The Basics of Filet Volleyball: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you looking for the ultimate guide to Filet Volleyball? Look no further! This comprehensive guide covers all the basics you need to get started playing this unique variant of beach volleyball. We will cover everything from the rules of the game to helpful tips on how to master it. So, if you are ready to start your journey in the world of Filet Volleyball, then read on!

Let’s start with the basics. What is Filet Volleyball? It is a type of beach volleyball that involves two teams of two players that stand on either side of a 4m net. To score a point, a team must hit the ball over the net and make their opponents fail to catch it or return it.

So, How to Play Filet Volleyball? Much like regular beach volleyball, each round consists of a rally in which players take turns to serve and return the ball. The main difference being that in Filet Volleyball, the ball is played with the hands, instead of the feet.

Equipment Needed:

Filet volleyball is an exciting and fast-paced sport, and like any other sport, it requires specific equipment.

A net is the most important piece of equipment needed to play filet volleyball. The net should usually be wide enough to cover the entire width of the court and tall enough to be at least 6 feet in height. It should also be placed at exactly 7 feet and 6 inches off the ground.

It is also important to have a suitable volleyball close by. A volleyball should be spongy, large enough to fit comfortably in the hands of players, and made with a durable material.

In addition to the net and volleyball, filet volleyball players will also need court markings. Lines of various lengths should be drawn dividing the court into two equal areas. The court should also have a centered line across the middle. This can help the players understand where to start, stop, and switch during the game.

Also, if the game is played formally, it is necessary to have a scoreboard. This could be either a manually written score sheet or an electronic scoreboard, depending on the formality of the game.

Other important equipment, such as protective pads, balls, and strong ropes to secure the net, may also be needed depending on the playing conditions.

Rules of the Game

Filet Volleyball is easy to play and legality vary depending on location. There are no official or common rules for the game, however, the following rules provide essential information for players.

Number of Players: Filet Volleyball is a two-person game. Each player stands on opposite sides of the net and must alternate in attempting to keep the ball in play.

Playing the Game: Filet Volleyball is played like traditional Volleyball. There is one ball per game, and the game is a race to 11 points. The players take turns at attempting to keep the ball in play, and the player who scores the 11th point is declared the winner. If a player fails to keep the ball in play and the ball falls to the ground, the other player receives the point.

Scoring: The game of Filet Volleyball is scored in the same manner as Volleyball, but players must hit the ball in sequence. Each time a player serves the ball, it is counted as one point. When the other player hits the ball back, it is counted as two points and the ball is then returned to the other player. When a player fails to keep the ball in play, the opposing player receives a point.

Official Rules: There are no official rules governing Filet Volleyball. However, racquetball and squash courts often use the same rules to keep the game fair.

Strategies for Winning at Filet Volleyball

Serving is the most important aspect of volleyball, and an effective serve can give you the momentum you need to win the game. Consider practicing different serves, such as a float serve, a topspin serve, and a jump serve, and focus on practicing serves that you feel comfortable doing. Make sure to focus on serving with accuracy and consistency in order to help your team have an edge over their opponents.

Setting is important as well, as it can be used to set up your team for attacking opportunities. Practice your setting accuracy by having two players practice setting back and forth and perfecting hand-eye coordination. Setting can also be used for defensive purposes, such as setting up a block for an upcoming spike.

Spiking and blocking are also important for offensive and defensive purposes. Practice your technique and make sure to focus on ensuring accuracy as you aim to hit your targets with high power. Blocking is also key to defensive play, as it can help limit the opposing team from scoring points.

Passing is also essential and is key to keeping possession of the ball. Work on perfecting your skills by practicing with a partner. Make sure to practice short and long passes, as well as accurately setting the ball up for your team’s next attack.

Another great way to increase your chance at a win is by developing strong defensive strategies. Utilizing an organized defense formation and strategizing can help your team contain the opposing team’s offense. For example, assigning a “digger” to cover the opposing team’s attack can limit their ability to score.


Filet Volleyball is a challenging and enjoyable sport that requires great practice and dedication in order to master. This article has provided you with all of the basics necessary to get started in playing Filet Volleyball, from basic rules and regulations, to equipment and strategies for playing. While there is no magic formula for success in the sport, learning the ins and outs of Filet Volleyball, along with diligent practice and dedication, will greatly improve your game.

Remember to always stay safe, have fun and never give up! With the help of the information provided in this article, you now have a more comprehensive understanding of the game, and will be able to start on the road to mastering Filet Volleyball.

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