The Nike Reax Run 9: A Revolutionary Running Shoe

Since 1972, Nike has been revolutionizing the sports industry and influencing the lives of many athletes all over the world. The Nike Reax Run 9 is a perfect example of Nike’s commitment to providing athletes with the best running shoe available on the market.

The Nike Reax Run 9 is a great choice for anyone who is looking to make a statement both on and off the track. It features an upper constructed with breathable mesh and Flywire technology to provide lightweight support and comfort. In addition, it sports an innovative React foam midsole that is designed to cushion the foot and cushion impact.

The Nike Reax Run 9 offers a variety of benefits to runners, such as increased cushioning for joint protection, reduced risk of injury and improved performance. The shoe also provides a secure grip due to its deep flex grooves that allow for adaptive motion from heel strike to toe off. Plus, its rubber outsole provides maximum traction for all running surfaces.

Here at MitGlobal Dubai Sports, we are proud to provide the revolutionary Nike Reax Run 9, so you can hit the track in style. Check out our latest selection and feel the confidence that the Reax Run 9 can provide.


The design of the Nike Reax Run 9 is truly revolutionary. The upper portion of the shoe is made from a lightweight synthetic mesh material that allows for greater breathability and comfort. The midsole consists of an injected Phylon foam cushion and flex groove technology to promote natural movement. The outer sole is made of a durable rubber that provides plenty of grip for different running surfaces.

Aside from its materials, the Reax Run 9 features sophisticated design details. It is made with no-sew overlays that provide extra durability, while remaining light. The midsole contains a circular pivot point at the forefoot and heel to facilitate smooth movement. The lateral stability and arch support provided by the shoe make it an ideal choice for runners. Lastly, the laces are made of a special material that reduces chances of wear and tear.


The Nike Reax Run 9 is designed to provide the best performance for running. Its breathability is one of the best available, ensuring its users stay dry and comfortable during sports activities. This shoe is built with a combination of lightweight mesh and synthetic upper for a cooling effect in the summer heat. The internal lacing system also provides added foot stability, perfect for an intense outdoor running session.

In addition, this shoe features expertly designed cushioning. The full-length EVA midsole offers superior cushioning and support that ensures each step is comfortable and well-supported. A heel clip further stabilizes the user’s feet throughout the stride and quickens foot turnover. With its combination of balanced cushioning and great breathability, the Nike Reax Run 9 is ideal for any kind of running experience.

For extra stability, this shoe is designed with durable rubber sole with flex grooves to enable smooth transitions throughout the running stride. It also has a foam insole that provides added arch support. It’s these features that make the Nike Reax Run 9 an extremely comfortable and supportive shoe for those who are looking for a serious running shoe.

Introducing The Nike Reax Run 9 Technology

The Nike Reax Run 9 is loaded with revolutionary new footwear technologies built over a decade of research and development. At the center of the design is Nike’s groundbreaking Flywire Technology, combined with Cushlon Foam and the Dynamic Fit System.

The Flywire Technology, designed for lightweight strength, creates a firm but flexible frame for the Nike Reax Run 9, allowing the foot to move with natural reflexes. With adaptive webbing, Flywire locks in the foot’s arch and heel, providing a secure fit. On top of the Flywire structure is Cushion Foam, a soft but responsive material, which provides excellent cushioning and shock absorption.

The Dynamic Fit System, meanwhile, works to ensure a snug and comfortable fit. Dual-density foam wraps the foot, providing extra cushioning, while Nike’s low-friction rubber and Waffle pattern create a secure grip. All of this makes sure your feet are held firmly in place without restricting your natural running motion.

The Nike Reax Run 9 absorbs body heat and sweat, allowing moisture to escape and keeping the foot cool. Its lightweight design ensures your feet will feel light and responsive, allowing you to keep running with ease. Finally, the Reax 9 also comes with a breathable upper to improve ventilation.


El Nike Reax Run 9 es una innovadora zapatilla de correr que destaca por sus beneficios únicos. Combina una innovadora construcción de malla de acero de alta densidad con una base de espuma que ofrece un amortiguamiento ligero y una amortiguación duradera. Las almohadillas en el talón y los paneles laterales ofrecen estabilidad para un control mejorado.

El soporte de arco plantar 3D, junto con la suela de longitud completa, proporciona mejor soporte y amortiguación para los pies después de largas carreras. La entresuela modular construida con espuma ligera ofrece una sensación de suavidad y rapidez con cada paso.

Además, la tecnología de fricción avanzada de la zapatilla asegura una mejor tracción y equilibrio sin comprometer la comodidad. La Nike Reax Run 9 se ofrece en una variedad de colores inspirados en el camino con estilo moderno. La zapatilla cumple con los estándares de calidad exigidos por los atletas de alta resistencia. Por lo tanto, recomendamos zapatillas Nike Reax Run 9 para los corredores profesionales que desean experimentar una carrera cómoda y competitiva.

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