World Padel Tour 2019: A Look at the Biggest Season Yet

Sports are becoming popular across the world, and one of those sports is Padel. Recent years have seen a huge rise in the popularity of this sport, and this season will mark a significant milestone for it. The World Padel Tour 2019 is an event that has become a highly anticipated one amongst Padel enthusiasts.

This article seeks to give an overview of what to expect from the 2019 World Padel Tour and allow our readers to understand the significance of the tournament. We will provide an overview of the background of the World Padel Tour and explain the rise of the sport in recent years. Finally, we will explore the nuances of the 2019 timeline.

Competitive Structure

The World Padel Tour 2019 Season takes a different and more structured approach when it comes to tournaments. The season is split into five separate stages: Open, Challenger, Super, Master, and Finals. The objective of this structure is to create a clear pathway for lower ranking players to progress to the higher levels of tournaments.

To participate in any of the stages of the World Padel Tour, players must be members of the World Padel Tour Pro Tour and conform to the structure of the tournament. Each stage is open for individual players and teams of two players to participate.

The World Padel Tour’s Overview of the Tournament Circuit provides a full run-down of the format and structure of each stage, the entry requirement and prizes.

The Ranking system utilizes a unique ranking system to determine the player’s position in the world rankings. Points are collected when players participate in any of the five stages, where points are awarded to winners and losers alike. The points are accrued throughout a six-week period and determine the player’s position in the rankings.

Only the best performing players are eligible to participate in the World Padel Tour Masters and Finals stages. Players must compete in the first three stages to have the opportunity to earn a position in the World Padel Tour Master stage.

The participants in the World Padel Tour 2019 Season are professional players from all over the world. It offers them the opportunity to compete for the title of World Champion and for the prize money.

Highlights of the Season

The 2019 season of the World Padel Tour (WPT) has been a year of stunning successes and incredible breakthroughs. Biggest victories include Spain’s Fernando Belasteguin and Juan Martin Diaz ending the year as the number one ranked doubles team in the world. Another highlight was the French team of Sergio Gonzalez and Jayson Manzur winning the World Padel Tour final in Madrid. Argentina’s Alejandro Galan and Maxi Sanchez also had a great year, ending their campaign as number two in the WPT rankings.

The tour also offered some unexpected results. Spain’s Sanyo Gutierrez and Cristian Gutierrez earned an unexpected victory in the Majorca Open. The Mexican team of Aguilar and Carreño also shocked the audience when they obtained a place on the WPT top four.

The WPT finals in Spain offered some of the most spectacular and closest matches of the year. The semi-finals of the Zaragoza Open were a highlight of the season, with the pairs of Belasteguin and Diaz in Spain and Galan and Sanchez in Argentina playing point for point in an intense and spectacular match. The final between Spain’s Belasteguin and Diaz and Argentina’s Velazco and Urtasun was without a doubt the most thrilling match of the season.

Overall this season of the World Padel Tour has been extraordinary. We can’t wait to see what will come next. Bring on the 2020 season!

Analysis of the Season

This season on the World Padel Tour has marked a huge milestone in the development of the sport. For the first time in its history, we have seen the impact of the most talented and accomplished padel players on the sport. With their rapidly improving levels of play, they have not only raised the stakes and immersed their opponents in more intense competition, but they have also set the experimental stage for the sport and have revolutionised ball placement and movement.

Another noteworthy change in this season has been the successful implementation of new strategies, designed to further improve the level of play across the board and to challenge even the most experienced padel players. As a result of these improved tactics, players have had to rethink their original game plans, creating a more dynamic and thrilling atmosphere for the whole sport.

Furthermore, this season has seen improvements to the tournament formats and structures themselves. By introducing new doubles and mixed doubles draws, the competitive opportunities for players from all levels of the sport have been greatly increased. This has also meant that teams from different backgrounds have been able to play together, leading to a more vibrant and diverse atmosphere.

Overall, this season on the World Padel Tour has been a successful one, paving the way for an exciting and unpredictable future.


The 2019 World Padel Tour has been a huge success and it has been one of the most thrilling seasons to date. We have seen the highest quality of play from some of the best padel players in the world and the excitement throughout the tour has been undeniable. The intense competition has been a rewarding experience for all the players, and the fans around the world.

The World Padel Tour has seen a surge in popularity in recent years and the 2019 season has been another solid benchmark for the sport’s growth. The season has seen new players entering the tour and established stars competing for the world’s highest honors. The diversity and quality of the players have made this season truly unforgettable.

As we look forward to the 2020 World Padel Tour, one can only imagine the exciting potential it holds. The stage is set for the world’s best players to battle it out for the ultimate title and the competition should continue to bring the heat going forward.

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