Common Volleyball Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Ah, volleyball. It’s a timeless sport that has been enjoyed by athletes of all ages and levels of experience; however, in order to succeed, you must avoid committing common mistakes. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the most common volleyball mistakes, and we’ll provide you with expert tips on how to avoid them.

Common volleyball mistakes can affect any player, regardless of skill level. From novice players to professional athletes, understanding how a mistake affects one’s ability to play can help each athlete improve their game.

Here at MitGlobal Dubai Sports, we’re passionate about volleyball and helping athletes identify and overcome challenges. Our experts are here to provide guidance and tips to help each player perfect their technique and avoid common volleyball mistakes.

In this blog post, we’ll cover the most common volleyball mistakes and offer preventative tips. Stay tuned for our advice on mastering the court, so you can play to the best of your abilities!


Correct positioning is essential to playing volleyball effectively. It will help you react quickly to the play and will improve your overall capability. There are two important aspects of positioning that players should be aware of: defensive positioning and attacking positioning.

Defensive positioning is useful when your team is defending an opponent attack. It is important for each player on your team to be aware of where their defensive position should be at any given time. A defensive position should be in front of the attacker and slightly to one side, so that it’s easier to see the approaching ball and block it if necessary. It should also be close enough to the attack line so that the player can react quickly and move to the ball if needed.

Attacking positioning is used to maximize the damage of your team’s attack. Players should be positioned so that their attack can cover the most area on the court. This will make it more difficult for the other team to defend your attack. Ideally, you want to create an attack triangle, meaning that your setter, hitter, and blocker are all evenly spaced and positioned at the net. This way, it will be difficult for the opponents to react and block your attacks.


When serving the ball in a game of Volleyball, choosing the right kind of serve is one of the keys to success. Appropriate Serve Selection is something that should be planned out in advance by the team. Some options include the float serve, the jump serve, and the top-spin serve. All types of serve do differ in their characteristics, such as the speed and trajectory of the ball. Identifying the correct serve for the appropriate moment can be a deciding factor in a team’s success.

Once the Serve Selection has been decided, it’s time to focus on the Serving Technique. It’s important to remember that a good serve takes skill and practice. A powerful serve that doesn’t go over the net isn’t useful to anyone. Coaches should focus on breaking down the techniques used during serves to help teach their athletes the proper mechanics. When performed correctly, the serve should be fluid and consistent.

In order to gain an advantage, Volleyball teams need to be able to trust their serve. Developing Serve Consistency is key to this trust. The most consistent serves come from players who have had practice and repetition in the exchange. Coaches should focus on drills that look to increase the consistency of their athletes during their serves.


Spiking is an integral part of the game of volleyball and can be the key to victory. However, it’s also a move that can lead to costly errors. Therefore, it’s important to be aware of some of the common mistakes that players make when spiking and understand how to avoid them.

Appropriate Spike Selection: One of the most common mistakes in spiking is choosing the wrong ball to attack. It’s often the case that players incorrectly assess the situation and select the wrong type of spike for the given situation. A player should choose a spike that will give them the greatest chance of success. It’s important to identify when a offensive or defensive spike is needed, if a cross-court spike is necessary, and if a ‘quick hit/dump’ is even appropriate.

Spiking Technique: Once a spike has been selected, it’s important to execute it with good technique. This includes gripping the ball correctly, maintaining a powerful arm swing, and making sure that the angle of the body has been adjusted to the ball. Poor spiking technique can result in a mis-hit or an easy ball for the opposition.

Developing Spike Consistency: Consistent spiking takes a lot of practice and repetition, but is key to success. Players should look to practice different spiking technique and shots regularly in order to be able to do it with confidence in the game. Also, it’s important for the player to identify common mistakes in their swing and work to correct them, as well as focus on their accuracy and placement of the spike.


One of the most difficult yet fundamental skills when playing volleyball is learning how to block. Appropriate blocking position is essential when attempting to block an opponent’s shot. Keep your arms up and your eyes on the hitter. Anticipation of the opponent’s shot is essential when attempting a block successfully. One should also try to keep their center of gravity low when blocking, this will allow for sufficient reaction time. In addition, it is important to attack the block with good timing. There is no need to commit all the way to a block if the pass is too close to the net, as this can unbalance the defense and invite an easy kill for the opposing team.

It is important to shorten the window of opportunity for the attacker. The block should force the attacker to make a difficult or impossible shot, or allow your defense time to recover. To do this, one should be aware of their arms and place their hands above their chosen line of attack, this will help to force the attacker to adjust their shot. Always aim to make a platform with the hands and arms, with the goal of blocking all areas of the court.

Digging Correctly and Appropriately

Digging is an important and integral part of the game of volleyball. Digging requires a mix of anticipation, reaction time and techniques. It is important to anticipate your opponents’ moves in order to be prepared for any sudden changes in trajectory. Proper anticipation is vital for pre-emptive moves to adjust for any sudden changes of direction.

As in all sports, reaction time is key. The time limit for responding and reacting to your opponents’ moves is incredibly short, so being quick to anticipate and move is essential. However, technique is just as important as reaction. Not only should your reaction be quick, you should also ensure that you are using the proper technique as well. A simple mistake such as not using your arms to dig the ball, or using incorrect hand positioning could lead to a miss.

Finally, forDigging there is a need to pay attention to footwork as well. Having good footwork will help in all defensive moves, not only in digging. Making sure that the feet are actively involved in the entire defensive play will guarantee better options for enabling your team to save the ball. Since in volleyball, one of the main goals is to keep the ball in play and away from your court, by knowing and applying appropriate footwork and technique, your team will be able to do just that.

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