The Latest in Nike Running Shoes for 2016

Welcome to MitGlobal Dubai Sports! The place to get all your information on the latest sports gear. Today, the focus is the most up-to-date and innovative Nike running shoes for 2016, giving you a comprehensive guide to help facilitate your choice.

We know how difficult it can be to choose the perfect running shoe. Therefore, we have done all the research for you and have compiled the most advanced technologies, materials and designs for Nike running shoes for 2016.

From lightweight designs to ultra-cushioned materials, we look at the best new running shoes from the American sports giant. Learn about all of the new 2016 releases to help you find the ideal running shoe.

Advantages of the Latest Nike Running Shoes

When talking about the advantages of the latest Nike running shoes for 2016, the first thing to note is the superior cushioning. These shoes are designed with a foam midsole that gives runners an extra boost of cushioning for an extra spring in their steps and long-term comfort. Nike ensures that the cushioning packs a punch through their use of Lunarlon, which gives runners lightweight comfort.

Another advantage of the 2016 running shoes is the lightweight design. The fabric on the upper part of the shoe is designed to be lightweight to ensure runners are not weighed down. The Fitsole arch is also designed to wrap around the foot for a snug fit and improved stability during any type of workout.

Durability is something that is of the utmost importance when running and the latest Nike running shoes have just that. The reinforced toe and innovative thread patterns in the sole of the shoe ensures it will last a long time to help runners reach that extra mile. Furthermore, the construction of the shoe focuses on seamless design to reduce any rubbing and blistering.

Innovation is a key factor for Nike running shoes and the 2016 range does not disappoint. The seamless upper design means runners can expect less blisters and chafing, while the midsole cushioning system provides a comfortable fit and the lateral support helps ensure a natural running gait.

Range of Various Models and Styles for Different Terrain

Nike running shoes provide the necessary elements to make during a run a comfortable and enjoyable experience. In order to find the best pair of running shoes that meets their needs, runners have to take into consideration the range of various models and styles specifically designed for different terrain.

Starting from the Air Zoom Vomero 10 and going up to the latest version of Air Max series, Nike has a wide variety of powerful running shoes with optimal cushioning and great stability for almost any runner. Air Pegasus 33, for instance, has been designed with an updated outsole pattern that helps improve your performance on wet and slippery terrain.

Also, for runners more interested in trail running, Nike offers models such as the Flyknit Lunar3 and the Free Trail 5.0 that feature added toe protection, tighter grips and more cushioning to help you run on rocky and uneven terrain.

Moreover, Nike offers lightweight models made with mesh material instead of leather to help runners that need a more flexible and soft ride during their run.


When talking about prices, Nike is no exception when compared to other brands and delivers quality at a reasonable cost. Prices for Nike running shoes range from around $50 to $250, which is a wide range that allows customers the ability to find the perfect fit to their budget.

Comparison with other brands reveals that Nike’s prices are slightly higher, particularly with higher end shoes. However, the combination of superior performance and stylish design makes the cost worth it.

Additionally, Nike often offers affordable options that still provide excellent performance. Shoe models such as the Air Zoom Odyssey, popular among trail-running enthusiasts, can be found for under $100.

Many athletes have also praised Nike’s customizable options, which allow customers to design their own shoes for a unique look. Depending on the options chosen for a custom design, the cost can range from around $80 to $180 depending.


In conclusion, Nike has put out a great selection of running shoes in 2016, providing users with a wide range of options depending on their need. Their range of models, which come in both traditional and modern designs, offer something for everyone. In addition to this, the shoes offer plenty of cushioning to ensure a comfortable full marathon and competitive short-distance runs for professional athletes.

When choosing a pair of running shoes from Nike, it is important to consider the model and the type of track you will be running on. We have ranked a selection of shoes from Nike according to the level of cushioning and support, so be sure to have a look at that before making your purchase.

Overall, Nike’s commitment to running shoes is evident with their range of top quality shoes, so don’t waste any time searching for the best pair; pick a Nike running shoe and get out on the track!

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