A Look at the Exciting Events at Dubai Tennis Stadium

Welcome to MitGlobal Dubai Sports! Today, we are excited to be taking a closer look at the exciting events taking place at the Dubai Tennis Stadium. There is something for everyone to enjoy each month here at the Dubai Tennis Stadium, and we’ll be discussing all the necessary information to help visitors plan their ultimate trip.

Dubai is renowned worldwide for its extravagant events, and this includes a number of major tennis tournaments held at the Dubai Tennis Stadium. This multi-purpose facility has been a top destination for tennis fans, offering some of the world’s best tennis events, including the Emirates Australian Open and the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships. Visitors will be amply rewarded for their time spent here, with an unforgettable experience that offers some of the best entertainment around.

Whether you are an avid tennis fan who wants to catch some live action, or an armchair enthusiast who just wants to take in all the action, Dubai Tennis Stadium is the perfect place to be. As well as offering some of the best tennis events, the Stadium also has a variety of activities and entertainment for those seeking something a bit different. From traditional festivals and live shows, to music and cultural events, the stadium offers something for everyone to enjoy.

So don’t delay, come and experience the incredible events on offer at the Dubai Tennis Stadium. We hope you enjoy finding out more about what’s happening in this amazing city.

History of the Dubai Tennis Stadium

The Dubai Tennis Stadium is one of the most revered and respected sporting provinces in the world. It has an incredible history that dates back over 30 years.

The stadium was first established in 1988, and shortly after, the first Commercial Bank International Dubai Open was held at the stadium. The tournament quickly became a staple in the international tennis circuit, only growing in size and prestige from then on. Since then, the stadium has hosted some of the most heralded tennis players in the world and countless high-level games.

Dubai Tennis Stadium has become the go-to for major international championships and the world’s biggest tennis events. From the ATP Tour to the WTA Tour and the Davis Cup, the stadium has seen the best of the best compete within its walls. In 2017, the Dubai Tennis Stadium even hosted a number of the matches at the Fed Cup.

The stadium has forged a significant legacy in the game of tennis in Dubai. Over the years, the stadium has hosted some of the most iconic players in the sport. As a result, many young tennis players of today look to the Stadium as a point of inspiration and guidance. There are a number of tennis academies in Dubai that direct children to the stadium for important lessons about the sport.

The Dubai Tennis Stadium provides a platform to not only witness the sport’s greatest matches live and in the stand, but to understand its in-depth history and the impact it has had in the UAE. It has become a premier setting for international tennis not only in the Middle East but around the world.

Events Held at the Dubai Tennis Stadium

The Dubai Tennis Stadium is the premier site in the city for hosting a variety of events throughout the year. Visitors to Dubai can expect to find some of the most exciting events being held at the stadium, including tennis tournaments, exhibitions and showcases, and community events.

Tennis tournaments such as the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships and the Mubadala World Tennis Championships are held at the stadium each year. These events attract some of the biggest names in world tennis, such as Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, giving spectators a once-in-a-lifetime chance to watch the pros in action.

The stadium also hosts a variety of exhibitions and showcases throughout the year, including art and antiques, travel, technology and lifestyle exhibits. These events are a great way for visitors to get to know the culture of Dubai and learn more about the city’s unique attractions.

The stadium is also an ideal location for hosting community events such as charity dinners, fundraisers, and health and safety workshops. These events bring together people from all corners of the community to enjoy a fun and lively atmosphere.

There is something for everyone at the Dubai Tennis Stadium, no matter what type of event you’re looking for. From world-class tennis tournaments to community-building activities, the stadium offers a range of exciting events throughout the year.

Amenities of the Dubai Tennis Stadium

The Dubai Tennis Stadium is equipped with various amenities to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for attendees of its events. Here, we will overview the various amenities which can be found in the stadium.

Seating and Capacity: There are a maximum of 6,200 seats in the Sand Flex Court of the stadium, located in the Al Garhoud district of the city of Dubai. This capacity can help to provide an electric atmosphere for those attending the events at the Dubai Tennis Stadium.

Food and Beverage: At the Dubai Tennis Stadium, food and beverages are accessible through the snack stands and bars located throughout the venue. Delicious treats, cold drinks, and products are available so that guests can fuel up or take a break during the match.

Facilities: The Dubai Tennis Stadium has a range of facilities to ensure the attendees’ comfort, convenience, and safety. It features a fully-operational medical center, restrooms, locker rooms, and parking facilities. It also has several seating areas and public rest areas, to provide an additional element to the experience.

Additional Amenities: In addition to the above mentioned amenities, the Dubai Tennis Stadium also offers several other services and amenities. These include an in-house bar with a wide selection of craft beers and lagers, a multi-lingual information booth, a souvenir shop, a food court, and full accessibility provisions for those with disabilities.


The Dubai Tennis Stadium is a favorite destination for tennis fans and those who appreciate the beauty and tradition of the sport. The stadium has seen a rise in popularity in recent years, with an influx of new fans and an increasing number of major events taking place there. The stadium has hosted everything from the Dubai Open to the ATP Tour Finals and is set to continue its success in years to come.

The future of the Dubai Tennis Stadium looks bright, with plans to expand the facility, add new courts and upgrade the existing infrastructure. This should ensure that the stadium remains a favorite among many tennis fans. With international tournaments and the potential to host more in the future, the Dubai Tennis Stadium is sure to remain a popular destination for those looking to enjoy a high-quality tennis experience.

In summary, the Dubai Tennis Stadium is an exciting venue for tennis fans, both in the present and for future tournaments. The stadium’s commitment to excellence and hospitality makes it a unique and memorable environment for fans and players alike. Although the Dubai Tennis Stadium is relatively new compared to other international stadiums, it is quickly gaining respect in the tennis world and is set to become a major destination for tournaments and individual fans alike.

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