Ten regular-season titles since 2000. Kelly Sheffield has taken over the program in 2012 and has been highly successful, leading the Badgers to three straight Final Fours.

Texas A&M University: The Aggies have won two Big 12 Conference regular season titles and four SEC regular season titles since their move from the Big 12 to the SEC in 2012. Gary Blair has been the head coach since 2003 and has made six trips to the NCAA tournament, including a Final Four appearance in 2016.

University of Minnesota: The Gophers have made eight trips to the Sweet Sixteen since 2005 and have been consistent contenders in the Big Ten. Hugh McCutcheon has led the program since 2008 and has produced nine 20-win seasons and two Big Ten regular-season titles.

University of Washington: The Huskies have established themselves as perennial contenders in the Pac-12 since the mid-1990s, winning nine conference titles since then. Keegan Cook has been the head coach since 2017 and has already led the Huskies to an Elite Eight appearance.

University of California, Los Angeles: The Bruins volleyball team is one of the most successful college programs of all time, with 19 total NCAA championships. The program is currently being led by head coach Michael Sealy, who has been at the helm since 2005 and has won five Pac-12 regular-season titles.

University of Kentucky: The Wildcats have been a mainstay in the NCAA tournament since John Cook took over in 2011, making four trips in the last six years. Cook has also produced nine 20-win seasons, leading the Wildcats to the Sweet Sixteen nine times.

University of Florida: The Gators have made seven trips to the NCAA tournament since 2003, including a run to the Final Four in 2017. Mary Wise is the head coach and has been at the helm since 1991, leading the Gators to one national championship.

University of Illinois: The Illini has had nine 20-win seasons and five trips to the NCAA tournament since the program’s revival in 2006. Chris Tamas is the head coach and has had a successful run since taking over in 2016, leading the Illini to their first-ever Final Four appearance this past season.

Achievements and Accolades

When looking at college volleyball teams, it is important to take note of the various accomplishments and accolades the team has achieved. National championships, conference titles, and individual honours all play a role in determining the overall quality and success of each college volleyball team.

The UCLA Bruins, University of Florida Gators, and Stanford Cardinals have all won multiple National Championships. UCLA has been crowned National Champions five times, while Florida and Stanford have each won National Titles four times. In addition to these National Championships, the UCLA Bruins have won 24 conference titles and the Florida Gators have won 20. Stanford, on the other hand, has won a total of 19 conference titles.

In addition to Championships and Conference Titles, College Volleyball teams are also often honoured for outstanding individual achievements. For example, the University of Southern California has four NCAA Player of the Year awards, the most of any school. Likewise, UCLA has three AVCA Coach of the Year awards, more than any other school.

It is clear that all of the top 10 College Volleyball teams in the US have achieved great success in recent years and are worthy of recognition. These teams are not only National champions, but also champions of their respective conferences. Furthermore, their individual players have been honoured with awards from the NCAA and AVCA.

Recruiting and Coaching

When talking about the best college volleyball teams in the US, it’s important to take into account not only the performance of the players, but also the recruiting and coaching processes that are behind the scenes. Successful coaching staffs are usually well-versed in evaluating talent, developing the players and creating a winning game-plan in order to bring success to their team.

The recruiting process, in which coaches identify and recruit the perfect players for their program, plays a significant role in the development of successful teams. The staff must be able to recognize talent and also be successful at recruiting them to their specific university – and contribute to the team’s success. Good recruiters build strong relationships with the athletes and their families, while also evaluating the potential of each prospect and working hard to ensure they are the right fit for their program.

Once the athletes have been recruited, it is up to the coaches to ensure they are developing properly and improve their skills. The coaches need to provide their athletes with direction, motivation, and support throughout their journey to ensure their team is successful. This includes implementing a successful training program, teaching athletes the fundamentals of the game, as well as instilling important life lessons to help build strong, successful athletes both on and off the court.

From recruiting to coaching, it is clear that there are many factors and processes that go into building a successful college volleyball team. As we take a look at the top 10 college volleyball teams in the US, it is important to not only consider the performance of the team, but also the recruiting and coaching processes that are in place.


The top 10 college volleyball teams in the US are regularly shifting and evolving. What didn’t make this list today may make it tomorrow with years of hard work, dedication and determination. So, when it comes to college volleyball, never give up hope.

The future of the US college volleyball outlook looks bright. Teams are constantly re-building, shifting and changing, and NCAA competition is becoming tougher and more competitive for those teams vying for top spots. By learning from the best practices of successful collegiate volleyball teams, schools can build a strong program from the ground-up.

In conclusion, the top 10 college volleyball teams in the US demonstrate an unmatched level of passion and determination. The lessons learned from these collegiate professionals set an example that younger generations of volleyball players can learn from, setting them up for a successful volleyball career.

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