Padel Tennis in Dubai: A Guide to Finding the Best Courts

Are you looking to take up a new sport while visiting Dubai? Padel Tennis is becoming increasingly popular in the city, and is definitely worth a try if you’re looking for a unique sporting experience. In this article, we will provide all the information you need to know about Padel Tennis in Dubai and point you in the right direction to finding the perfect court to play.

First of all, let’s start with the basics. What is Padel Tennis? It’s a mixture of tennis and squash, played with a smaller court and paddles instead of racquets. Players will hit the ball over the lower net, usually with quite a bit of spin.

Now, let’s turn our attention to the origins of Padel Tennis in Dubai. It is thought to have been introduced to the city in the late 1980s and has been gaining in popularity ever since. Over the last few decades, Padel Tennis has become a common sight in parks and sports centres, making it an easy and fun activity to get involved with.

Finding the Best Courts

When searching for the best padel tennis courts in Dubai, it is important to think about the pros and cons of each type of court, and of the different locations that you might consider. There is a big difference between outdoor and indoor courts, and each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Outdoor courts tend to be a great choice for players who are looking for a more open and relaxed atmosphere. Players can enjoy the sunshine and the fresh air of Dubai’s abundant parks and beaches. However, the downside to outdoor courts is that they can be easily affected by rain and the heat of the sun, which can make playing difficult when the temperature is too high.

Indoor courts are a great option for those who prefer a more controlled environment. They are air conditioned, which means that players don’t have to deal with the heat and humidity of Dubai’s hot summers. Furthermore, they tend to be very well-maintained, so you’re less likely to encounter any maintenance issues. On the downside, they tend to be a bit more expensive than outdoor courts.

The most popular courts in Dubai tend to be located near the city’s main shopping districts. This is because they offer the easiest access to public transportation, and the most variety of restaurants and shops. However, these courts tend to be quite crowded, so if you’re looking for a more secluded spot to practice your game, you may want to consider a quieter location away from the tourist crowd.

No matter what type of court you’re looking for, there is an option in Dubai. With careful consideration of the pros and cons of each court, as well as the various locations, you can find a spot that is perfect for your padel tennis needs.

Equipment Needed to Play Padel Tennis in Dubai

When it comes to playing Padel Tennis in Dubai you should ensure that you have all the necessary equipment for a fun and safe experience. There are several types of racquets, padel balls, and other essential accessories that you need to take into consideration when getting started.

The most common type of racquet for Padel tennis is the hollow aluminum-like racquet that weighs about 260 g. You also have the option of graphite racquets, which are lighter and offer extra power, as well as wooden racquets, which are more traditional but less preferred in the game. It is important that you choose the right racquet for your level of play, so you can get a grip of the game and enjoy it more.

Padel balls are made of a durable rubber material, and they are slightly bigger than regular tennis balls. They have a unique dimple pattern which results in a quicker, loud bounce when they are hit. Padel balls are widely available in Dubai and come in many colors.

Other essential accessories that every Padel Tennis enthusiast should have include court shoes, bags to carry all your gear, sweat bands for your wrists, and protective eyewear. You should also invest in a good cup of padel balls, as well as a replacement grip for your racquet if needed.

Although the cost of acquiring the necessary equipment for Padel Tennis may seem high at first, you should remember that it is essential for you to get a true, enjoyable tennis experience and much more. Therefore, investing in quality and comfortable equipment will be worth it.

Competition and Leagues

Padel Tennis is growing in popularity in the region and, as such, the number of competitive opportunities has increased in recent years. Whether you’re looking to compete in local tournaments, challenge yourself or prove your skills at the higher level, there are a number of national and regional championships that you can take part in.

Local tournaments are a great way to engage with players of varying skill levels and compete for titles or bragging rights. These types of competitions are usually organized by clubs or independent entities, with registration fees and prizes for each tournament.

If you’re after a bigger challenge, there are a variety of regional championships you can compete in. The biggest of these is the Emirates Padel Tennis Championship (EPTC) which hosts hundreds of teams of varying skill levels through its three-day event. If you’re looking to compete, the tournament is open to all players over the age of 17, but is likely to fill up quickly so make sure to register early.

No matter the level at which you choose to compete, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the regulations and rules of the game. Rules change from tournament to tournament and can impact how you play, so make sure to read up on the guidelines set out by the organization in charge of the competition.


Playing padel tennis in Dubai can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Not only is it an enjoyable form of exercise, but it is the perfect way to connect with local culture and make friends. As with any sport, it is important to stay safe and knowledgeable of the rules and regulations. In Dubai, there is no shortage of outdoor courts and experienced gamers, so it is easy to find good partners and learn the game. The benefits of playing padel tennis include improved physical and mental health, increased agility, better balance and coordination, and increased confidence.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, there are many ways to enjoy padel tennis safely and with respect for the local environment. Practices such as wearing the correct clothing, using the proper equipment, and using the facilities for their intended purpose will all help to ensure an enjoyable and safe padel experience.

Playing Padel Tennis in Dubai is an excellent way to stay fit, connect with local culture, and enjoy a low-impact sport that is fun for players of all ages and skill sets. With its multiple benefits and amazing courts, it’s no wonder that padel tennis is gaining in popularity in this amazing city.

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