Exploring the Differences between Padel and Paddle Tennis

Welcome to MitGlobal Dubai Sport’s Blog! This article is an exploration of the differences between Padel and Paddle Tennis – two incredibly similar sports. We will provide a brief overview of both sports, discuss the most significant differences, and share our thoughts on which one you should pick.

In this informative discussion, we’ll compare the rules, court setup, equipment, and scoring for both sports. We will fill you in on the various strategies used in each one and share some tips for playing each one successfully. With our help, you’ll easily decide which one is the right choice for you.


Padel is a relatively new sport compared to its close cousin, paddle tennis. Although both sports continue to attract a growing number of players and spectators, padel is growing at a much faster rate than paddle tennis. Padel has become a popular sport due to its use of interesting rules, fast-paced action, and many social clubs that dedicate their time to teaching and promoting the sport.

The history of padel predates paddle tennis in many parts of the world, but paddle tennis has been more popular in some countries since its introduction in the 1950s. It is especially popular in Europe, with thousands of active players from countries like Spain, Italy and France. Padel also has become popular in some countries such as Argentina, Mexico, Brazil and Chile, where there are many professional padel centers and clubs.

In recent years, the popularity of paddle tennis and padel has grown substantially worldwide. The number of professional leagues and tournaments around the world has increased dramatically, allowing fans to watch some of the best players compete. The rise of social media has made it easier for players to share their strategies and tips, making the sport more accessible than ever.

As the popularity of padel and paddle tennis continues to spread around the world, more countries are hosting international tournaments, creating new professional leagues, and introducing more social clubs to promote the sport. This is helping to further expand the sport and turn it into a global phenomenon.

Rules of Padel and Paddle Tennis

Padel and Paddle Tennis have a few things in common but plenty of differences when it comes to rules. The number of players, court size and shape, scoring system, serving rules, and games and sets will all affect how you choose to play one or the other.

Number of Players: Padel is usually played in doubles, but singles are also common. On the other hand, paddle tennis is only ever played in doubles.

Court Size and Shape: The traditional shaped padel court is an oblong with slightly curved sides, rather than the typical square shaped court of paddle tennis. In terms of dimensions, a padel court measures 18m x 10.5m and a paddle tennis court is 14m x 11m.

Scoring System: Both of these sports use the same scoring system: regular tennis’s 15, 30, 40. However, when it comes to which points a side or players receives, the rules are different. In padel, any point won by the receiving service-side receives the point, while in paddle tennis the receiving side must gain the point.

Serving Rules: In padel, both players have to rotate serving and the server may only step into the court to serve after the receiver has struck the ball in the serve. This is not the case in paddle tennis. The server may step into the court as soon as the ball has been hit by either side.

Games and Sets: The length of each game in padel and paddle tennis varies depending on the tournament or competition. Usually, a set will last no more than 10 minutes and you’ll need to win two sets in order to win the game. In terms of games per match, it varies from just the best of three sets up to the best of seven sets.


When it comes to equipment, both paddle and paddle tennis are similar. The main difference between the two sports is the size of the court and the amount of space you need to play them. Paddle requires a regular-sized court whereas paddle tennis needs a smaller court.

In terms of racquets, both sports use similar types and construction. They’re usually made from lightweight materials such as aluminum or graphite and may come with extra features such as vibration dampers.

For balls, padel and paddle tennis both use hollow round rubber balls, the difference being only in their size. The ball used for padel is usually slightly bigger and heavier than the one used for paddle tennis.

When it comes to clothing, both sports are very similar in regards to what’s required. Appropriate shoes should be chosen to dampen the shock on your feet, while comfortable sports clothing will give you greater freedom of movement. Hats or caps are also useful to protect yourself from the sun.


Padel y paddle tennis son deportes hermanos. Ambos deportes provienen del mismo deporte tradicional, el tenis. La profunda relación entre los dos da como resultado similitudes en términos de reglas y equipos, así como también algunas importantes diferencias, como el tamaño de la cancha, los materiales de fabricación de la pala, o la forma en que se cuentan los puntos.

Por lo tanto, si estás decidiendo cuál de los dos deportes estás listo para jugar, asegúrate de saber lo más básico, además de ajustar tu decisión a tus preferencias personales. Si eres un jugador de tenis con mucha experiencia, el paddle tennis puede ser un buen inicio, ya que la regla básica, el tamaño de la cancha y el estilo del juego son similares al tenis. Si has jugado otros deportes de raqueta en el pasado, y quieres vivir la experiencia de los deportes de raqueta al máximo, el padel es probablemente la mejor opción.

Finalmente, tenga en cuenta que tanto el padel como el paddle tennis son deportes divertidos, muy divertidos de aprender a jugar, y excelentes para obtener un montón de ejercicios.

Have you ever heard of Padel or Paddle Tennis? Both sports are similar in some ways, but they have some distinct differences that make them stand out above the rest. Let’s explore the differences between Padel and Paddle Tennis and find out why they are so popular. Discover more.

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