The Benefits of Membership in a Tennis & Country Club

Welcome to the world of MitGlobal Dubai Sports, the leading provider of tennis and country club membership. Our members enjoy an unparalleled lifestyle of luxury, recreation and culture.

Have you considered joining a tennis and country club? The benefits are many. From our world-class facilities and amenities, to our well-manicured courts and lush landscaping, the members of MitGlobal Dubai Sports enjoy a high quality of life.

We invite you to explore the advantages of becoming a member of MitGlobal Dubai Sports. In this article, we will outline the salient benefits of a membership in a tennis and country club, including access to our world-class tennis courts, exclusive social events, family-friendly activities, and more.


Membership at a Tennis & Country Club typically gives you access to a wide array of facilities. Our flagship centers include multiple fitness centers equipped with the latest gym equipment, ideal for those looking to improve their physical health. In addition, our courts are a dream for tennis and racquet sports fans, with access to the top tennis instructors and tournament-level playing surfaces.

Just like tennis, golf is one of the classic sports TCC offers. Our championship standard golf courses are designed to accommodate golfers of any level. With specialized lessons available, anyone can become a pro under our guidance.

For a more relaxed day, our swimming pools are the perfect setting to unwind. Whether a more private dip or a family outing, the options are limitless. With a range of options available for food and drinks, members can enjoy a sundowner session on any day of the week.

In addition to these options, our TCC centers also offer saunas, personal trainers, locker rooms, aerobic classes, and a range of relaxing options for a stress-free day.

Social Events

A membership in a Tennis and Country Club often includes access to a range of social events throughout the year. Whether you’re taking part in a pool party to celebrate a special occasion, joining in with one of the prestigious golf tournaments, competing in a tennis tournament or enjoying a joyous holiday celebration, there’s something for everyone. For members who like to get out and meet others, there’s no better way to enjoy socializing than with these special events.

Many Tennis and Country Club members are eager for the annual gala dinner which is the highlight of the year. With the chance to dress up and enjoy a wonderful meal along with great conversation, this is a truly memorable evening. Similarly, the Christmas Day lunch is another much-loved event that many members look forward to enjoying. Many Clubs also offer special discounts and services for members including discounts on golf apparel, food and beverage as well as any private parties or events that may be planned.


When you become a member of tennis & country club, you’ll find yourself enjoying some of the best cuisine in town. Many clubs offer members fine dining and casual options usually in a relaxed and elegant atmosphere. Whether you’re hosting a business dinner or simply having dinner with friends, you can select from a range of delicious options.

At a fine dining restaurant, you’ll find gourmet dishes prepared by expert chefs. It’s the perfect setting for special occasions and romantic dinners. Some clubs also offer casual dining options, where you can enjoy a quick bite in an informal setting.

At some clubs, members have access to golf course cafes, which offer quick bites and health food. It’s the perfect way to refuel after a day of golf or tennis. Plus, you don’t need to worry about carrying your food around the course.

No matter what meal you are looking for, most clubs feature some kind of restaurant where you can enjoy high-quality food in a sophisticated atmosphere. Plus, clubs will often offer discounts and special offers to members, so make sure to check with the club to see what deals are available.

Membership Benefits

Most tennis and country clubs provide a range of benefits to their members, offering access to discounts on club activities and priority bookings, as well as exclusive events and social activities. These benefits vary from club to club, but most include at least the following:

Discounts: Discounts are often provided to members on club activities such as court fees, pro shop purchases and other services. These discounts can range from 10-25%, depending on the club.

Priority Bookings: Most clubs give their members priority access to court bookings and other activities. This means that members don’t have to worry about long lines or waiting for a court.

Exclusive Events: Many clubs provide exclusive events for their members, including weekly or monthly tournaments and other special occasions, such as holiday parties or clinics.

Social Activities: Many clubs offer their members access to social activities, such as group dinners, yoga classes, and other activities. These activities help to foster a sense of community among members and create lasting relationships.

Extras: In addition to the above benefits, many clubs offer extras such as discounts at local restaurants, discounts on airline tickets, and other promotions to encourage membership.

Are you looking for a place where you can enjoy all the benefits of a private club? Look no further than a Tennis & Country Club. Not only will you have access to world-class tennis facilities, but you’ll also get to enjoy the benefits of social activities, fine dining, and more. Discover more about the amazing benefits of membership in a Tennis & Country Club today!

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