Everything You Need to Know About Volleyball

Do you want to learn everything you need to know about Volleyball? From understanding the rules to its rich history, here at MitGlobal Dubai’s Sports we will provide you with all the information you need to get started. Learn about what Volleyball is, its history, and the fundamentals of how to play. At the end of this article, you’ll have a complete overview of the game.

What is Volleyball? Volleyball is a court sport in which two teams of six players are separated by a high net and each team tries to score by grounding a ball onto the opponent’s side. The players use their hands to hit a ball over the net, in order to detonate that ball into the other team’s court.

History of Volleyball. The beginning of the modern era of Volleyball can be traced to 1895, when William G. Morgan, a physical education teacher from the United States, combined elements of basketball, baseball, tennis and handball to create the game of Volleyball.

Rules of Volleyball. Each team is allowed three hits to return the ball over the net. When receiving the ball, a player has three hits that don’t have to be continual, and consecutive. When a team is returning the ball, the player must make sure the ball doesn’t touch the ground or the roof. If a team fails to return the ball, the other team is awarded a point.


One of the most important elements of volleyball is the equipment used. Without the proper equipment, a volleyball match cannot be played. At a minimum, a volleyball net, two teams, and a court are required to play the game. Volleyball nets are typically 6 to 8 feet high and 30 feet long. The net should be hung at the center of the court, with the posts sunk into the ground on either side of the court.

The court is typically 40 feet long and 20 feet wide, with a recommendable 10 feet of additional space on both ends of the court. The court should also be lined with straight lines to indicate the different parts of the court. The lines should measure at least 2 inches in width.

The game requires a volleyball for each team as well. Volleyballs should have an exterior made of leather and should measure between 25 and 27 inches in circumference. The weight of the ball should be between 9 and 11 ounces once it is inflated. As for the interior, most volleyballs have a rubber bladder.

Protective gear is also important for volleyball players. Knee pads are especially useful, as they can help reduce the risk of injury. Protective eyewear can also be worn to protect the eyes from the ball. Mouthguards and athletic tape can also be helpful.

Playing the Game

Playing volleyball is a great way to have fun and stay active. Understanding the basics of the game is the first step to getting involved in the sport. The standard court for volleyball is composed of 9m x 9m squared area divided by a center line. The net located between the teams is 2.43m high for men, and 2.24m for women. The objective of the game is to rally the ball to the opponent’s court, while maintaining each team’s respective court territory.

Volleyball consists of two teams, with six players each. The teams are separated into one primary passer (setter), three attackers, and two defenders. During a game players must use techniques such as serving, spiking, blocking, and setting as threats to the opponents.

At the start of each play, the serve must take place at the right back court. Once the serve is complete, the ball is set into play and a combination of the techniques previously mentioned will be put into play. Each team will aim to get a point with the spike, preventing the other team from defending the ball.

Points are scored when the spiker (attacker) hits the ball on the other team’s side and the defending team is unable to strike the ball back to their court. The winning team will be the one that has the most points once the ball is returned three times across the net.

Volleyball is a game that requires a great deal of physicality, but more important of all, it requires a great deal of technique. Understanding the rules of the game and knowing the basics of each of the movements will add to the success of one’s team.

Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Volleyball Game

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, there are always tips and tricks you can use to improve your game. Here are a few of the most important:

Spiking is an important part of any volleyball game, and it is a skill that can take a lot of practice to get right. Start with a good foundation of basic fundamentals. Make sure you’re using the correct form and approach, and practice repetitive drills and footwork to get the hang of it. Pay careful attention to your arm angle and wrist action to get the ball in the correct spot.

Blocking is another essential skill for volleyball players to learn. To perform this properly you must use correct hand positioning and jumping techniques. Make sure you approach the net at the correct angle and stand tall at the net to create a barrier with your arms. The goal is to establish yourself as a wall that the opposition can’t get through.

Diving and setting are two more volleyball skills that require practice and technique. When diving, the aim is to get the ball parallel to the ground, not over or under it. Experiment with different arm and body placement to find the best way to get the ball in the right spot.

Setting is an art form. To be successful at this you must hon your skills and athleticism in order to land the ball perfectly on the court. Find a partner to practice with and get familiar with the fundamentals such as finger placement, hand positioning, and arm trajectory.

Another great way to improve your overall game is by watching experienced players and studying their technique. Pay attention to how they move and how they react to different shots in order to understand the dynamics and strategy of the sport.


Volleyball is a great sport that can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of age. It’s a great way to stay active and healthy, and it can also help you build strong relationships with teammates. It’s an exciting, fast-paced and competitive sport that offers a lot of different levels of play from recreational to professional. People of all ages and abilities can enjoy it and benefit from the physical, mental and social aspects of this sport.

The physical benefits of playing volleyball include increased cardiovascular endurance, improved coordination and balance, and strengthened muscles. It also helps build stamina and speed and improve reaction times. The mental aspects include improved concentration, and the ability to think quickly and make decisions. The social benefits include the chance to build relationships with teammates and opponents, learning how to work with a team, and the ability to work towards common goals.

Volleyball is a popular sport in many countries and there is a variety of competition levels available to suit people of all ages and ability levels. The rules and regulations are simple and straightforward, and it is easy to find local clubs and competitions that allow you to join in with like-minded people. Whether you’re playing for fun or competition, volleyball can be a great way to have an active and enjoyable time.

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