Skechers Performance Run Dubai 2019: An Unforgettable Experience

Skechers Performance Run Dubai 2019 is an event that promises to be an unforgettable experience for all participants. The course is an excellent showcase of the local scenery and culture of Dubai, with the desert providing a beautiful backdrop to the event. The Run is an opportunity to take in some of the beautiful landscape around Dubai as well as witness some of the world’s top athletes performing against a remarkable backdrop.

The reasons to participate in Skechers Performance Run Dubai 2019 are numerous. Participants can take part in a thrilling and ultra-competitive 10K race, take on the challenge of an amazing half marathon course or take it slow and complete the full marathon. All of the events will be timed and everyone has the opportunity to test their mettle.

The course for Skechers Performance Run Dubai 2019 is truly a unique experience. From the stunning desert sands to the vast thriving metropolises, runners will have an opportunity to race past some of the world’s most iconic structures and landmarks. There are multiple challenges awaiting runners on the course, ranging from hills, to potential sand storms, to the heat encountered mid-race.

With all of the amazing features this event has to offer, it’s no surprise Skechers Performance Run Dubai 2019 is the race you don’t want to miss.

Organizers and Sponsors

The Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon is one of the most popular road running events in the world. This year, the race was organized by Skechers Performance, in collaboration with Race Organizers, in an effort to provide a unique and unforgettable experience for runners of all ages and backgrounds.

Skechers was the headline sponsor of the Run Dubai. The brand has been at the forefront of innovation and performance technology in the running field, and used its expertise to create an incredible race experience. This included in-depth training programmes to help runners get the most out of their races, and advanced digital monitoring to track their progress.

Along with Skechers Performance, there was a number of other race sponsors, including Adidas, New Balance, Reebok, and ASICS. These sponsors provided support for the event in a variety of ways, from providing free merchandise to promoting the event and even taking part in the race itself.

The organizers of the race also worked closely with local partners from the Emirates and Dubai to ensure the event was an unforgettable experience. From setting up food tents to providing medical staff and emergency care to the participants, the organizers worked hard to make sure the event went off without a hitch.

The Skechers Performance Run Dubai 2019 was a tremendous success, and the organizers and sponsors played an integral part in making it happen.

What to Expect: Pre-race Preparation and Training

Participants of the Skechers Performance Run Dubai event can expect a full and immersive race experience unlike any other. Before the race, it is important to give yourself ample time to prepare both physically and mentally. Taking part in a training programme and following a health and nutrition guide with proper hydration takes away some of the stress associated with the event and can help each runner perform to the best of their ability.

The Starting Line

The race will begin with the sound of a starting gun, followed by sounds of cheers from the supporters and volunteers who will be gathered at the start line. Expect to find yourself surrounded by a sea of encouragement that will help push you on to the finish.

Race Route

The course is a 10-kilometer race taking runners around iconic landmarks in the city. Participants will be able to take in grandeur views of the city skyline as they race along the route. The course will be marked with clear signs, a cheering crowd and an energizing soundtrack that will be sure to help boost your performance.

Post-Race Celebration

When it comes to the post-race celebrations, participants will be able to enjoy live music and performances. Podium celebration and medal presentation will take place at the end of the event, making it a great time to mingle and network while celebrating the effort of all of the runners. The race is also a great opportunity to take pictures and have enough time to rest after the race and enjoy the atmosphere.

Health and Safety at the Skechers Performance Run Dubai 2019

The Skechers Performance Run Dubai 2019 offers an unforgettable experience full of exciting challenges and rewarding goals, bu it’s essential to keep safety as a priority. Here are some tips to ensure you are fully prepared to get the best out of the race while keeping safe.

Hydration Tips: The key to having an enjoyable and successful race is staying hydrated. In the hot and humid weather of Dubai it is recommend to drink at least 2 liters of water each day leading up to the event, and to have a substantial breakfast before the start. During the race make sure to drink water or a suitable electrolyte drink at scheduled check points. Remember to drink even if you don’t feel thirsty!

Healthy Eating: Eating a balanced, healthy diet is an important part of having a successful race. Breakfast should be high in carbohydrates and should include healthy sources of protein. Choose fruit as a snack in between meals, as well as nuts, yogurt, or a protein smoothie. Avoid processed foods like chips and cookies.

First Aid Kit: Have your own first aid kit with a variety of items such as band-aids, anti-inflammatories, topical antibiotics, and anything you think might be helpful during the race. Remember to check the expiry date on any items you use.

Sun Protection:The sun in Dubai can be especially intense during Race Day, so it is essential to be well-protected. Wear a wide-brimmed hat, use sunscreen of SPF50+, and bring some sunglasses with you. Also, don’t forget to carry a water bottle so you can stay hydrated throughout the race.


The Skechers Performance Run Dubai 2019 was an incredible experience that left many runners and spectators alike in awe. From the beautiful landmarks along the race route to the tremendous amount of support from the spectators, everyone involved had the opportunity to enjoy the event in a unique fashion. Runners were provided with an unforgettable experience from beginning to end, making it one of the most memorable events in Dubai.

From a practical side of things, the event was well organized and provided runners with plenty of amenities and services to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. The race director provided each runner with a registration packet that was filled with useful information such as the race route, checkpoints, and emergency contact information. Furthermore, plenty of water and Gatorade stations were set up throughout the race to ensure that runners stayed hydrated.

The Skechers Performance Run Dubai 2019 was an exciting and thrilling event that left many runners feeling accomplished and proud of their achievements. Not only was running the race an amazing physical and mental feat, but it was also a cultural experience from start to finish as runners were exposed to the beauty of Dubai’s iconic landmarks and friendly spectators.


The Skechers Performance Run Dubai 2019 was a remarkable event filled with plenty of memorable moments. The primary takeaway was that running an event of this caliber takes a great deal of commitment, dedication, and hard work. Each runner pushed themselves to the limit in order to complete the race, which resulted in an unforgettable experience. Additionally, the race provided a unique look at the culture and people of Dubai by introducing runners to some of the most iconic landmarks of the city.


Overall, the Skechers Performance Run Dubai 2019 was an incredible event that provided runners with an unforgettable experience. From the organized race route to the friendly atmosphere of the spectators, the event was unforgettable for any level of runner. Furthermore, the race showcased the beauty of Dubai and enriched runners with a unique cultural experience. Whether you are a seasoned runner or are just getting into running, this is an event that should not be missed.

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