Palm Beach County Shooting Sports Park Opens its Doors

Welcome to the official blog post of MitGlobal Dubai Sports! Today we bring you the exciting news that Palm Beach County Shooting Sports Park has opened its doors. In this article we will cover all the necessary information that you need to know about this new and promising venue.

First, let’s look into the history of the Palm Beach County Shooting Sports Park. This facility initially opened in 2018 and is located in the town of Lake Isa. It has seen many changes over the years, and recently has undergone renovations to bring it up to modern standards. It was created for shooters of all levels, from beginner hobbyists to advanced competitive shooters.

Next, we’ll go over the overview of the Park itself. At the Shooting Sports Park, visitors can shoot with airguns, handguns and long guns. In addition, the Park offers a variety of courses and activities such as tactical courses and 3D target shooting. Lastly, the Park also provides services such as repair and custom modifications.

Safety Regulations

The Palm Beach County Shooting Sports Park is a safe and fun place for shooters to enjoy their sport of choice and unleash their inner marksmen. The Park requires that all shooters abide by its safety regulations, which apply to all firearms, ammunition and all other safety-related items. All shooters must be of a certain age as mandated by Palm Beach County and Proof of age must be presented upon entry.

All shooters must complete a Safety Training Course prior to using the facilities and must read and abide by the official Safety Rules in their entirety. It is the responsibility of all Park visitors to ensure that any firearms, ammunition, and all other safety related items brought onto the premises are in accordance with the safety rules.

The Park has an extensive list of Prohibited Items which includes animals and all types of flammable substances. A more comprehensive list of prohibited items can be found on the Park’s website.

The Park allows a wide variety of hand firearms, air rifles and air pistols. All firearms must be constantly monitored when on the premises, and the area should be kept free of clutter. A comprehensive list of allowed firearms is kept up-to-date and available on the Park’s website.


The Palm Beach County Shooting Sports Park has opened its doors, offering a variety of amenities for visitors. At this location, visitors can access a 30-acre shooting facility, featuring 32 covered shooting stalls and 25 open air shooting stalls, all outfitted with a state-of-the-art target retrieval system. The Shooting Sports Park also has a stocked retail store with a variety of firearms, ammunition and miscellaneous accessories for customers to purchase for their shooting needs.

For those looking to take a break, the Sports Park also has a concessions cart offering a number of snacks and beverages. The concession cart is often visited by visitors looking to refuel during a day of shooting. In addition to the concessions cart, the Sports Park is equipped with a rental center, offering a wide range of firearms, ammunition and accessories that are available for use on the range.

Whether you’re an experienced shooter or a beginner, the Palm Beach County Shooting Sports Park is the perfect destination to let off some steam and practice your precision. With its wide range of amenities, the Sports Park is sure to make your visit enjoyable.


Palm Beach County Shooting Sports Park offers a variety of events for those looking to make their weekend special. Our events include competitions, tournaments, leagues, clinics and workshops. Compete in numerous pistol, rifle and shotgun shooting competitions hosted by the park. These events are meant to keep shooters on their toes and promote friendly competition amongst themselves.

For those looking to gain a deeper understanding of the shooting sports, our clinics and workshops are the perfect opportunity to understand, learn and master the techniques you need to get the job done. With a knowledgeable and enthusiastic instructor, gain the insight and experience you need to perfect your performance.

We also offer special organized tournaments for both junior and adult shooters. Keep an eye out for the special tournament dates, exclusive to Palm Beach County Shooting Sports Park.

The Palm Beach County Shooting Sports Park serves as an ideal space for organized league shooting, where fellow shooters can come together and bond over casual friendly competition in a safe and controlled environment.

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