Dubai Tennis Schedule of Play: All the Details

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This article provides an overview of the Dubai Tennis Schedule of Play – all the details you need to know about the tournament. We’ll cover the tournament’s dates and details, as well as its different playing courts and venues.

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Schedule of Play

The 2020 Dubai Tennis Schedule of Play is now available for all to see. The event is scheduled to run from March 17th – 28th, offering a mixture of amateur and professional matches for spectators. Below, you will find all of the details about the event, including the List of Events, Start times & End times, Venues, Information about the Players and How to buy tickets.

The List of Events at the Dubai Tennis Schedule of Play includes Singles and Doubles matches showcasing some of the best players in the sport. All of the scheduled matches will be broadcast on either local or international television, so spectators can enjoy the action even if they aren’t able to attend. There will be daily flights and evening games ensuring the excitement continues until the very end.

Throughout the Dubai Tennis Schedule of Play, most start times will be at 10am and will run until 10pm at the three venues of Dubai Sports City, Dubai Open, and UAE Tennis Academy. It is a great tournament for fans to attend, with a range of options to choose from throughout the two weeks of play. The players for the tournament have been announced – names that any tennis fan is sure to recognize.

The 2020 Dubai Tennis Schedule of Play also offers official merchandise for sale at all the venues. Merchandise ranging from apparel to collectables and more, spectators can take a piece of the tournament home. Furthermore, spectators can also purchase tickets directly from the tournament website, online or at the venues.

For all tennis fans, the 2020 Dubai Tennis Schedule of Play promises to be a fantastic event. With matches featuring some of the biggest names in the sport, start and finish times that fit everyone’s schedule, and the opportunity to take a piece of the tournament home, spectators are sure to have an unforgettable experience.


The Dubai Tennis Schedule of Play is one of the busiest throughout the year, offering something for all skill levels. In addition to the main draws in singles and doubles, there are also a number of other events and activities. There are events and tournaments held on different courts such as clay, hardcourt, and grass courts, enabling players of all levels to experience playing on various surfaces.

Tournaments for different skill levels are also held throughout the season. From amateur tournaments for beginners, to professional tournaments for superior-level players, there is an activity for every playing level. There are even tournaments for mixed doubles and juniors, allowing the fun of competitive play to be enjoyed by all.

In celebration of the schedule of play, several specialty tournaments are also held. These include night-time events, parties, and even celebrity matches. For players of all ages, the schedule offers a variety of activities that range from recreational play to intense competition.


The Dubai Tennis tournament is one of the best tennis competitions in the world and it brings some of the top players from around the world. This year’s tournament is no different, and the best players are ready to show off their skills in the competition.

One of the players that viewers should definitely watch out for is Roger Federer, who is one of the greatest players of all time. His speed, accuracy and power have made him a fan favorite and he is always a player to watch in this tournament. Other top players include Novak Djokovic, Rafa Nadal, and Andy Murray.

Players are usually selected to compete in the tournament based on their rankings. The best players are usually chosen first, and then remaining spots are given to players who had strong performances in the Grand Slam and other tournaments. This year’s line up is one of the best yet and promises to be an exciting tournament.

The Dubai Tennis tournament also features some of the best players from around the world. Players from Europe, the Americas, Australia, Japan, South Korea and many other countries come together to compete in the tournament. This year’s tournament promises to be one of the most competitive yet, as the best players from around the world are all competing for the title.

The tournament promises to be an exciting one, and viewers should be sure to watch out for all of the great players competing. Fans can expect an exciting tournament as some of the best players in the world battle it out for the championship title.


Los tickets para el Torneo de Tenis de Dubai están disponibles para compra en todos los Taquillas y Dispositivos Móviles. El precio de los tickets varía dependiendo del partido, ubicación del estadio y la categoría de la ubicación participante.

El precio de un ticket general para la primera vuelta es de 20 dólares, mientras que los boletos para la final empiezan en los 35 dólares. Las ubicaciones de categoría suprema cuestan entre los 50 y los 75 dólares. Además, los niños de hasta diez años de edad reciben un descuento de un cincuenta por ciento en los boletos. Se recomienda que se compren los tickets como mínimo con dos semanas de anticipación para evitar cualquier problema relacionado con la compra.

Adicionalmente, el Torneo de Tenis de Dubai ofrece descuentos y promociones a los fanáticos de todos los partidos. Los fanáticos al comprar cinco boletos, reciben el sexto boleto de forma gratuita, así mismo los boletos de vuelta gratis o descuentos en los precios también se ofrecen a los fanáticos.

Los fanáticos también tienen la opción de comprar boletos de temporada, los cuales les permiten tener acceso a los partidos durante la semana del Torneo. El precio del boleto de temporada depende del nivel de categoría, con precios que van desde los 100 a los 250 dólares. Los boletos de temporada están disponibles en todos los centros de Taquillas.

Los fanáticos que deseen apoyar el torneo de manera adicional, pueden donar $10 dólares a la Fundación para el deporte de Dubai para conseguir un descuento del 10 por ciento en los boletos. El descuento también se aplica a los boletos de temporada.

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