Exploring the Benefits of Volleyball Court Claypart Surfacing

Volleyball is a much-loved sport that is enjoyed by many athletes and spectators around the world. The surface of the court must be just right, since it has a direct impact on the quality of the game. In this MitGlobal Dubai Sports blog post, we will explore the benefits of Claypart Surfacing, a popular choice for volleyball court surfacing.

Claypart Surfacing is an optimal surface for volleyball courts. It is made from a blend of the highest quality natural clay, sand and recycled stone, and is renowned for its superior traction, durability and playability. As well as enhancing the safety of the playing surface and providing consistent ball bounce, Claypart Surfacing helps to reduce the concrete temperature and prevent potential heat injuries to the players.

In addition to its superior performance characteristics, Claypart Surfacing is cost-efficient and environmentally friendly, and can be installed swiftly and without disruption. Plus, it is low-maintenance and the colour of the surface never fades, keeping the court looking vibrant and eye-catching.

We will discuss the many advantages of Claypart Surfacing in detail, explaining why it is a smart choice for volleyball court surfacing. So stay tuned and read on to find out more!

Durability of Claypart Surfacing

Claypart court surfacing offers excellent durability for multiple uses. Its clay material is engineered to be resistant to wear and tear, even with intense sporting activities. This surfacing has a high strength-to-weight ratio, meaning that it can handle impacts and abuse with greater stability than other court surfaces.

The weatherproof nature of Claypart surfacing makes it an ideal choice for areas exposed to the elements. It won’t crack or degrade when exposed to varying temperatures or rain. This type of surface is also highly resistant to wear due to weathering and UV radiation.

Claypart surfacing is also very pest resistant. It won’t attract insects or other animals, which can decrease its lifespan. This material is designed to retain its structure, even when exposed to high levels of humidity and moisture. This reduces the need for ongoing court maintenance and ensures that players can enjoy the game safely.

Finally, Claypart surfacing is also non-toxic, providing an added layer of safety. It doesn’t contain any hazardous materials and won’t produce any harsh smells or fumes. This material is completely safe for players of all ages and provides an excellent surface for recreational purposes.

Cost-Effectiveness of Claypart Surfacing

Claypart surfacing is a cost-effective solution for any volleyball court. The cost of Claypart surfacing is inexpensive when compared to other non-clay based surfacing and requires minimal installation labor. Claypart surface also provides years of maintenance-free use and does not require frequent repair or resurfacing. Furthermore, Claypart surface can last up to 15 years and, if maintained properly, can provide many more years of use.

The cost of Claypart surfacing is significantly less than other form of surfacing. This cost-effectiveness can help to significantly offset other costs associated with maintaining a volleyball court. Additionally, Claypart surface requires less frequent maintenance compared to alternative legal volleyball court surfacing. This can lead to both time and money savings as the need for frequent repair or resurfacing can be eliminated.

The lifespan of Claypart surfacing is also significantly longer than other surface types, providing many years of use before any repair or maintenance is required. This can help to reduce money spent on maintenance or repair costs and help keep costs down significantly. Additionally, Claypart surface will remain not only in good condition but also in a safe condition due to its low-slip properties and superior cushioning.

In conclusion, Claypart surfacing is a cost-effective solution that can provide many years of use. The installation cost is inexpensive compared to other surfacing and frequent maintenance or repairs are not needed. Additionally, its extended lifespan can provide many more years of use, saving money on maintenance or repair costs for any volleyball court.

Functionality of Claypart Surfacing

Claypart surfacing is a unique and highly functional sports surface material. It has the perfect balance of grip and slide, making it an ideal choice for volleyball courts. It also provides excellent cushioning and resilience, making it comfortable to play on while reducing the risk of injury.

The grip of Claypart surfacing is important as it provides traction to players feet so that they feel secure when running, jumping and diving. Its combination of natural clay, silica and other additives make it resistant to water, allowing it to stay strong and playable in wet conditions. This also reduces the risk of injury by providing a reliable surface that won’t slip or drastically change in the condition of the court.

Safety of Claypart surfacing is also increased by the friction of the surface material. This is important to ensure that players are not slipping and sliding when trying to move around the court. This allows players to focus on the game rather than worrying about their footing.

Friction of Claypart surface material also helps to reduce the amount of dust and dirt on the court. This reduces the number of abrasions to players feet, and it keeps the playing area clean and free of debris.


Claypart surfacing is an ideal material for volleyball courts, as it is designed to bring the benefits of both clay and grass-style courts together in one surface. It is a cost-effective, low-maintenance, and durable material that is not prone to weather-related damage or erosion, and it is well-suited to both professional court use and recreational play. The unique qualities of Claypart provide a safer, more stable surface that can help prevent injuries and increase playing safety.

All in all, Claypart surfacing is a cost-effective, functional, and long-lasting solution for volleyball court surfacing. Not only can it meet the demands of the most intense playing schedules, it can also be customized to the size and shape of any court. With the potential to enhance player experience, reduce injuries, and increase overall playing safety, Claypart is an ideal choice for any volleyball court.

Do you want to know how to improve your volleyball court’s performance? Claypart surfacing is the answer. It is a popular choice among volleyball court owners due to its superior shock absorption and excellent ball bounce. Click here to find out more about the benefits of Claypart surfacing for your volleyball court.

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