The Exciting World of Terrain Volleyball

Welcome to MitGlobal Dubai Sports blog! Are you curious to learn about the exciting world of terrain volleyball? You have come to the right place! In this article, we will provide you with an in-depth insight into the basics of terrain volleyball, its history, and its increasing popularity all around the world.

So, what is terrain volleyball? Known as ‘sand volleyball’, it is a variation of beach volleyball which has been adapted to different kinds of terrain. A key difference between beach and terrain volleyball is that sand is only used as baseline measurements for terrain volleyball, whereas for beach volleyball, sand is also used for playing surfaces.

Although the exact origins of terrain volleyball remain a mystery, it is thought to have originated from beach volleyball in the early 1940s. From its humble beginnings, terrain volleyball has grown and developed over the years and has now become a popular summertime activity.

From parks and playgrounds to private beachside courts, terrain volleyball is rapidly becoming a worldwide phenomenon. More and more people are drawn to the unique and exciting experience of playing sand volleyball.

Equipment for Terrain Volleyball

For the terrain volleyball lovers who wish to practice the sport from the comfort of their own backyard, there is a plethora of supplies that you need to recreate the wonderful game indoors or outdoors. The love for terrain volleyball is increasing and so is the knowledge on which type of equipment and equipment supplies to buy.

When it comes to terrain volleyball equipment, the main elements of focus are the terrain volleyball courts, terrain volleyball nets, and terrain volleyball balls. To ensure you get yourself all the appropriate equipment, it’s important to understand the details of each of these items.

Types of Terrain Volleyball Balls: You’ll find official terrain volleyball balls designed for the terrain court, either for indoor or outdoor playing. Terrain volleyball balls are typically larger and heavier than a standard volleyball, and the bounce will depend on whether the terrain ball is designed for the sand or grass surface.

Types of Terrain Volleyball Nets: When buying a terrain volleyball net, you must get one that can be secured tightly and will stay upright in windy conditions. If you’re playing outdoors, make sure you get a net that can be secured to the ground and can handle the most extreme of weather.

Types of Terrain Volleyball Courts: Just like a standard volleyball court, terrain volleyball courts come in a variety of sizes and designs. For terrain volleyball, courts should be laid out in two separate halves, with each side having their own small court. As far as surface options, you can choose between wood, concrete, turf, and sand.

While these basics are important, more and more terrain volleyball players are beginning to incorporate additional equipment for an even better playing experience. For instance, some players are using collapsible terrain volleyball poles for hills and jumps, bright LED floodlights for night time play and even weatherproof terrain volleyball barriers for a more professional look.

Rules & Regulations

Terrain Volleyball is a fast-paced and exciting sport. The rules and regulations of the game are designed to make it a fair and enjoyable competition. Here is an overview of the official terrain volleyball regulations.

Players compete in teams of 4 to 6 members each. The court size is 10×5 metres, with a 3 metres set up space on each side of the court. Match points are the same as traditional volleyball: teams must score 25 points to win, with a team having to get a 2-point lead over the opposing team to win the match, or if time runs out, the team with the higher score wins.

Fouls and violations are penalized as per standard volleyball rules. Examples of violations include carrying, double contacts, and a player going out of bounds. Scoring happens when a team is able to hit the ball over the net and their opponent isn’t able to send it back.

The game ball must be an inflatable one approved by the terrain volleyball governing body. All players should wear sportswear, with comfortable and breathable clothing to minimize discomfort. Shoes must have non-marking soles, and players should also bring drinks and food to sustain through the game.

Strategies & Techniques

Strategies & Techniques are one of the most important aspects of playing terrain volleyball. When it comes to this particular game, strategy and technique are what will help players create their approach to each match and outwit their opponents. These strategies and techniques are based on several main areas, such as serving, passing, setting, and hitting.

Serving is about using an angle that puts the opposition off balance and also puts you in control of play. It requires a knowledge of strategies and techniques, so you can gain an advantage over your opponent. Take advantage of any wind or other environmental conditions to maximise the angle of the serve.

Passing is the most basic and important skill in the game of terrain volleyball. Players need to keep their passes low to the ground and practice pinpoint accuracy in both the pass and set. The most important factor for success is accuracy, since any spikes that are too far off are easily defended. Players and teams need to coordinate their movements to stop the opposition from gaining control over the court.

Setting is the key to success in terrain volleyball. A good setter has to possess a great understanding of the movement of the other players and be able to use the height and accuracy of the set to control the game. A well-balanced setter is also needed to control the game and help out their team.

Hitting is a crucial skill for terrain volleyball. Hitting requires accuracy, timing, power, and technique. It’s important to be aware of the environment and of the opposing players. Players need to use their skills to time their hit accurately, and consider where their hit will land and the possible effect on the opposition.

By having an understanding of all the strategies & techniques of terrain volleyball, players will be able to take their game to the next level and enjoy success wherever they play.


The sport of terrain volleyball is full of thrilling competition and leagues all over the world. Professional players and teams take part in numerous leagues, tournaments, and championships that make up the exciting sport. There are different divisions based on experience and skill level, so there is competition for players of any ability.

Leagues and tournaments offer a great way for serious players to test their abilities and also for recreational players to get together and have some fun. Tournaments are one day events usually with organized brackets and prizes. These range from a simple prize to a cash prize for the winners. The championships, on the other hand, are larger events with multiple matches taking place over a period of time.

For all those serious players, several high profile championships are held throughout the year. These usually feature the top teams from the many leagues, and the winners will receive awards and trophies. Terrain volleyball also has a ranking system which helps players decide which tournaments to participate in. This gives all players the chance to compete against each other, as well as helping build motivation as you strive to become the best.

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