Padel League Dubai: An Exciting New Sport Combining Tennis and Squash

Welcome to MitGlobal Dubai Sport’s blog, where we explore the most popular and trending sports from around the world. Today, we are going to look at a relatively new and exciting sport – Padel.

Padel is a combination of tennis and squash, created in the late 1960s in Mexico City. It is now one of the fastest growing sports on the planet, and its popularity is spreading rapidly. Padel has evolved into a widely played leisure and competitive sport in countries around the world, including Spain, Portugal and Brazil.

Over the past few years, Padel has become increasingly popular in the United Arab Emirates as well. Especially in Dubai, the ancient sport has become a fan favorite and it’s now one of the most popular activities in the city. Dubai has now launched the Padel League Dubai, an exciting tournament which aims to promote the sport of Padel in the city.

Game Rules and Regulations

Padel League Dubai follows all the international rules and regulations of the sport issued by the International Padel Federation. Every game is played by two teams of two players, doubles, with each team occupying opposing side of the court. In a professional match the game is divided into two sets of six games, the first team to reach four games wins the set, unless the difference between the two teams is two games, in which case no advantage or two set advantage is issued. The team that reaches two sets, wins the match. Points are scored during the game only when the servers team wins the point, and each point adds one to the team’s score.

Padel League Dubai recommends that any courts used for the sport should be legalised according to the International Padel Federation standards, providing players with a generous 19 x 10 m court. This eliminates any inconsistencies while playing and allows players to enjoy a fair and game environment.

In some occasions, it is recommendable to use a referee between the teams and the net, the umpire should be the ultimate deciding power regarding any legal disagreements between the two teams in the court.

The Padel League Dubai

Padel League Dubai is an exciting new sport organized by Dubai Sports Council, in cooperation with UAE Padel Federation, that is combining elements of tennis and squash to create a team-based tournament.

As the organising body, Dubai Sports Council has developed the rules and regulations for the tournament, and divided teams into 16 groups in the first phase. Teams are then grouped into areas, of which the top four from each will compete against eachother in the next stage until a winner is determined.

The tournament structure is divided into three phases, with eight teams in the semi-finals and four in the final. After the first phase in which teams are grouped into areas, each participant will travel to the designated city to compete in the semi-finals, after which two teams will be chosen to compete in the grand finals. This tournament structure creates an exciting competition and gives a great opportunity to the teams to grow together in the sport.

The Dubai Padel League is unique in that it offers an incentive structure to reward players for their success in the tournament. As part of the incentive program, top players will be rewarded with cash prizes and special markers, such as caps, trophies or other memorabilia.

The Padel League Dubai offers an exciting opportunity to experience a sport that combines the energy and competition of tennis and the tactical finesse of squash. With the competition structure and incentive program, the Padel League Dubai offers an irresistible opportunity for players of all levels to join in on this thrilling tournament.

Reasons to Play Padel

Padel is quickly becoming the most popular sport in Europe and the Middle East. This thrilling game from Spain is a great way to get active and have fun in a group setting. The combination of Tennis and Squash makes it popular with players of all ages, genders and skill levels, providing an accessible and rewarding game. Read on to find out why Padel could be right for you; explore the health benefits, the social aspect and the competitive edge of the game.

The health benefits of playing Padel are well-known. This is an incredibly active sport that gets the heart rate up and is an excellent way to work out. Regular Padel players can expect to improve their cardiovascular fitness, agility and strength. Playing an hour of Padel is the equivalent of jogging for over 45 minutes, making it an efficient and effective form of exercise. It is also a low-impact sport, meaning that it is gentle on the joints and tendons, so players can get back into the game quickly after injury.

The social aspect of Padel is another major draw. This game can be enjoyed in teams of two, meaning it is the ideal sport to play with friends or family. It is both competitive and co-operative; the team aspect allows players to enhance their strategies and strategies of their partner. There is nothing more rewarding than winning a match with a good friend – it is an unbeatable adrenaline rush! Even more, Padel has a great community atmosphere. Padel clubs are very supportive and friendly, creating a welcoming environment for everyone.

Competition is also at the heart of Padel, and it’s a sport where players can really refine and hone their skills. This is a great game for competitive players looking to enhance their performance. The inclusion of power shots such as smashes as well as the ability to defend with volleys make Padel a unique sport. Players have to think quickly and use their skills to stay ahead of the game.

These are just a few of the reasons why Padel is the perfect sport for anyone looking to get active, have fun and challenge themselves. Give it a try today!


The popularity of Padel League Dubai has grown quickly since its formation in 2015 and is now one of the leading sports in the region. In the past few years, more clubs have been formed and the number of players taking part in the highly competitive tournaments has been increasing significantly. Padel League Dubai has enabled more people to become involved in the sport and has raised awareness of the importance of proper physical training and playing techniques. The team-based and individual formats of the competition are popular among both members and spectators alike and makes for an exciting game with a unique skill set.

Padel League Dubai has become the premier destination for Padel players from all around the world, and the opportunities for those seeking to play at an advanced level have increased significantly. This includes professional teams competing in the league, online competitions, and various amateur tournaments. The sport boasts many benefits such as strength and aerobic training, muscular strengthening, and a higher chance of winning. Additionally, the sport also brings players together and creates a fun and friendly environment, where all participants can be part of a greater community. For those looking to stay active, taking part in Padel League Dubai is an excellent way of doing so.

In conclusion, Padel League Dubai is a great way to get involved in an exciting new sport and to stay active. In the past few years, Padel has grown in popularity at a rapid rate, with more clubs and players taking part in the highly competitive tournaments. The game has many benefits such as improved strength and aerobic training, muscular strengthening, and a higher chance of winning. Additionally, the sport is social, encouraging players to come together in a team-based and individual format, making it highly enjoyable for everyone involved. With its popularity growing each year, there are many opportunities for Padel players of all levels to experience the thrill and excitement of the game.

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