Now Showing in Dubai: A Look at the Latest Movies

Welcome to the MitGlobal Dubai Sports blog, where we bring you the latest movie news from Dubai. In this article, we’ll be providing you with an in-depth look at the new movies currently showing in the capital city. We’ll be taking you through a detailed explanation of the newest releases, so you don’t miss a thing when it comes to the latest movie news from Dubai.

We’ll be answering all of your questions, such as what movies are showing in Dubai? What is the latest movie news in Dubai? And much more. So stick with us as we take you through all of the latest features releases, exclusive screenings and more.

Genre Selection

When it comes to selecting a movie to watch at the cinema in Dubai, there is a huge variety of genres to pick from. Whether you’re in the mood for an action-packed blockbuster, a hilarious romantic comedy, an edge-of-your-seat thriller, a horror movie to test your nerves, a family-friendly movie or anything in-between, there is no shortage of options.

Action movies are a hugely popular genre in Dubai, featuring plenty of explosions, stunt sequences and high-intensity plotlines. Whether you love Marvel or DC heroes, or want to see what Tom Cruise is getting up to next, there’s always bound to be an action movie for you to enjoy.

Romantic comedies are also always a hit. These movies explore the funny side of relationships, often with a dash of language to add to the humour. Titles like Crazy Rich Asians, The Big Sick and When Harry Met Sally provide a good mix of laughs and romance.

Thrillers bring the tension up with more intense plots, usually where a character must overcome the odds to save the day. Edge-of-your-seat suspense is what it’s all about! Popular thriller titles to check out include Escape Room, A Quiet Place and Sicario.

Horror movies provide plenty of heart-stopping scare moments and are perfect for lovers of the truly terrifying in cinema. Recent releases such as Annabelle Comes Home and July’s Ghostland have managed to bring some of the most iconic horror characters to the screen in completely new contexts.

Family movies are always a great way to get younger kids interested in cinema too. Pixar releases such as the Toy Story franchise, The Incredibles and Finding Dory are all good choices, as is the live-action format of films like Mrs Doubtfire and Matilda, which feature hilarious performances from a variety of stars.

Finally, for fans of a different kind of cinematic experience, don’t forget to check out documentary films for a truly unique look at a particular topic or set of stories. Recent releases such as RBG and Free Solo are perfect for getting an in-depth look at a variety of topics.

Ticket Prices

Ticket prices in the UAE are generally quite reasonable, with a variety of discounted and promotional offers available to help make the already low prices even lower. For example, Emirates often runs promotions that offer up to 50% off tickets to the newest releases in multiplexes across the UAE.

AtVOX Cinemas, there are several different levels of tickets available, with Silver, Gold, and Platinum experiences. Silver tickets are the cheapest, and include access to a regular seat in the theater, while Gold and Platinum tickets include access to extra benefits such as a reserved seat with extra legroom, complimentary snacks and drinks, and a priority queuing system.

Cinestar Cinemas also offers a wide selection of ticket types, from basic tickets for regular auditoriums to Gold and VIP tickets which include access to comfortable seating, luxury food services, and exclusive screenings.

For those looking to save money while still enjoying the latest movies, a number of smaller theaters offer discounts and promotional offers on tickets. Novo Cinemas, VOX Cinemas, and Reel Cinemas all offer these deals, so be sure to keep an eye out for any special deals or promotional offers.

Movie Theaters in Dubai

In Dubai, there is no shortage of movie theaters for you to catch the newest films. The city is full of great cinemas, each offering its own unique ambiance and experience. The most popular movie theaters are VOX Cinemas, Reel Cinemas, and Roxy Cinemas.

VOX Cinemas is Dubai’s largest movie theatre, with over 30 locations throughout the city. It has a luxurious decor, comfy seating, and an extensive food menu. Along with the latest blockbusters, VOX Cinemas also features IMAX, 4DX and other immersive entertainment.

Reel Cinemas is located at the Dubai Mall and boasts premium Dolby Atmos sound, luxurious purple recliners, and a grand lobby full of gourmet restaurants and cafes. Reel Cinemas has both a Platinum Movie Suites and a Bubble Room for guests looking for a truly special night out.

Roxy Cinemas is one of the most popular movie theaters in Dubai. It features a contemporary, urban design and offers a variety of amenities such as in-seat dining and private spaces for VIP screenings. Roxy also has its own cinemas within the Mall of the Emirates, offering an even more luxurious experience.

Other popular movie theaters in Dubai include Novo Cinemas and Cinemacity. Both theaters offer an extensive list of amenities, ranging from reclining luxury recliner seating and extensive food menus, to luxurious VIP and private family screening areas.

No matter what your preference is, you’ll be able to find the perfect movie theater experience in Dubai. With a wide range of amenities and options, you’ll be able to enjoy a night out at the movies that caters to your needs.

Movie Ratings in the UAE

When it comes to deciding what movie to watch, local movie ratings can give you a good insight into the content and age appropriateness of a film. In the United Arab Emirates, the National Media Council is responsible for rating standard for all types of media, including movies. Films are rated as G (General Audiences), PG/PG13 (Parental Guidance Restriction), 15 (explicit content, no one below 15 allowed), 18 (no one below 18 allowed), and Adult (only available in specialized stores or theaters).

In the UAE, age restrictions are adhered to strongly, so make sure to check with your local theater or department store before trying to purchase a ticket or rent a DVD from the Adult section. Furthermore, parents usually have the final say on what movies their children can watch. With such a wide selection of movies currently available in Dubai, movie ratings are a helpful tool for all movie goers.

Additionally, it is important to note that some countries have much stricter movie and media ratings than the UAE does. If you’re considering purchasing a movie from outside the country, check to see if it meets the National Media Council standards first – otherwise you may find yourself with an unwatchable DVD.

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