Volleyball Knee Pads: A Guide to Choosing the Right Protection for Your Game

Volleyball is one of the most popular sports around the world, offering a great way to stay in shape and have fun with friends. No matter what level you’re playing at, it’s important to have the right protection, especially when it comes to knee pads. Here at MitGlobal Dubai Sports, we are going to provide you with an essential guide to choosing the right knee pads for your needs. We will cover everything from how to pick the best ones to what features to look out for. So, if you want to stay safe and get the most out of your game, read on for more!

Types of Pads

Volleyball knee pads come in different varieties and its important to choose the type of pad that best meets an individual’s needs. Below we’ll discuss some of the different types of pads that are available.

Compression pads provide a tight fit without restricting movement. They are usually lightweight, making them comfortable and allowing players to stay agile on the court. They are also easily washable and can fit inside most shoes.

Slip-in pads simply slide onto the player’s knee and sit beneath the kneecap. This makes them easy to apply before or during a game. Slip-in pads come in varying shapes and sizes and are available in both padded and un-padded versions.

Slip-on pads are similar to slip-in pads in the way they slide onto the player’s knee. However, they are typically more lightweight and provide more coverage around the leg. They also come in many different designs that can add style to the player’s game.

Wrap-around pads are designed to wrap around the entire leg for comprehensive protection. They are usually more supportive than other types of pads and help to reduce the risk of knee injuries. They are typically more expensive, but provide more protection for athletes who need it most.

Choose the Right Material for Maximum Protection

Volleyball knee pads should be made from materials that protect from injury, not cause discomfort or irritation. Generally, neoprene knee pads are the ideal choice for volleyball players due to its ability to absorb any shock when playing. Neoprene is comfortable, breathable and also resistant to abrasion. Cotton knee pads are also a great option since they’re very lightweight and breathable, however they may not provide the same protection as neoprene.

Nylon knee pads are a more affordable option than neoprene, but they don’t provide as much protection or padding. If you’re looking for the maximum protection and padding, you should look for knee pads made from synthetic materials. Synthetic materials allow the knee pads to be lightweight while still providing maximum protection.

Another important factor to consider when choosing volleyball knee pads is the fabric. Generally, the most comfortable knee pads are made from a combination of cotton and spandex because of their breathability, flexibility, and comfort. Knee pads made from other fabrics, such as polyester or polyurethane, may not be as comfortable, so be sure to try them on before buying them.

Price Point

Pads for volleyball vary in price, from affordable entry-level models to top-of-the-line elite models. Knowing what you need and understanding that different models offer different levels of protection and comfort for different budgets can help in choosing the right pads for you.

Pads for Beginners: Entry-level pads are designed for those new to volleyball or users on a limited budget. These pads often have an adjustable strap system to ensure a secure fit and quality foam padding to provide the necessary protection and comfort.

Mid-range Pads: Mid-range pads are designed for those seeking additional features such as a reinforced knee pad, additional foam padding, and thicker material to increase durability. These pads often come in a variety of colors and styles, making them a great choice for those seeking additional protection and style.

Premium Pads: For serious volleyball players seeking the ultimate in protection and comfort, premium pads are the way to go. These pads often feature an ergonomic design, reinforced knee protection, and breathable materials to keep users cool and comfortable during intense gameplay.


Taking care of your volleyball knee pads properly will ensure they last many games and protect your knees from serious injury. Cleaning and storing the pads is an essential part of ensuring proper use.

Cleaning your knee pads is essential for maintaining a hygienic, safe environment. After every use, it is important to give your pads a good wash with a mild soap and water. You’ll want to rinse them thoroughly and make sure all the soap is completely removed. Once they are fully dry, you can store them in a dry and clean place.

When your pads start to show signs of wear and tear, it is time to exchange them. Thick and durable pads should be able to last you several games, where as thin pads need to be exchanged much more often. You’ll want to check your pads after each use to look for holes, loose stitching, and any other indications of wear and tear. When you find these signs, it is important to replace the pads, as these may cause irritation and even cause further harm if not taken care of.

To maximize the life of your pads, it is important to store them properly. This means keeping them in a dry and cool place, away from direct sunlight. Additionally, if you have multiple pairs of knee pads, make sure you store them separately to protect their shape and structure.


A good pair of volleyball knee pads can make a big difference in your game. They provide cushioning and protection from serious impacts, offering peace of mind and enabling you to focus on the game. When choosing a pair, consider your level of protection, comfort, and budget. Make sure the knee pads are the correct size for you and that they can be tied securely around your leg for a snug fit.

Your choice of volleyball knee pads should also depend on the type of floor surface you’re playing on. Hardwood floors require much more padding than a padded surface like synthetic grass. Ultimately, the most important factor when selecting a pair of pads is that they provide the comfort and protection you need to have an enjoyable and successful game.

If your volleyball career is important to you, then you need to take the necessary steps to protect your body from the impact of the game. Knee pads are an essential component of any volleyball player’s protective equipment. Get the best advice and tips on how to choose the right knee pads for your game with our guide to Volleyball Knee Pads. Click here to read more!

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