Analyzing the Meaning Behind the Lyrics of a Tennis Court

Tennis Court is a popular song by the artist Lorde, which documents her observation and feelings while attending the suburban high school. The song has gained lots of attention from its powerful lyrics and has been dissected in many ways. Today we will be exploring the meaning behind the lyrics of the song to gain a better understanding and appreciation for it.

Analyzing the lyrics of Tennis Court allows us to gain a better insight into the artist’s individual experience and connection with the audience. By considering both the literal and symbolic aspects of the words, we can uncover how and why the artist was able to convey their ideas in such an emotionally meaningful way.

The song talks about reality and the emptiness of growing up, ranging from teenage angst and loneliness to fame, recognition and the burdens of modern life. The underlying message of the song reflects the importance of being true to yourself in the face of all the surrounding pressures, however it is often overlooked. This article will discuss the significance of the song and analyze the lyrics to gain a better understanding of its influence and impact.

Themes of the Song

The lyrics of the song “Tennis Court” by Lorde are filled with themes of despair and disillusionment. The singer conveys her state of mind as a young adult living in a world where nothing feels true or real. She longs for a meaningful connection, something that will bring her sense of purpose and joy. Throughout the song she expresses her feelings of loneliness, frustration and confusion.

The song also delves into the struggle with identity that many young adults face. Lorde emphasizes her feelings of being stuck in a place between childhood and adulthood, where she can’t quite find her footing. She questions where she fits into the world, unsure of her place or purpose.

The lyrics also explore the search for meaning. In the chorus, she sings “What are we done for? What are we living for?” She questions what humans should be striving for, and searching for a reason to keep going through life. By the end of the song, she has come to the conclusion that the only thing left is to stay loyal to her own spirit.

The song “Tennis Court” by Lorde is filled with themes of despair and disillusionment, struggle with identity, and the search for meaning. It paints a vivid picture of the struggles that many young adults face and provides an honest account of the metaphysical search for purpose.

The Impact of the Song

The success of “Tennis Court” has had a lasting impact on popular culture. The song is widely recognized and has been referenced in a variety of pop culture creations, including television and film. For example, the MTV series Generation Hex used the song in one of its episodes and the single has been used in various television commercials. The song has also been sampled by renowned music producer, Diplo, in his hit song “Revolution”.

The song has been and continues to be hugely successful, dominating the airwaves across the globe. It has been nominated for a variety of awards, including Song of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance at the Grammy Awards. The song also won Best Pop Song at the New Zealand Music Awards.

The song has also been hugely influential from an artistic standpoint. It has spawned a variety of cover versions and remixes, bringing the song to the attention of a new audience who may not have heard it before. The song has also been used as the soundtracking for a variety of social media videos and independent films.

The legacy of “Tennis Court” has secured its place as an iconic song in popular culture and it is sure to continue to affect generations to come, with its meaningful lyrics and catchy melody.


The meaning behind the lyrics of the song “Tennis Court” by Lorde is open to interpretation. Despite being released in 2013, this song remains important today due to its thoughtful and honest lyrics. The various metaphors used by Lorde in the song explore ideas of conformity and rebellion, reflecting the struggles faced by youth during their transition to adulthood. Ultimately, the song is a celebration of the openness to self-expression that young people can have in the face of adversity.

Our analysis of the lyrics of “Tennis Court” has provided a deeper understanding of the song’s meaning and its relevance in today’s society. Through our analysis, we are closer to understanding not only the lyrics of the song but also the struggles faced by young adults and the power of self-expression. This analysis has also opened up a range of interesting questions and controversies surrounding the song and its various interpretations.

In conclusion, “Tennis Court” is an important song that speaks to the struggles faced by young adults today. Its empowering lyricism and celebration of self-expression highlights why this song is still relevant eight years after its release.

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