The Wilson Dubai Tennis Academy: An Ideal Choice for Tennis Enthusiasts

Are you living in Dubai or planning to travel to Dubai and are a tennis enthusiast? If the answer is yes, MitGlobal Dubai Sports has the ideal suggestion for you – The Wilson Dubai Tennis Academy!

The Wilson Dubai Tennis Academy is the perfect setting for all types of tennis players, from recreational to professional. It has all the necessary facilities, top notch services and renowned coaches to make sure your game progresses fast and in the best possible way.

The advantages of joining The Wilson Dubai Tennis Academy are numerous. The academy has world-class coaches and modern facilities that are sure to fit your needs, so you can take your game to the next level.

You can enjoy private and group lessons, as well as specialized camps and programs adjusted to suit your skills level. With lighted courts, regular tournaments and events, and a very friendly atmosphere, The Wilson Dubai Tennis Academy will improve your performance as a tennis player.

Structure of the Wilson Dubai Tennis Academy

The Wilson Dubai Tennis Academy is the ideal place for anyone with a passion for tennis. As one of the leading tennis academies in the region, they have created a comprehensive structure and program that ensures they are providing all of the features and elements that students need to effectively learn and perfect their game.

The Academy’s tennis coaching staff is composed of certified tennis professionals who have years of experience coaching players of all skill levels. Their coaches are all passionate about playing and teaching the game of tennis and are committed to helping their students reach their full potential.

The academy offers an array of tennis coaching and training programs to suit players of all levels. From small beginner classes to more intensive one-on-one instruction, their highly trained and enthusiastic coaches can help players progress quickly and effectively. All classes are limited in size to ensure each student receives the guidance and attention they need.

In addition to their coaching and training programs, the Academy also offers a variety of fun activities and events to help students wind down after a day of competition and drills. These range from regular doubles and singles tournaments to fun events such as movie nights and pizza parties.

Future stars are also given the chance to participate in prestigious tournaments hosted by the Academy, including the Wilson Dubai Junior Cup, the Wilson Dubai Adult Cup and the Wilson Junior Championship Series.

With their outstanding programs, coaches and events, The Wilson Dubai Tennis Academy is the ideal choice for any aspiring tennis player.

Tennis Equipment Provided

At the Wilson Dubai Tennis Academy, we provide a wide range of top quality tennis equipment to cater to the needs of our members. Wilson tennis racquets, for starters, are the industry leader in terms of quality and performance. Our members have the option to purchase a Wilson racquet from our shop within the academy, or bring their own racquet from home and get it stringed at the academy. Furthermore, we also provide our members with new, high-performance Wilson tennis balls for every session.

The Wilson Dubai Tennis Academy is proud to offer professional stringing and maintenance services for our members’ racquets. Our experienced and qualified professionals take pride in stringing racquets to the exact specifications of our members. Additionally, we offer restringing services at regular intervals, to ensure that our members always play with a racquet that is in top condition.

At the academy, we also provide a variety of other equipment including sweat towels, practice balls, hitting nets, training bags and more. Whatever the need, our team of tennis professionals is here to ensure that our members are well-equipped with the right tennis gear.

Social and Recreational Activities

At the Wilson Dubai Tennis Academy, social and recreational activities are a major part of the program. Inter-academy tournaments give students the opportunity to compete against players from other academies, building relationships and skills both on and off the court. Participants can build and showcase their tennis talent during competitive or friendly matches.

Social events and activities are held regularly to encourage players to bond and network with other players. Special events and competitions are organized to provide participants with the chance to succeed and progress in their game. Academy teachers and staff members provide insight and even free lessons on how to play and improve at the game.

Additionally, the academy helps its participants balance hard work and recreation. Players can go swimming at the luxurious on-site pool, and take part in social activities such as billiards, dart games, and table tennis. This helps them to give the academy a more relaxed atmosphere, and make friends with the other participants.


The Wilson Dubai Tennis Academy provides an ideal choice for tennis enthusiasts and professionals alike. The academy offers players the latest tennis playing philosophies and practices, state-of-the-art facilities, an experienced and knowledgeable coaching staff, and an interactive gaming environment that allows players to practice and hone their skills. Benefits of joining the academy include access to world-class training, the chance to learn the game from experienced professionals, and the opportunity to make use of the best technical and performance gear available.

The importance of practice for improvement has always been paramount in the world of tennis. At the Wilson Dubai Tennis Academy, players are encouraged to be active and improve their game based on the latest teaching methods and advancements in technology. This helps to ensure continued success at an elite level.

Overall, the Wilson Dubai Tennis Academy offers players of all levels a great opportunity to learn and improve, and become the best versions of themselves. The academy provides exciting, innovative and stimulating surroundings, and strives to constantly provide the necessary facilities and education for aspiring players to compete and succeed.

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