Experience the Thrill of a Hot Air Balloon Ride at Kamala Beach Sports

At MitGlobal Dubai Sports we understand that hot air ballooning is an exhilarating experience and we have some exciting news for you. This article introduces you to Kamala Beach Sports, the best place to go hot air balloon riding and truly experience the thrill of this adventure.

At Kamala Beach Sports you’ll find a team of experienced professionals who have been providing this service for many years. Their safety measures are top-notch and the experience is intense, yet enjoyable.

To help you get the most from your hot air balloon ride experience, we have compiled all the information you need to know about hot air ballooning, the safety regulations of the Kamala Beach Sports, and the best tips for enjoying your ride.

Ready to find out more about hot air balloon rides? Then let’s get started!


Kamala Beach is located on the west coast of the beautiful island of Phuket in Thailand. It is at the northern end of the Andaman Sea and is well-known to both international and local tourists for its idyllic surroundings and stunning beaches. The beach is surrounded by lush tropical rainforest and towering cliffs, making it the perfect destination for a hot air balloon ride.

Accommodation around Kamala Beach is plentiful and there are many resorts offering unbeatable views of the beach. Transportation to the beach is easy and can be done by taking a taxi or renting a car. There are also plenty of tour packages that can be booked online.

Weather in Kamala Beach is ideal for a hot air balloon ride, with average temperatures ranging anywhere between 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit all year round. In terms of wind speed and direction, it is best to book your ride during the early morning when the wind is at its gentlest.

The Ride

If you’re looking for the ultimate adventure, then a hot air balloon ride in Kamala Beach Sports is just for you! This experience is the closest you can get to flying without the need of a plane and offers stunning views, a mild breeze and the feeling of absolute freedom. Prepare for a a thriling adventure and a chance to get a bird’s eye view of the stunning landscape of the south of Thailand.

Preparing for the ride with Kamala Beach Sports is easy and straightforward. Once you have made your booking, all you need to do is dress comfortably, wear comfortable shoes and bring a hat and sun lotion to protect you from the sun. Then all that is left is to arrive 15 minutes before the departure time, where you will be greeted by your pilot. They will explain the safety procedures and answer any questions you may have before your flight.

Take off is a breeze with the wind catching the balloon and lifting you off the ground. As you lift up one can feel a sensation of weightlessness and freedom. You can see the landscape of Kamala Beach whizzing past you, with sights of the sea and rolling hills. If you’re lucky, you might even spot some wild animals from the air.

During the flight there are a few activities you can do, such as watching the sunset from the air or taking photos of the landscape to remember this moment for the rest of your life! You will also be able to communicate with the pilot and ask any questions about the flight.

The landing is just as soft as the lifting off. You will be gently brought back to the ground and debriefed after the flight. After that, it’s time to go home with a souvenir and some new memories!

Additional Activities in Kamala Beach

Apart from your hot air balloon experience, Kamala Beach offers a variety of other exciting activities! Whether you’re looking for thrilling watersports or a more relaxed beach atmosphere, Kamala Beach has something for tourists of all ages.

At Kamala Beach you can find plenty of other watersports, such as jet-skiing, kite surfing, parasailing, and stand-up paddle boarding. The crystal clear waters and beautiful blue skies offer an unforgettable experience for all visitors.

For visitors looking for a more tranquil experience, there are plenty of beach activities on offer too. From sunbathing and lounging by the shoreline to kayaking on the calm waters, there’s something to keep everyone entertained.

Kamala Beach also boasts a wide variety of restaurants, ranging from beach bars and seafood restaurants to cafes offering traditional Thai cuisine. Once the sun sets, you can explore the vibrant nightlife with a variety of bars and nightclubs located along the coastline.

Finally, visitors can explore the local shops and markets which sell a selection of unique Thai souvenirs and items, perfect for taking home as a reminder of your time in Thailand.


A hot air balloon ride at Kamala Beach Sports is an unforgettable experience. Being able to take in the spectacular views of the seaside while travelling up high in the sky is something that you will remember for a lifetime. The team of highly experienced and knowledgeable hot air balloon guides also made the experience enjoyable and incredibly safe. We highly recommend taking the time to experience this unique form of air travel.

The safety of the passengers was a priority during our trip, and their measures of carrying out the necessary safety checks before take off and checking the conditions of the balloon during the ride made us feel at ease. We felt safe and well-looked after from start to finish.

We are sure that anyone who gets the chance to embark on this incredible experience will get to make amazing memories that will stay with them for a lifetime!

Experience the incredible thrill of a hot air balloon ride at Kamala Beach Sports! Soar high above the beach, taking in the beautiful scenic views of the Andaman Sea. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or just looking for an incredible experience, this is sure to be a highlight of your holiday. Click here to book your ride today!

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