Dubai 2017 Tennis Tournament: A Look at the Action

Dubai’s 2017 Tennis Tournament is no doubt a very special occasion, providing interested spectators a chance to witness some of the most talented players in the world. Taking center stage in the Dubai Sports City, the tournament was a highly anticipated event, quickly becoming one of the most talked-about topics in the global sporting community.

One of the great things about this tournament is that it appealed to both hardcore and casual fans alike. It provided ample opportunity for those who wanted to get closer to the action and see how the players really performed in a crowded, competitive atmosphere.

In this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at the 2017 Dubai Tennis Tournament and cover all the information you need to know; from the players and teams competing, to the schedule and results of the tournament, and the live action that fans can follow.

Top-Ranked Players and Rising Stars

The Dubai 2017 Tennis Tournament saw some of the best players from around the world take the court. Top seeded players such as Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and Andy Murray all made appearances, giving sports fans plenty to cheer about. However, many of the tournament’s most exciting moments came from its rising stars. Players such as Alexander Zverev, Stan Wawrinka, and Elina Svitolina all made a strong showing, providing some excellent competition and highlights.

Surprises of the Tournament

One of the biggest surprises of the tournament was the performance of German player, Angelique Kerber. The eight ranked player managed to triumph over both Venus and Serena Williams to take home the victory. Another surprise was the athleticism of Canada’s Milos Raonic, who managed to outlast a long rally against Nadal and ultimately send the King of Clay into an early exit.

Fan Favourites

Women’s tennis was a main focus of the tournament, with crowds of fans turning up to support the sport. The vocal support of some key female players at the tournament proved to be quite popular, with fans cheering for them no matter the outcome of their match. In particular, French player Kristina Mladenovic and Czech Republic’s Petra Kvitova were fan favourites due to their impressive performances and thrilling match-ups.

Matches at the Dubai 2017 Tennis Tournament

The Dubai 2017 Tennis Tournament was filled with thrilling matchups and exciting matches. Some of the most notable ones included an all-Williams sisters final, with Venus defeating her sister Serena in straight sets. It was a family affair, with the winner winning his third title in the event and sixth in general. Another exciting matchup was between Australian Nick Kyrgios and French Benoit Paire, with Kyrgios victorious in a tight two sets.

The tournament also saw some unexpected results. The highly rated world number 3 player Stan Wawrinka, was defeated by unseeded Evgeny Donskoy in straight sets early on in the tournament. There were some shocks and surprises in the early stages, with some top 10 players failing to even make it to the third round.

The participants of the tournament also saw some success and appreciation from the local fans, with the tournament sponsors and organizers receiving praise for putting together a great event. This made for a wonderful atmosphere, throughout which all the participants had a great time.

Winning Shots

The 2017 Dubai Tennis Tournament was full of exciting moments and thrilling matches. One of the most incredible shots of the tournament took place in the Men’s Singles Final, with Andrey Rublev’s incredible return shot. It was a close match right down to the very end and His Opponent, Dennis Novak, was leading with the score at 5-4. In a last-second effort Andrey Rublev managed to pull off the unthinkable by returning Novak’s powerful serve with an even more powerful shot. The crowds cheered in amazement as Rublev flew past Novak and snagged the winning point.

The Women’s Singles Final was also full of exciting moments, but the stand-out moment had to be Yaroslava Shvedova’s cross-court winner. Shvedova was facing off against Petra Kvitova in the final and it seemed like Kvitova was on track to win the match. That was until Shvedova sent an unprecedented lob that sailed across the court to the corner, putting her back in the game. It was a truly remarkable shot that electrified the audience and reminded everyone why they were watching.

Finals Recap

The 2017 Dubai Tennis Tournament was an intense and action-packed event. In the Men’s Singles Final, Andrey Rublev shocked the crowd with his return shot and went on to clinch a win over Dennis Novak in three sets. Meanwhile, in the Women’s Singles Final, Yaroslava Shvedova put on a performance for the ages against Petra Kvitova and managed to take home a victory in a thrilling three set match.

The 2017 Dubai Tennis Tournament was an unforgettable event that continues to inspire fans around the world. It was full of impressive shots and clutch performances, and a reminder of why we love to watch the sport.

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