Exploring the Beautiful Beaches of Dubai

Welcome to MitGlobal Dubai Sports blog, where we’ll explore some of the most beautiful beaches in Dubai. This article will provide you with all the necessary information so you can make the most out of your beach trip. From the quality of the sand, to the weather and various activities you can do, we’ll make sure you get the full Dubai beach experience.

Let’s start by talking about the beaches in Dubai. There are many sandy beaches along the coastline, each with its own unique characteristics. Dubai has something for everyone, from those looking for tranquil spots for relaxing, to beaches with fascinating activities for those always on the go. Plus, depending on which area you choose, you may be able to have a peek into the Emirati culture from traditional fishing techniques used by local people to the traditional construction houseboats.

In addition to great beaches, Dubai also enjoys pleasant weather all year round, with sun throughout most of the year. This means that you can choose the perfect time to go to the beach depending on your preferences. For those seeking a pleasant beach holiday during the summer hot months, some of the more popular beaches may be crowded. But for those who prefer a more tranquil atmosphere, there are also secluded beaches that are great for relaxing in the sun.

Apart from the swimming and relaxing part, the beaches at Dubai offer many exciting activities. Kite surfing, windsurfing, parasailing, swimming with dolphins and snorkeling with diverse sea life, are only a few of the activities that you can enjoy. Moreover, many of the beach parks have playgrounds for kids, cafés for variety of snacks and drinks, and a wide range of shops selling anything from souvenirs to cool beach ware.

Recommended Beaches

Dubai offers a wide range of beaches with different aesthetics, attractions, and activities that make each beach unique. Here is a list of some of the most recommended beaches in Dubai.

JBR Beach – located in Jumeirah Beach Residence, JBR Beach offers a more lively atmosphere and plenty of activities, making it a great option for families and friends. Here, visitors can rent umbrellas and sunbeds, take a relaxing stroll on the walkway, or immerse themselves in the vibrant beach atmosphere.

Kite Beach – a perfect destination for all kinds of water sports enthusiasts, Kite Beach showcases breath-taking views of tall skyscrapers and is the perfect spot for a beach day. Visitors can enjoy activities such as kitesurfing, stand-up paddle boarding, and other beach sports along with the palm-fringed beach area.

Jumeirah Beach– widely known as one of the world’s most beautiful beaches, Jumeirah Beach boasts crystal clear turquoise waters and white sandy beaches, making it the ideal spot for a day at the beach. Lined with a collection of unique shops and restaurants, the beach is often filled with locals and tourists alike.

Beach Activities

Dubai’s beautiful beaches provide ample opportunity to enjoy some physical activities, from swimming in clear blue waters to participating in thrilling watersport activities. Popular pastimes activities on the beach include swimming, snorkeling, surfing, windsurfing and scuba diving.

Swimming is a great way to enjoy the warm waters of Dubai, and the beaches are well maintained, perfect for a refreshing and relaxing dip in the ocean. There a number of lifeguards on duty at most of the beaches to help ensure that swimmers maintain safety at all times.

For more experienced swimmers, watersports offer a challenge. Surfing is particularly popular with tourists and locals alike, and the mild swell and warm water temperatures make it a great experience. Windsurfing is also popular, requiring the strength and skill needed to manoeuvre the board with the force of the wind.

Scuba diving is a great way to explore the underneath of the seas of Dubai, swimming along with the vibrant fish reefs. Floating with the dolphins and exploring the vibrant marine life are just a few of the amazing experiences available during a scuba diving adventure.

Beachfront Restaurants and Bars

From beach cafés and beach bars to various seafood restaurants, you will find a wide variety of amazing eating spots in Dubai’s beachfront. Although prices may not necessarily be cheap, the quality of food, drinks and services are top class. What’s more, these places offer amazing views of the Arabian Gulf, with an opportunity to soak up the sun in the day, and take in some breath-taking panoramic views of the city at night.

Arazzi is one of the biggest beachfront restaurants and bars in Dubai. It offers delectable Italian cuisine and an extensive drinks menu. It has an expansive terrace for you to dine al fresco with your toes in the sand and an amazing view. Other beachfront eateries include Drift Beach Dubai, a beach club/restaurant which serves international cuisine as well as local favourites. You will also find a range of other restaurants and bars serving up seafood, salads and Turkish cuisine.

If you’re looking for a more laid-back experience, the beach cafés provide a great alternative. Café Bateel offers a wide selection of salads, light bites and a delicious buffet every Saturday. You could also visit the trendy Q43, where they serve dishes such as steak tartar, octopus salad, house-special curries and an array of desserts. Many beachfront restaurants also have shisha lounges or terraces, where you can relax and enjoy traditional Arabian Smoking Culture.

Have you ever dreamed of exploring the exotic beaches of Dubai? Well, now is your chance to make it happen! Uncover the hidden gems of the Middle East and walk along the beautiful shoreline of the Arabian Gulf. You will be amazed by the stunning sunsets and crystal-clear waters! Click here to learn more about the amazing experience awaiting you in Dubai.

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