Exploring the Growing Popularity of Paddle Tennis in Dubai

Paddle Tennis is a sport that has been gaining a lot of popularity in Dubai within the past few years. It is a fun yet challenging sport that has increasing levels of skill and technique as gamers become more experienced.

It is a sport that is fast, challenging, and highly entertaining. It involves two players hitting a plastic ball covered with foam across a net suspended in the center of a court. The game is usually played out to 11 points and each player can take turns in serving, hitting and returning the ball.

One of the main reasons paddle tennis is becoming increasingly popular in Dubai is because of its low-cost and how accessible it is. There is no need for expensive equipment or a large court. There are also plenty of outdoor places that people can practice in and a variety of organizers and events.

In this article on MitGlobal Dubai Sports, we will explore the growing popularity of paddle tennis in Dubai. We will look at the potential it has for growth, the benefits and the events people can take part in. We will discuss the different tactics, strategies, and practice that can be used to improve one’s skills.

By understanding the appealing nature and growth potential of this sport, we hope to give readers the knowledge they need to get started or progress in paddle tennis.

History of Paddle Tennis in Dubai

Paddle tennis, which is sometimes referred to as padel, is a relatively new sport that has quickly become increasingly popular in Dubai and other Gulf countries due in part to its exciting and fast-paced game play. While the sport is still emerging, it has already gained a dedicated following in recent years. To understand its growing popularity, it is important to take a look at its history and origins.

Paddle tennis was developed in the late 1960s by Enrique Corcuera in Mexico as a combination of tennis and squash. The sport was designed to be faster paced and easier to play in urban settings due to its smaller courts and lighter equipment. This led to its widespread popularity in Latin America, where it became the country’s most popular sport in the 1980s. From there, paddle tennis gained global recognition and spread to other regions of the world.

In the early 2000s, paddle tennis began to make its way to the Gulf region, and particularly the UAE. During this time, the sport was introduced and embraced by local private clubs as it was seen as a way to provide members with a fun, competitive sport. As the sport grew in popularity, paddle tennis courts were built in many local private clubs and sport centers, making it much more accessible to the public.

Since then, paddle tennis has become an integral part of the local sporting culture in Dubai. With its exciting and fast-paced game play, it has quickly become a favorite among both recreational and professional athletes. As a result, paddle tennis tournaments have become popular fixtures in the local sporting calendar, with prominent tournaments such as the Dubai Padel Masters held every year. Thus, paddle tennis has become an important part of the city’s sporting fabric.

As the sport continues to gain more recognition in the region, its popularity looks set to continue to grow in the future. The increasing availability of paddle tennis courts, tournaments, and training facilities make this a promising prospect for those looking to take part in the sport.

Popularity Today

Paddle tennis – or padel, as it is called locally in Dubai – has grown to be one of the most popular sports in the region. It continues to gain an even bigger following since its introduction in 2014, and more people continue to join clubs, create events and tournaments, and compete in the local and international arenas.

One of the reasons for Paddle tennis’ continued growing popularity is its accessibility. With the construction of new facilities and clubs all over the UAE, it’s become easier for players to access courts and get the equipment they need for a game or two. This access has also led to an increase in paddle tennis’ popularity among younger generations, as more and more youngsters take up the sport and spread its reach.

Another factor that contributes to paddle tennis’ ongoing popularity is its worldwide recognition. Events such as the Dubai Paddle Open and Abu Dhabi World Padel Tour offer players a platform to showcase their skills and compete at the highest international level. The tournaments feature the world’s best players and have helped to give the sport an even bigger profile.

The variety of clubs and courts, as well as the presence of numerous tournaments and events, has meant that paddle tennis is here to stay in Dubai. People from all backgrounds and ages are coming together to experience the fun and excitement of the sport and it’s become a regular part of life in the city.

Equipment and Clothing Necessary for Paddle Tennis

Paddle tennis is an increasingly popular sport in Dubai, and one of the great things about it is that very little equipment is needed to play. As a minimum, players need paddles and a ball, but there is also a range of other equipment and clothing available for more serious players.

Necessary Equipment – At the very least, a set of paddles and one ball will be needed if you want to play paddle tennis and these can be easily bought from most sports stores or online. Some court owners provide equipment that you can use, but if you plan to become a regular player, it’s worth investing in your own set.

Clothing – The clothing requirements for paddle tennis are very relaxed as the game is more about agility than power. Lightweight and breathable fabrics with good movement are the best option. shorts or skirts and comfortable t-shirts or vests are ideal, with trainers or other flat-soled shoes to aid with agility. For colder weather, track pants or jackets are a sensible addition.

Other Equipment – While the above equipment is necessary to play, some players like to use additional items to improve their performance and prevent injury. Knee and elbow pads can be handy particularly for younger and less experienced players. A wristband or headband is also useful for keeping sweat out of the eyes while playing. Vibration dampening gel is recommended to place on the racket in order to reduce the shock of impact from the ball.


In conclusion, paddle tennis is quickly becoming one of the most popular sports in Dubai. With the city’s vibrant culture – and the fact that it is easily accessible to many – it is a prime playground for those seeking a fun, healthy, and social activity. The Dubai Paddle Tennis Club provides a great way for people to enjoy the sport in a safe, supervised environment. It also offers a great opportunity for competitive teams to test their skills against each other in organized tournaments.

From the growth of the sport’s popularity to the number of local players, paddle tennis in Dubai is an increasingly attractive option for those looking for a sportive and social way to spend their leisure time. With the right environment, practice, and dedication, it is a sport that can bring enjoyment to participants and spectators alike.

Looking towards the future, paddle tennis in Dubai will continue to grow in popularity, with more tournaments and more teams competing each year. It’s an exciting time for fans and players alike, as the game continues to become an increasingly popular and exciting pastime.

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