An Introduction to the Exciting World of Beach Volleyball

Welcome to MitGlobal Dubai Sports Blog and our article about An Introduction to the Exciting World of Beach Volleyball. Beach volleyball is a growing sport in the United Arab Emirates and around the world. We will provide an overview of the history, modern rules and the importance of beach volleyball in today’s world. By the end of this article, you will have a good understanding of beach volleyball and be ready to dive into this fantastic sport.

The history of beach volleyball dates back to the 1920s in Santa Monica, California. At the time, the original version of beach volleyball was much different than the contemporary game today. The game has evolved over the years with changes in the size and shape of courts, playing surfaces and the rules of the game. From its humble beginnings, beach volleyball has grown to become an international sport enjoyed by millions of people around the world.

The modern rules of beach volleyball are regulated by the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (The International Volleyball Federation). This governing body has established a series of rules for the beach version of volleyball to ensure fair play and a consistent game. Beach volleyball is a two-player team game with two teams of two players each on a sand court. As with traditional volleyball, beach volleyball players must use their bodies, as well as their hands to bump, set, and spike the ball.

The importance of beach volleyball cannot be overstated. Not only is it an incredibly fun game, but it is also good for your physical and mental health. Playing beach volleyball is a great way to stay active, socialize, and stay in shape. Additionally, beach volleyball is an excellent sport for teaching focus, discipline, and teamwork.

We hope this introduction to beach volleyball has given you an understanding of this exhilarating sport. Stay tuned to MitGlobal Dubai Sports Blog for more exciting sports coverage in the future!

Equipment for Beach Volleyball

It is imperative for anyone interested in playing beach volleyball to have the correct equipments. The most essential pieces of equipment are the net, ball and shoes.

The net used in beach volleyball is the same as an indoor volleyball net but is placed lower and closer to the ground. The net typically measures 32 feet while indoor nets measure exactly 30 feet. It is easier to hang two pieces of rope between two poles and attach the net between the poles.

Beach volleyball game is usually played with a leather volleyball. The traditional ball measures approximately 8 3/4 to 9 1/4 inches in circumference and is between 9 and 9 1/2 ounces in weight. The ball should have a low level of air pressure to absorb the sand it absorbs during the game.

When playing beach volleyball, it is important to wear comfortable shoes. Look for shoes made from water-repellent material, which provides excellent grip and shock absorption. Shoes with rubber or plastic grips are perfect for sand, as the grips prevent the feet from slipping with each step and movement.

It is also recommended to purchase volleyball-specific protective gear. A wide range of protective gear includes kneepads and elbow guards. This type of equipment is especially useful, as it helps absorb the impact of hitting and diving on the sand.

Developing Required Skills for Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball is a thrilling sport that offers an exciting challenge for anyone. It requires a different set of skills than traditional volleyball, each of which can be developed through practice and dedication. The main skills needed to play beach volleyball are serving, spiking, and reception.

The serving is an important skill to master, as it helps move the ball over the net and into the opponent’s court. To become proficient in serving, a beach volleyball player must learn to accurately aim the ball towards the targeted court area, and also put enough power behind the serve while maintaining control. Additionally, they must be able to use a range of different serves, such as the float serve and the topspin serve.

Spiking is a powerful attacking move in beach volleyball and involves hitting the ball forcefully over the net for the point. To be successful, players must focus on the timing of the spike and a flowing set from their team-mate. It is important to always use your strongest angles and to always be ready for any type of blocking from the opponent.

Reception is the skill used for receiving serves from the other team and getting the ball over the net. To become an expert in reception, a player should practice their footwork and judgement of the serve. They should also use varying types of receive depending on the serve, such as a forearm pass or overhand pass. Additionally, they must also consider the rotations they will use, depending on the angle and strength of the other team’s serve.

Health Benefits of Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball has numerous benefits when it comes to your physical and mental health. Not only is it a fun way to spend time outdoors, it also improves your overall physical health. Here’s a look at some of the potential health benefits of beach volleyball:

Increased Strength: Beach volleyball can help you build and maintain muscle strength, as the sport requires strength and power throughout the body. You’ll feel the effects of your increased strength the next day, as your body adapts to the increased demands.

Improved Flexibility: Playing beach volleyball can help to improve your flexibility. Because beach volleyball requires sudden changes in direction, your body must quickly adjust to the movements. This increases the flexibility of your muscles and joints, resulting in improved range of motion and fewer injuries.

Better Balance: Beach volleyball helps you not only build muscle strength, but also improve your balance. The constant changing of direction and moving your body helps to strengthen your core and improve your balance.

Mental Health Benefits: Playing beach volleyball also has some surprising mental health benefits. Being out in nature, in an environment that is often peaceful, can help to reduce stress and anxiety. Additionally, the social interaction and friendly competition can help to improve your mood and increase your overall feeling of well-being.


Beach volleyball is full of exciting and intense competition. At the local level, tournaments are a great way for new players to test their skill and to meet local players looking for a partner. As beach volleyball grows in popularity, there are now more and more options for competitive events.

At the national level, competitions and tournaments sanctioned by the USA Volleyball organization offer players the chance to compete for a national ranking. These events are held in various locations throughout the United States and often feature some of the top players in the country.

At the international level, there are a variety of events that give the players an opportunity to play and compete against the best in the world. World Tour events, organized by the FIVB (International Volleyball Federation) are some of the most prestigious beach volleyball tournaments in the world and offer players the chance to not only compete against top players from other countries, but also the chance to win prize money.

For those players who are interested in competing at a higher level, there are professional beach volleyball leagues that offer players the chance to compete at the highest level of beach volleyball competition. Professional beach volleyball is a growing sport with teams competing for championships and prize money.

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