Poland vs. UAE Beach Football Match on Polsat Sport

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The match will be taking place between Poland and the United Arab Emirates on Saturday, July 4th at the Polsat Sport Stadium in Gdańsk, Poland.

Beach Football is the latest and greatest way to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Poland and the United Arab Emirates in a fun, fast-paced, exciting game.

Both teams have had impressive performances in the past and this match is sure to be full of energy and intense competition.

So keep reading for all the details about Poland vs UAE Beach Football Match on Polsat Sport.


The long-awaited Polsat Sport ‘Poland vs UAE Beach Football Match’ will be a battle between the best beach football teams from both countries, the Polish and the UAE national teams. On the Polish side, we will have players such as Mariusz, Paweł and Grzegorz among others, while the UAE team will be represented by team members such as Ali and Akbar. The teams are prepared and ready to compete, under the leadership of two talented coaches. On the Polish side, it will be Michał, a veteran coach known for teaching his players the value of teamwork, tactical nous and playing for the team. On the UAE side, we will have Bachir, an experienced coach who places an emphasis on skill possession and putting technique.

This match against the two talented teams promises to deliver not just a great spectacle of beach football, but also a memorable moment for everyone involved. It’s the chance for both teams to prove who reigns supreme in beach football, and in particular this match provides an opportunity for the Polish national team to make history.

Game Stats

The game between Poland and United Arab Emirates in the beach football match that aired on Polsat Sport was highly competitive and featured a variety of stats. The final score for the game was 3-2 for Poland, and there were many contributing factors to the outcome. There were a total of 4 penalties: 2 for Poland and 2 for UAE. The fouls for the game were 7 for Poland and 5 for UAE. The shots on goal for Poland were 9, while UAE was able to get 12 shots on target.

In addition, the possession time for Poland was 48% of the game while UAE had 52%. The passing numbers were high, with Poland making 246 passes while UAE had 265 passes. The accuracy of the passes was also impressive, with 87% of Poland’s passes being successful and 85% of UAE’s passes connecting. Poland had a slightly better tackling success rate with 65%, while UAE had 59%.

Overall, it was an exciting match to watch, and the stats show that both teams were evenly matched. The final score only separated them by a single goal, and Poland was able to take advantage of a few of their key opportunities.

Broadcast of Poland vs. UAE Beach Football Match on Polsat Sport

The exciting matchup between Poland and UAE on Polsat Sport is quickly approaching, and viewers will not want to miss this incredibly rare and high stakes match. Those with a television will have the opportunity to watch the broadcast of the game through Polsat Sport, one of the most popular and influential European TV networks.

For those who are unable to access the television broadcast of the game, viewing options are still available. Online streaming platforms, such as YouTube and Twitch, will provide live and on-demand access of the match. Additionally, some radio broadcasts such as those on RadioFocus and RadioPolskastacja are providing live commentary of the match.

For those who don’t have either access to the television broadcast or to these platforms, local sports bars and pubs may be offering a live viewing of the match. It would be wise to contact these establishments beforehand to ensure that the match is being shown.

No matter where one is located, the Poland vs. UAE match on Polsat Sport will be available in one form or another. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and make certain to tune in to the broadcast to get the full experience.

Final Thoughts on Poland vs UAE Beach Football Match on Polsat Sport

The Poland vs UAE beach football match on Polsat Sport was a thrilling match that had everyone talking. Both teams demonstrated quality play, yet Polsat Sport’s cameras were able to capture the emotions of the players and the crowd perfectly. This match had a huge impact on future games, with fans of both sides now looking forward to meeting again on the beach football field.

The match showed everyone who was watching that beach football can be an exciting and engaging sport, with flexible tactics and unpredictable outcomes. It also demonstrated the high level of skill and strength required to compete at this level, as both teams rose to the challenge to create a world-class match.

The success of this match may also have a profound impact on future beach football games. Polsat Sport will undoubtedly look to take advantage of the excitement of this match and broadcast similar events in the future. With the enthusiasm of the fans who attended, this may become one of the most popular beach football games – potentially becoming an annual event.

As for the future, only time will tell what will happen in the upcoming games. While we can make predictions about who will win and how the match will be played out, only when the match is actually played will we know for sure. Either way, this epic match between Poland and the UAE will most certainly have an impact on beach football and all future games to come.

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