2021 Dubai Tennis Championships Ready to Serve Up Exciting Action

The 2021 Dubai Tennis Championships are ready to bring the most exciting action to the court! Undoubtedly, the best players in the world will be competing to fight their way to win the championship. This article focuses on providing all the information that you need to know about this amazing event.

The Dubai Tennis Championships has been organised annually since 1993. This year, it is scheduled to take place at Dubai’s Aviation Club in January 2021 and promises to bring the heat on the court. The championship features both men’s and women’s singles, doubles and mixed doubles events. Moreover, it is a part of the prestigious ATP Tour and WTA Tour.

This event serves as the perfect start to the tennis season for the world. There is no better feeling than watching the players battle it out for their spot at the top. The Dubai Tennis Championships has become the premier event in the region that players look up to. Fans from all over the world turn up to experience the intense excitement that only professional tennis can provide.

This year’s tournament will bring together some of the biggest names in tennis. With such an array of talent, it guarantees to be an eventful and entertaining tournament. Fans can expect some of the best matches that the sport of tennis has to offer.

This article will provide you with all the information that you need to know about the 2021 Dubai Tennis Championships. Stay tuned and keep following MitGlobal Dubai Sports for more exciting updates!

Tournament Information

The 2021 Dubai Tennis Championships will be held at the iconic Dubai Duty Free Tennis Stadium located in Garhoud, the United Arab Emirates. It will run from February 15 – 20 and will feature a tournament format with both singles and doubles matches.

The Singles draw consists of six seeded players and four qualifiers. Also, the doubles draw will include twelve seeds and four qualifiers. Matches will be in the best of three sets format.

Spectator guidelines vary for each session, so check the tournament website for ticketing details and seat availability prior to planning to attend.

Participating Players

The 2021 Dubai Tennis Championship is ready to host the biggest names in professional tennis. Competition in the Men’s Singles will heat up with the likes of Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer battling it out in the finals. Justine Henin and Serena Williams will be the top women contenders in the Women’s Singles tournament. The doubles competition will have new team formations that will make for some exciting matches.

Aside from the main singles and doubles divisions, the 2021 Dubai Tennis Championships also offers a thrilling Under 21 tournament. Last year’s champion Stan Wawrinka is already in the mix for this year’s race, as he attempts to defend his title. This is an exciting opportunity for younger players to demonstrate their skills and prove themselves as capable opponents and future stars of the sport.

Prize Money and Pool

Tennis fans from around the world eagerly await each year’s Dubai Tennis Championships, and this year is no different. With spectators unable to attend the Championships due to COVID related restrictions, the excitement will surely be even greater as events are broadcasted live around the world. Fortunately, those looking to get in on the action will still have plenty of chances to win big.

The 2021 Dubai Tennis Championships have an impressive Prix Money Pool of over $3.87 million. The winner of the singles tournament will take home an impressive $558,205, with the doubles winner pocketing an impressive $218,840. Other participants in the tournament will have the chance to earn solid amounts as well as they battle it out in quest of greatness.

Furthermore, Prize Money isn’t the only lucrative reward awaiting participants of this championship. With the winner securing their spot at the Dubai Championships for the coming year, those that finish second and third, as well as Semifinalists, will also enjoy some additional benefits. Ultimately, the 2021 Dubai Tennis Championships are sure to be full of excitement, with an impressive lineup of both top-ranked and up-and-coming players all eager for their chance at greatness.

Broadcast Information

The 2021 Dubai Tennis Championships will be broadcast live on TV and online streaming. The tournament will also be available for audiences outside of the Middle East. Fans around the world can catch the action on the Ten Sports network. Additionally, the games will be available on the SuperSport channel in certain African countries.

For fans wanting to watch on a computer or mobile device, the tournament will be available via live streaming on the UTV Stream website. Fans can also catch the action directly through the tournament’s official website. Excellent-quality video and audio will be offered.

For viewers looking for a more immersive experience, 360-degree virtual reality streaming can be enjoyed. Virtual reality viewers will be able to experience the tournament from a fan’s perspective, with the option to virtually ‘walk’ between matches and court-side seats.

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