Padel Montgomery Dubai: A Unique Sports Experience

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Dubai is renowned for its exciting sports offering, and this particular activity stands out from the crowd. Padel Montgomery Dubai offers a new way of playing the sport with its two-court structure and creative take on game rules making for a unique experience for both experienced and recreational players.

Read our blog to discover more about Padel Montgomery Dubai, the only place you can find a truly unique sports experience in Dubai.

Location & Convenience

Padel Montgomery Dubai is conveniently located at Jumeirah Beach Road, enjoyed by beach goers, residents and restaurant enthusiasts alike. When staying in Dubai and looking for a complete and unique sports experience, Padel Montgomery offers an easy to access recreational facility.

As a beach property and outdoor facility, Padel Montgomery Dubai provides an open-air environment for players wishing to take part in a physical and mental challenge. All players of skill levels can take part and enjoy the variety of services and outdoor activities. With a selection of refreshments offered in the main dining hall, even when you don’t want to play you can come out and watch a game or sit and enjoy a refreshing drink.

The convenient location at Jumeirah Beach Road is also the perfect starting point to explore the rest of the city. With a number of attractions only a short journey away, you could end your day of competitive play with a fun evening out in some of the prestigious areas of Dubai. Whether you’re looking for a local park for family-friendly fun or an exclusive nightclub for a more adult experience, all can be found a short distance from Padel Montgomery.

Gameplay at Padel Montgomery Dubai

Padel Montgomery Dubai is home to some of the most exciting and fast-paced gameplay in the region. With just two teams and a round-net in the middle, the game offers an easy set-up and a great way to have a fun time. Here are some of the rules and equipment you’ll need to know to make the most of your experience.

One of the main rules of the game is that the ball must always be hit with an open racquet. While only the front players are allowed to volley over the net, the back players are expected to be pushed up whenever the ball is hit so that the round-net can be passed with accuracy. The game also consists of a set of tie-breaks 7-point runs that take place when the score is 11-11.

The basic equipment necessary to play Padel is two paddles and one ball. The paddles can be bought from the Padel Montgomery Dubai shop and the ball can be rented from the same store. The court layout is the same as a tennis court and the net stands 1.20 m above the ground. For the two teams playing each other, players must stand 7 meters apart on either side of the net.

So if you’re looking for a way to get active while also having loads of fun, Padel Montgomery Dubai is the place for you. With easy-to-follow rules and an exciting atmosphere, your experience at Padel Montgomery Dubai will be one you won’t soon forget!


Padel Montgomery Dubai offers a variety of great events for padel players of all ages and abilities. From single tournaments for adults and children, to competitive leagues and exciting team competitions, there is something for everyone.

Tournaments are offered for individual players, with prizes for the winners and recognition for the runners-up. With different leagues available, teams compete with other teams from different countries within their division, as well as enjoying a friendly atmosphere while they compete.

Team competitions are an exciting way to enjoy a competitive game of padel. Teams of four battle it out against each other to be the eventual winner in a fun and feisty environment. Rewards and prizes are offered to the winning teams, with points given for each match, which can contribute towards a higher ranking.

Padel Montgomery Dubai also offers recreational and skills events for players of all ages and abilities. These are great ways of making new friends and improving your padel game.


Padel Montgomery Dubai offers a unique sports experience with its state of the art sports facility. In addition to the six east-west Padel courts, the facility offers clean and spacious changing rooms, professional coach reservation system and a convenient cafe.

The changing rooms are well equipped with automated lockers and showers, providing the ultimate in comfort for sports players. As for the cafe, you can enjoy a quick energy boosting snack and drink before or after a competitive Padel match. Professional coaching is also available, helping to improve your skills and get to the top of your game.

It’s no surprise then, that Padel Montgomery Dubai has become a mecca for Padel lovers, offering a one of a kind experience for both beginners and expert players alike.

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