Indoor Tennis Courts in Dubai: An Overview

Dubai offers a large variety of opportunities and avenues for leisure activities, ranging from its iconic beaches, luxurious hotels and golf courses, to its sporting arenas, arenas, and parks; making it a popular destination for sport enthusiasts from across the globe. One sport activity that stands out in Dubai is Tennis, and today we are going to look into what is available for those looking to play indoors in Dubai.

This article breaks down an overview of tennis courts available in Dubai, both indoor and outdoor. We will explore the advantages of playing tennis indoors and look at some of the venues that offer indoor tennis. With this article, we aim to be your source of information and help point you in the right direction if you’re looking to engage in the sport while in Dubai.

Location of Indoor Courts

When it comes to indoor tennis courts in Dubai, it’s important to note the abundance of locations they can be found in. From popular tennis academies, to outdoor courts with indoor options, you can find tennis courts nearly anywhere in the city.

Popular locations for indoor tennis courts include Al Badia Golf Course, which hosts eight indoor courts, and Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club, which has six indoor courts. Additionally, an indoor court can be found at the Dubai American Academy, Dubai English Speaking College, and a number of other private schools.

Tennis academies are another popular destination for those looking for indoor tennis courts. Academies like the Syspro Academy at Victory Heights are home to two indoor courts, and the Dubai International Tennis Academy has nine indoor tennis courts. Outdoor tennis courts can also be found at a number of locations, such as Barsha Heights and Times Square Center, both of which have indoor courts.

For those interested in playing on a professional level, there are a number of indoor courts dedicated to professional players. The Dubai Duty Free Tennis Stadium, located in the Jumeirah Lakes Towers area, is used for the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships, and is an excellent spot to watch some of the top professional players in the world. The Tennis Centre at the Palm Jumeirah offers a variety of indoor courts accessible to professional players as well.

Costs and Facilities

If you’re looking to include tennis as part of your lifestyle at home, you’ll find private and public tennis courts in Dubai with a wide range of court and membership fees. The fees vary according to the facility and court amenities. Some clubs offer a one-time court and membership fees, while others offer annual packages at discounted rates.

As with any sport, tennis requires specialized equipment such as racket, balls and clothing. For those who are just starting out, the costs related to buying equipment can be high. However, most indoor tennis courts in Dubai offer courts that are well-stocked with equipment and clothing at reasonable prices.

In addition to court and equipment rental, indoor tennis courts in Dubai offer amenities and services that make playing and relaxing in the courts more enjoyable. Amenities offered by most clubs include restaurants, swimming pools and saunas for after-game refreshment and relaxation. There are also be professional coaches available for one-on-one lessons and group lessons for players at all levels.

Safety and Hygiene

Indoor tennis courts in Dubai are taking several measures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their players and visitors. Social distancing protocols and hygiene standards must be met for everyone’s safety. The players must remain at least 6 feet away from each other and other persons that are not within their party.

Cleaning protocols were established to guarantee the court remains sanitised and safe at all times; frequent sanitisation of high-touch areas like door handles and railings is encouraged. The use of sanitising products is mandatory and highly recommended; hand sanitiser is available in strategic places and players are expected to use it ahead and after each game.

Equipment sanitisation is also mandatory after each use, players will be given wet wipes or sanitising products to clean any surface they come in contact with. The staff are also expected to sanitise all equipment, including rackets and balls, before and after each game.

In order to prevent cross-contamination, players must wear a face mask at all times and it is recommended to bring their own. Water bottles are also highly recommended, as public drinking fountains are out of use.

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