Exploring the Padel Scene in Dubai: A Look at the Rising Popularity of the Sport

The city of Dubai is known for its vibrant, thrilling culture, and there’s plenty to explore both inside and out of the United Arab Emirates. One area that is quickly on the rise is the world of padel in the city, with more people exploring the sport and its growing popularity in the region.

In this article, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the padel scene in Dubai, talking about its benefits, and exploring why players are increasingly taking up the sport. We’ll also be looking at the state of the industry, sharing insider tips and information on how to get involved, and much more!

We’ll cover everything you need to know about the city’s padel community, including an overview of the scene, exploring the city’s top padel clubs, and breaking down the benefits of playing padel. Read on for an informative guide for anyone considering taking up the sport in Dubai.

History of Padel in Dubai

Padel has been around in Dubai due to its origins in Latin countries being only a few years. It first started becoming popular in the early 2000s, with only a select few clubs hosting the game but it has grown exponentially since then. The actual sport of Padel was created in the 1960s in Mexico, but did not gain its full popularity until the late 1990s in Europe. The game is a shortened version of traditional tennis and shares many of the same characteristics. It is played in doubles and requires quick reaction times, agility and an understanding of the rules in order to succeed.

The emergence of Padel in Dubai hit an all-time high when in 2018, Dubai hosted the first ever international Padel tournament series in the Middle East. The tournament was hosted at The Els Club in Dubai and was an immediate success with many of the world’s best padel players competing. This event propelled Padel to become one of the most popular sports in the region.

The popularity of the sport in Dubai continues to grow with numerous professional padel clubs and leagues operating today. It is estimated that the amount of people playing padel in the region is close to 200,000 and the number is expected to rise even further. It is estimated that around 500 courts for Padel exist in Dubai, a testament to the sport’s rapid growth.

Today, Padel has become an international sport, with tournaments being held in almost every country. Dubai has become a hub for the sport as many of the worlds best players come to the region for tournaments, camps and to learn the game. For many, Padel is the perfect alternative to tennis or any other sport, as it is fun to play, requires no extensive court or equipment and is much more social than tennis. With its growing popularity, the sport is sure to have a strong future in Dubai.

Types of Padel Courts in Dubai

The variety of padel courts in Dubai allows players of all skill levels to play the exciting sport in comfort and style. There is a distinction between private and public courts, with different characteristics for each. The two main types of padel courts are indoor and outdoor.

Indoor courts provide an ideal playing atmosphere and often feature comfortable seating and climate control, so players can enjoy the game even in the summer. These courts are an excellent choice for practices, tournaments, and team play. Outdoor courts on the other hand offer a unique opportunity to experience the game in its natural environment.

As for private courts, they are usually leased by clubs and other venues and can usually accommodate more than one player at a time. These courts are also more likely to feature more amenities, such as showers, snack bars, and equipment rentals. Private courts also tend to have more advanced playing surfaces and professional staff who can help players improve their game.

Public courts, on the other hand, are generally smaller and less well-maintained than private ones. However, they are often free or have very low fees, making them a great option for casual players. Most public courts are also home to local tournaments, giving players the chance to compete against other local players.

Clubs and Events

For those looking to play padel, Dubai presents quite a few options. There are a variety of padel clubs located throughout Dubai that cater to a wide range of competitive and recreational players. Some of the most popular padel clubs in the city include the Dubai Padel Palace, International Padel Club, and the Dubai Padel Sports Club.

For those interested in competitive play, a multitude of tournaments take place across Dubai each year. From local tournaments hosted by the padel clubs to large-scale international competitions, players of all skill levels and ages can find a tournament to participate in. Upcoming events include the Dubai Open, which takes place annually and typically has a large turnout. Additionally, the Dubai Padel Association also hosts many specialty events and tournaments for recreational and competitive players.

Not only is there plenty of opportunity for social and competitive play throughout Dubai, but there’s also other related activities such as padel-themed events, leagues, and workshops that cater to both adults and children. Local padel clubs in the city also often host social nights, tournaments, and special events. With the continued growth of the padel scene in the region, more events and activities are now available for those interested in experiencing the fast-growing sport.


Over the past few years, padel has soared in popularity in Dubai and is on the rise to becoming one of the most popular sports in the city. With the increasing number of padel courts and tournaments, the demand for this sport among locals and expats alike continues to skyrocket. It is clear that padel is here to stay. This is excellent news for lovers of the sport and entertainment seekers alike as padel offers a fun, active and low-cost way of getting involved in the world of competitive sport.

Looking to the future, more efforts should be done by the padel community – players, operators and organizers – to further maintain the success of the sport. Moreover, more resources should be made available and competitive events should strive to incorporate all levels and genders. With continued effort and support, there is no limit to the heights that padel in Dubai can reach.

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