Tennis 360 Meydan: An Innovative Way to Enjoy the Game of Tennis

Welcome to ‘MitGlobal Dubai Sports’ blog! Today, we are excited to take you through an innovative tennis experience that’s making its mark in the sports industry – Tennis 360 Meydan. As the name suggests, this innovative take on the game of tennis is an adventure out of a sports enthusiast’s dreams. From an adrenaline rush and a 360-degrees field of play to exciting and interactive features – this is one experience you’ll never be bored with.

In this blog article, we’ll share an overview of Tennis 360 Meydan, some innovative ways to play the game, and all the great features associated with this initiative that sets it apart from the competition. So, whether you’re an avid tennis fan or just looking to learn more, read on to find out why Tennis 360 Meydan is taking the sports world by storm.

History of Tennis 360 Meydan

The history of Tennis 360 Meydan dates back to the year 2018, when a group of tennis enthusiasts realized the need for a radical new development that could revolutionize the game. The team’s daring mission was to create an immersive and interactive way of experiencing tennis.

The first step was to create an artificial environment where players could train and play in a safe and controlled way. Thus, Tennis 360 Meydan was officially launched in 2019 with the opening of its first facility in the Emirate of Dubai. It quickly became one of the most popular tennis destinations in the Middle East.

The original concept for Tennis 360 Meydan involved a fully equipped and interactive court, which was designed to simulate real tennis court environments and allow its users to practice their skills as if they were playing on a real court. The technology also included an artificial intelligence (AI) system that took into account the movements and techniques of the player to generate recommendations and feedback.

Since its launch, Tennis 360 Meydan has developed new features to improve the overall experience for its users. This includes a detailed statistical analysis of each game, as well as virtual challenges and tournaments, coaching and mentorship services, and even virtual reality options that allow players to see the court in a different way.

Today, Tennis 360 Meydan is not only one of the most popular tennis destinations in the Middle East, but it is also a great way to stay connected with the game, no matter where one is located. With its innovative and interactive approach, Tennis 360 Meydan is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in tennis and redefining the way people play the game.

Features and Benefits of Tennis 360 Meydan

Tennis 360 Meydan is designed to revolutionize the way people play and enjoy the game of tennis. It provides users with enhanced portability and versatility that is not usually found in traditional courts. Below are some of the features and benefits of Tennis 360 Meydan:

Enhanced portability: Tennis 360 Meydan is designed to fit into spaces of all sizes. It can easily be moved from place to place making it easier for users to play on any surface they desire. With this technology, users can setup their own personal courts without any extra equipment needed.

Increased game variety: Tennis 360 Meydan has seven intensely detailed gaming variations, allowing players to really customize their court and gameplay experience. Whether it’s a match of singles, doubles, or even one-on-one drills, Tennis 360 Meydan has a gaming variation suited for all users.

Player improvement: Tennis 360 Meydan is designed to challenge players and encourage improvement. Its detailed gaming variations and intelligent AI help provide users with an array of strategizing options, aiding in their overall growth as a player. Additionally, the game provides real-time feedback and performance analysis, helping to track a user’s progress and development over time.

Net design: The innovative net design is the driving force behind Tennis 360 Meydan. Its unique hollowet system feature is designed to catch and direct the ball back to its original trajectory, allowing the user to retrieve the ball seamlessly and with easy.

Safety and Rules

Tennis 360 Meydan keeps the safety of each player in mind. We provide safety guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable gaming experience. All players must wear gloves and use foam tennis racquets during play. The court must be divided into two halves and players must stay in their respective halves during each game. All players must also use appropriate athletic clothing and footwear during play.

Tennis 360 Meydan also adheres to the rules of the game while still bringing an innovative and fresh approach. The game is played in sets accordingly with official tennis rules. The court will be divided into four sections with a target area at the center. Players must hit the ball over the net and into the target area for it to be considered official. The player who hits the most balls into the target area in a set wins the match.

In order to maintain fairness and consistency, all players must abide by the official rules at all times. Hitting the ball out of bounds, attempting to accidentally hit your opponent, and excessive yelling will all be considered violations and will result in a penalty. The referee has the final say in all games and issues.


Tennis 360 Meydan is a revolutionary way for players to enjoy the game of tennis. The use of 360-degrees of motion along with cutting-edge technology to create an immersive experience allows players to enjoy the game like never before. Players are able to improve the sight, speed, and accuracy of their shots, while being more coordinated in their movements and shots. Plus, the game can be played almost anywhere, making it a great way to enjoy a few matches while on the go.

The advantages of playing Tennis 360 Meydan are numerous; it provides an immersive, interesting, and unique way to enjoy the game of tennis. The cutting-edge technology and 360-degree motions have provided an even playing field for all players, regardless of their level of experience. Not only that, it promises to give players new perspectives on their game and help them to take their skills to the next level.

Looking to the future of the game, Tennis 360 Meydan is likely to become the way of the future. It has already been adopted by many professional players and is slowly making its way into the mainstream. With its many advantages and potential for further development, Tennis 360 Meydan is sure to provide players with an exciting and rewarding way to enjoy the game of tennis.

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