Dubai Tennis Championships 2020: A Commercial Overview

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This article provides an overview of the 2020 Dubai Tennis Championships in the form of a commercial summary. Here, you will discover details about the location, tournament format, dates and participants of this tennis spectacle!

The Dubai Tennis Championships is an annual outdoor professional tennis tournament held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is an ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) and WTA (Women’s Tennis Association) sanctioned event, which attracts some of the world’s best players.

The 2020 tournament will be held from 22nd February to 1st March at the Aviation Club Tennis Centre in Dubai. All WTA events will be played on the stadium court, whereas the ATP events will be played on a different court.

The Dubai Tennis Championships will feature a singles draw as well as a doubles draw. The singles draw consists of 32 players and the doubles draw 32 pairs. Sixteen seeded players from both the ATP Tour and WTA Tour will participate in the Dubai Tennis Championships.

Ticketing Information

The Dubai Tennis Championships offers a variety of ticketing options to meet the needs of all its attendees. Two different types of tickets are available; day tickets and season tickets. Day tickets can be purchased for any of the days during which the championships are being held and provide access to the courts to view all of the matches for that day. Season tickets provide access for all days, including the finals.

Ticket prices range from AED 50 per day ticket to AED 250 for a season ticket. Discounts or special offers are available for early ticket purchasers and group bookings. Children under the age of 16 receive free entry every day. Complimentary admission is also available to physically challenged attendees as well as two accompanying persons they bring.

Be sure to check the official website of the Dubai Tennis Championships to obtain the latest ticketing information and offers. All of the ticketing transactions are done online and don’t forget to look up the tournament’s event calendar beforehand to ensure you don’t miss any of your favourite players or the most anticipated matches.

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Dubai Tennis Championships 2020 will host some of the best tennis stars from around the world, this is the perfect platform for sponsors to gain international exposure and develop relationships with key partners and influencers in the sports and travel industries. There are a variety of sponsorship packages to suit businesses of all sizes.

The most popular sponsorship packages include corporate signage, on-site hospitality suites, official tournament sponsor, and a range of other product and service promotion avenues. With each package, sponsors can benefit from a combination of branding, advertising and promotional opportunities.

Branding is an incredibly important component of any sponsorship package, as it showcases the company’s product or services to a global audience, in addition to targeting local customers, who may be attending the tournament. Advertising opportunities during the tournament will allow sponsors to reach a wider audience, through radio and television broadcasts, social media, digital signage, and print media.

Sponsors will also receive recognition for their involvement through video and photo opportunities, as well as awards for the best dressed and longest lasting supporters. Finally, rewards for loyal attendees and customers can be provided in the form of discounts, exclusive offers and giveaways.

The Dubai Tennis Championships 2020 is an excellent platform for businesses to gain exposure and access to a world-class sporting event. With a variety of sponsorship packages available, companies of any size can benefit from the promotional opportunities and global reach that this event provides.

Benefits of Attending

The Dubai Tennis Championships offer a variety of benefits for attendees wishing to gain exposure, network and make meaningful connections. The event provides an excellent opportunity for avid tennis fans to witness the competition between some of the world’s greatest players.

Exposure to Potential Clients: Attendees at the Dubai Tennis Championships have the opportunity to rub shoulders and make connections with potential clients and customers, as well as some of the most prominent players in the sport. This unique experience allows you to network in an exclusive setting and build relationships that can potentially benefit your future in business.

Networking Opportunities: The Dubai Tennis Championships offers a great opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and exchange ideas in a professional atmosphere. It is a great platform to build professional connections and foster relationships with potential partners and allies.

Access to Exclusive Events: Attendees of the Dubai Tennis Championships have access to a variety of exclusive events, from pre-tournament dinners to after-parties. This gives attendees the chance to get to know the players, mingle with key industry figures, and learn more about current trends, styles, and strategies.

The Dubai Tennis Championships is one of the most prestigious tennis events in the world and offers a variety of great benefits for those who attend. From access to exclusive events to networking opportunities and exposure to potential clients, the event provides plenty of ways for attendees to gain valuable experience and build their network.


The Dubai Tennis Championships have proven to be a hugely popular event over the past decade and show no signs of waning in popularity. The tournament offers spectators an unforgettable experience, with a mix of world class tennis and onsite entertainment, as well as an opportunity to be a part of a truly global event. Commercial sponsors benefit from the chance to showcase their brand to a wide and engaged audience, as well as the potential to make valuable connections with key industry figures. On the whole, the Dubai Tennis Championships offer a unique opportunity to engage with a vibrant, passionate audience and prove a key entryway into the vibrant Middle Eastern market.

This article has provided an overview of the Dubai Tennis Championships 2020, its features, benefits, and some of the commercial opportunities available. Through its combination of world-class tennis and on-site entertainment, the event continues to be seen as an international draw, and as such brings with it a wide range of potential commercial opportunities for businesses and sponsors alike.

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