A Guide to Choosing the Right Padel Tennis Racket

Padel Tennis is a growing sport, becoming more and more popular across the world. It requires skill, athleticism, and a wide array of specialized equipment. One of the most important components of any padel tennis set-up is the racket. In this article, we’ll be your guide to choosing the right padel racket, outlining all the information you need to know to make an informed decision.

What is Padel Tennis? This relatively new sport originated in Mexico in 1969 and has since gained global popularity. It’s a hybrid of tennis and squash, combining the structures of those two sports with an off-court element, similar to beach volleyball. The playing field is a much smaller rectangular court, enclosed by four walls, with a net in the middle. Players use smaller rackets, softer balls, and typically score with the best of three or five sets.

The popularity of Padel Tennis has grown exponentially in recent years. From its humble roots in Mexico, the sport is now played in over 40 countries all over the world. It’s especially popular in Europe and Latin America, but is quickly gaining traction in the UAE. As this sport evolves, the selection of padel racket has also widened, providing players with plenty of options. So, let’s dive into what makes the perfect padel racket and how you can choose the right one for you.

Types of Padel Tennis Rackets

When choosing a padel tennis racket, it is important to know the different types available on the market as this will help you make an informed decision. There are three main types of padel tennis rackets: wooden, graphite and fiberglass.

Wooden padel tennis rackets provide an authentic, traditional feel and offer a classic combination of durability, control and power, making them ideal for experienced players. Wooden rackets typically have thicker strings than graphite or fiberglass rackets.

Graphite padel tennis rackets are usually a bit heavier than wooden rackets, offering increased stability and power. They provide players with more control whilst also offering a high level of power. Graphite rackets typically have thinner strings than wooden rackets.

Fiberglass padel tennis rackets are the heaviest type of racket. These are perfect for athletes who are just starting out, offering excellent shock absorption and comfort. Fiberglass rackets also require fewer restrings due to their durable construction.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Racket

When selecting a padel tennis racket there are a number of factors to consider, such as weight, balance point, grip size, head shape, string pattern and material. All these aspects can help you get the right racket for your game. Let’s look at each of these factors in turn.

Weight: Generally, lighter rackets are easier to swing and this increases your power, whereas heavier rackets allow for more control. The recommended weight for a padel tennis racket is from 350 to 370 grams.

Balance Point: The balance point of a padel tennis racket is the balance between the head and the handle. This determines the ‘feel’ or ‘playability’ of the racket. A head-light racket is easier to manoeuvre and can offer great spin potential, while a head-heavy racket gives more power and control.

Grip Size: The size of the grip is another important factor to consider. Too small a grip size can limit the racket’s ability to generate power, while a grip that is too big can make it difficult to handle the frame. A grip size of around 100mm-107mm is recommended, depending on the size of your hand.

Head Shape: The shape of the racket’s head also affects its performance. A round-headed racket can provide a larger sweet spot and a more forgiving feel, whereas an elliptical-headed racket can provide more power and spin.

String Pattern: The string pattern can affect the power, spin, and control you have with your shots. A higher tension string pattern will offer more control, whereas a lower tension string pattern can offer more power. The recommended string pattern for a padel tennis racket is 16×19.

Material: The material of a padel tennis racket contributes to its overall performance. Generally, a graphite frame offers more power and flex, while a titanium frame gives more control and stability. The grips are usually made of synthetic materials or leather, with some synthetic materials providing better grip and comfort.


Choosing the right padel tennis racket is important when playing the game, as it will affect the playability of the game. It is important to consider various factors such as the weight, balance and size when choosing a racket. To ensure you choose the right racket that is comfortable and suitable for your game, be sure to test different models to find the one that works best for you.

Some important considerations when choosing a padel tennis racket include the size and weight of the racket, the balance of the racket, and the type of material used to make the racket. Additionally, it is important to take into account your individual needs, such as your playing style, skill level, and personal preferences when selecting a racket.

Finally, there are several tips for choosing the right racket for your game. These include: testing different models, understanding your playing level and needs, ensuring the racket is the correct size, and considering the racket’s balance and weight. Additionally, remember to check the grip size, string tension, and materials used to create the racket.

By considering these important factors and tips, you can be sure that you have chosen the best padel tennis racket for your game and skill level.

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