Malayalam Movies Showing in Dubai

Welcome to MitGlobal Dubai Sports blog. If you are a fan of Malayalam Cinema and have been wanting to know what is showing in Dubai Cinema Scene, then you are in luck. In this article, we will take a look at the best Malayalam movies showing in this great city. We will provide you with all the information you need to know about these movies and the best ways to find them.

The Cinema Scene in Dubai is second to none when it comes to the latest movies. There are a lot of cinemas in the city that show blockbuster Hollywood and Bollywood films. However, there is a wide selection of Malayalam movies too. The Malayalam Cinema Scene has some of the biggest stars from this industry and many people flock to the movie theatres to watch their favourite films.

We will assist you to know what Malayalam Movies are currently showing in Dubai and provide you with the necessary details. So keep reading as we give you a comprehensive overview of the Malayalam Cinema in Dubai.


The majority of movie theaters in Dubai show Malayalam movies on a regular basis. If you’re looking to enjoy the latest Malayalam releases, or if you’d like to discover the movies that have achieved cult status, then you’re in luck. You can find the showtimes for Malayalam movies in Dubai in different places.

If you’re looking for the latest showtimes and movie listings, then visiting the websites of popular movie theaters, such as VOX Cinemas, Reel Cinemas, and Novo Cinemas is your best bet. These websites usually feature the latest information regarding current movie selections and popular showtimes in each theater.

You can also keep up with the movie showtimes in Dubai on the popular social media websites and their associated movie theater accounts. For example, VOX Cinemas and Reel Cinemas have their official social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram, where they regularly post the current showtimes and movie offerings. Alternatively, you can visit some of the most popular Malayalam movie fan websites, such as Kerala Box Office, which provide users with the latest information about showtimes.

Lastly, if you have a particular movie in mind that you’d like to see, then you can check out the showtimes listings for that movie on sites like IMDb or the website of your local theater. This way, you can plan your visit and make sure that the movie you want to watch is playing ahead of time.

Ticket Prices

Movie tickets for Malayalam screenings in Dubai can range from AED 18 – AED 150 depending on the show, venue and type of seat, making them quite affordable for citizens and tourists alike. Some venues, like Vox Cinemas in The Beach Mall and Novo in Dubai Mall, offer 3D screenings with higher ticket prices, making it more of an experience.

Ticket types can range from standard, to VIP, to special screenings. Standard tickets come with comfortable seating, while VIP tickets provide additional perks such as dedicated seating and complimentary snacks. Special screenings come with discounted ticket prices and special activities.

Discounts and Deals can help moviegoers save a bit of money when attending screenings. Movie theater chains such as Novo Cinemas, Reel Cinemas, and VOX Cinemas frequently have 2-for-1 or exclusive discounts for members. It is also possible to find discounts for purchasing orders of tickets for upcoming screenings.

Movie Theatre Venues in Dubai

Movie theaters in Dubai offer some of the best experiences for watching Malayalam films for those residing in the city. The theaters showcase not just newest and popular Malayalam films but some of the classic films as well. There are a number of cinema halls located in different locations within Dubai, including those in malls and other commercial locations.

The movie theaters provide excellent facilities to make sure your cinematic experience is comfortable, including comfortable seating, audio-visual systems and screen qualities. In most theaters, snacks and beverages are also served so you can truly relax and enjoy your movie.

The state of the art cinemas also provide online ticketing services so you can book your tickets ahead of time and get to the theater on time. With the help of these services, there’s no need to wait in the long lines at the movie theater’s ticket counter.

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