Palm Beach County Shooting Sports Park Opening Date Announced

For all the outdoor sports fans residing in the heart of Palm Beach County, a great news awaits! Shooting Sports Park, a welcoming and safe space for sports activities, is set to open soon. The organisers have officially announced its opening date as the world looks forward to it.

For all the gun-lovers, enthusiasts and recreational shooters in the region of Palm Beach County, this is surely a boon as the park aims to provide a secure and friendly space for shooting sports. It will not only help to promote the sport, but will also ensure the safety of everyone.

At MitGlobal Dubai Sports we have all the details regarding the Palm Beach County Shooting Sports Park. We have the information related to its opening date and what activities it is going to offer its visitors. In case you are planning to visit or take part in the event, this article is a must-read for you.

Read on to know more regarding the Palm Beach County Shooting Sports Park and its opening date, announced recently.


Palm Beach County Shooting Sports Park is located in Jupiter, Florida, just 17 minutes from West Palm Beach. As the largest public shooting range in Palm Beach County, the Park is on nearly 60-acres, making it the perfect destination for shooters of all levels. The Park is easily accessible from all major highways, which allows visitors to quickly reach the facility and begin their shooting fun.

The Park features five rifle/pistol ranges, two traphouses, five stand sporting clays and an archery area all on the same property. Furthermore, the Park offers outdoor classrooms and digital target systems with real-time scoring, allowing users to access their scores via cell phones.

The Park also offers six classrooms with individual furniture, enabling visitors to accommodate a variety of needs. This includes programs such as hunter education and hunter safety courses, as well as a firearms introduction, women-only classes, and seminars for experienced shooters.

For visitors traveling from out of town, the Park provides on-site overnight accommodation in their covered shooting bays. Visitors can also enjoy the convenience of the pro-shop, which offers ammunition, gun-cleaning supplies as well as apparel. The Park also offers a variety of packages for visitors looking for a more immersive experience.


Palm Beach County Shooting Sports Park will offer a vast array of amenities for shooters and guests alike. Visitors will be able to take advantage of multiple range types, including long-range precision, small-arms, clay target, and tactical shooting ranges. Onsite retail areas, featuring firearms, apparel, and accessories, will be available for anyone looking to upgrade their shooting experience. Additionally, the park will offer multiple event spaces, able to accommodate everything from large corporate events to smaller target competitions. With more than 250 acres, the Palm Beach County Shooting Sports Park will be the perfect space for any and all of your shooting needs.

Safey Features

The Palm Beach County Shooting Sports Park has some of the best safety regulations in the country, offering a variety of measures designed to ensure the safety of all participants. Safety protocols range from safety glasses, earplugs and cartridge shaves to stringent range discipline rules.

In addition to its safety protocols, the park also features a wide range of security measures, including highly trained security personnel and video surveillance cameras. This combination of safety protocols and security measures allows the park to maintain a safe environment on its grounds.

The Palm Beach County Shooting Sports Park also boasts an emergency protocol system in place that includes automatic alerts to the local police department in the event of an emergency. The park also features medical personnel on site to provide medical assistance if needed.

In addition, the park has implemented a “zero tolerance” policy, which means that any behavior that could be considered a safety hazard will result in immediate expulsion from the grounds. These measures are designed to ensure that all guests and participants can enjoy a safe and enjoyable experience at the park.

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