Exploring the Dubai Tennis Court Scene

Welcome to MitGlobal Dubai Sports and today we’ll be exploring the Dubai tennis court scene. Get ready to dive deep into what makes Dubai one of the best places to play tennis in the world.

We will provide a comprehensive overview of Dubai Tennis, what types of tennis courts you can find in Dubai, and the history of Tennis in this city. All the necessary information to help you make the most of your sports experience.

Let’s get started exploring the playgrounds that make Dubai one of the favorite cities for Tennis lovers.

Tennis Court Locations

Dubai is a popular destination for tennis, whether at private or public courts. For those looking to attend a public court, there are many options across the city. Some of the most popular public courts are located in popular parks including Al Qusais Park, Al Safa Park, Dubai Sports World and Nad Al Sheba Mall. All offer a variety of facilities and a safe environment for all-level tennis players.

Private tennis courts are available across Dubai too. These courts often offer access to a wide range of facilities, from large outdoor courts to indoor courts, with certain clubs also offering a range of social activities as well as on-site restaurants. Some of the most popular private tennis clubs in Dubai are Al Wasl Sports Club, Dubai Marina Club and Doha Golf Club.

When visiting tennis courts in Dubai, it is important to ensure that you are aware of the facilities available. All courts provide basic amenities such as restrooms and water, however some also offer additional features such as vending machines, seating areas, shade and parking facilities. It is also important to note that many private tennis clubs require a fee to enter, although these fees are usually minimal.

Tennis Court Regulations

Dubai is home to many of the world’s most prestigious tennis courts, and the Emirates Tennis Federation has established strict regulations for the use of these courts. Tennis players and court bookers should be aware of the following rules before booking or playing on a Dubai tennis court.

General Etiquette Rules: All tennis players should be respectful of their opponents and comply with the rules of etiquette established by the Dubai tennis governing body. The ABCs of tennis etiquette include remaining quiet during a point and being responsible for setting up and cleaning up the court.

Tennis Court Booking Rules: To book a Dubai tennis court, players must get a reservation beforehand. Reservations can be made with the front desk at any of the Dubai tennis clubs, or online through the Emirates Tennis Federation’s website. It is important to note that reservations are subject to the availability of the court.

Dubai Tennis Club Membership Rules: To become a member of any Dubai tennis club, players must pay the annual membership fee and submit any required paperwork. Additionally, players must adhere to the dress code and code of conduct of the court.

Other rules: When playing on a Dubai court, players should refrain from using profanity and bring only the necessary equipment. Furthermore, players must not play or practice without permission or beyond the allocated hours.


Dubai is becoming an increasingly popular destination for tennis players of all levels. With its abundant courts, lively clubs and unique attractions, it is well suited for any type of player. From serious athletes to recreational players, anyone can find an option for enjoying the game of tennis in this thrilling city.

The numerous court options mean there is something for everyone in the Dubai tennis court scene. Before you dive in, make sure to check out regulations, appropriate attire, and other important guidelines. There are many diamonds in the rough for players who arrive to Dubai ready to play. So enjoy!

In summary, Dubai is a great place to explore the world of tennis. It’s easy to access courts, clubs offer an unbeatable atmosphere, and tournaments bring together viewers from all over the world. With a few tips and tricks, and the right attitude, you can have an amazing experience playing tennis in Dubai.

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