Register Now for the Dubai Run: A Must-Do Event in the UAE

Are you ready to run The Dubai Run? It’s the must-do event of the year in the United Arab Emirates. The Dubai Run is a five kilometer professional running race organized by MitGlobal Dubai Sports every November, and it’s the perfect opportunity to keep fit and give yourself a run for your money.

The race is open to runners of all levels, so whether you’re an amateur or an experienced distance runner, you’ll be sure to have the time of your life at The Dubai Run. With challenging courses, spectacular views and an exciting atmosphere, the race offers a perfect experience for both newcomers and professionals.

Ready to join the fun? It’s simple, just head to the MitGlobal Dubai Sports website and you can register for The Dubai Run. Read on for all the information you need about the race – from registration, to course routes to how to accelerate your performance in the event. Whatever your skill level, The Dubai Run is an event not be missed!

Location and Date

The Dubai run is scheduled to take place on the 19th of July 2021 in the city of Dubai, UAE. Participants will meet at the starting line, located at the Red Crescent Society area at 2.00 pm. It’s a 10 km run and includes a 200 m zig zag called the ‘Tribute of Colors’.

The terrain offers a unique opportunity to experience the city and its iconic landmarks along the way. Participants will run through popular and mundane Dubai hotspots, representing all its diversity.

A certificate of participation is part of the event, which will be handed out along with second edition Dubai Run t-shirts. There will also be additional awards presented to from the variety of categories.

How to Register

Registration for the Dubai Run is easy and convenient. The following requirements must be met prior to signing up: all participants must be 18 years of age or over and must be physically fit and healthy to take part in the race.

The registration process for the Dubai Run is quick and straightforward. First, participants need to visit the official website for the event, Here you can find extensive information on the event as well as details on how to register. Once on the website, simply click on the “Register Now” button and fill in personal details and the required registration information.

Participants must pay a registration fee in order to officially sign up for the event. The fee for the Dubai Run is AED 200 and can be paid in one of two ways: either by debit or credit card, or by cash.

Once payment is made, make sure to keep your payment details as proof of registration. It is also recommended to print out the confirmation page that is sent via email once payment is completed. This confirmation page is required in order to pick up your race kit prior to the event.

Course Information

The Dubai Run will take you across the incredible landscape of the country. This 12km route begins at the modern Dubai Marina Mall and finishes in time for a spectacular view at the expansive Burj Al Arab, one of the most iconic locations in the UAE.

The course is designed to encompass the beauty of Dubai, running along the JBR beach-side, beyond the Palm Jumeirah tunnels, and towards the Atlantis resort. This course is perfectly suited for both novice and experienced runners, and every athlete should be well prepared for both the atmosphere and the terrain.

The length of the course is 12km, which makes it a great challenge for those looking to push their limits physically and mentally. The terrain is flat, which is more convenient for the runners and allows for a comfortable running experience. There will be a few short hills, but runners should not be put off by it as the course is mainly flat and smooth.

The Dubai Run has something for everyone, regardless of their skill level or experience with running. With the beautiful views and smooth course, you will never forget your race experience in the UAE.

Competition Categories

The Dubai Run offers participating runners a wide range of competitive categories. From the age 12 and below, to the veteran athletes in the 60 and above category, everyone can take part. The event also includes age group divisions, meaning runners can directly compete with other athletes within the same age range.

Runners looking for a more laid-back run can opt for the Fun Run category, which features no time limit or winners. This non-competitive run makes it easy for athletes of all ages and abilities to join the festivities.

And for the more ambitions runners, the event also features Competitive Run categories. This category is all about pushing one’s limits and competing with others, and it’s suitable only for those looking to push their physical and mental strength.

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