Dubai Tennis Finals: A Closer Look At The Exciting End To The Season

Welcome to MitGlobal’s Dubai Sports blog and our article about the exciting upcoming Dubai Tennis Finals. Have you been eager for the conclusion of the intense season of tennis? Wait no longer, Dubai is the host for the last event and it promises to be unforgettable.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the overall overview of the Dubai Tennis Finals and what to expect from the coming week-long finale.

The tournament features some of the world’s top players who will do battle in a bid to take home the winning trophy. The line-up of prestigious names include Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Serena Williams and many more.

History of the Dubai Tennis Finals

The annual tennis event in Dubai, the Dubai Tennis Finals, has been taking place since 2001, meaning it has been running for nearly 20 years. Its origin was to promote the professional sport of tennis in the Middle East and was held under the patronage of the Ruler of Dubai, HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The event has grown and developed over its existence and is now an important stop on the professional tennis tour.

The event has had some famous champions throughout its history. Past winners include Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Andy Murray, and Novak Djokovic. These stars of the game have all held the prestigious trophy at least once during the illustrious history of the competition, truly making it an exclusive group.

There have been many memorable moments from the Dubai Tennis Finals over the years. The 2010 edition witnessed a semifinal match between Roger Federer and Andy Murray that lasted for almost four hours – an aggressive and thrilling match that many people still remember today. Similarly, the 2011 edition will go down in history for its epic final between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, a match that ended with a score of 6-3 and a memorable tie-break. These matches are just some of the highlights that have taken place over the years and demonstrate the excitement and intensity of these events.

More recently, in 2019, the men’s final saw Rafael Nadal race to a impressive 6-4 6-4 win over the Russian Daniil Medvedev with Nadal surging to victory in under two hours. On the women’s side, the American Madison Keys set up a showdown against the British Johanna Konta in the final, but it was Keys who triumphed in three thrilling sets.

Format: All You Need To Know About The Dubai Tennis Finals

The Dubai Tennis Finals follows a single-elimination tournament bracket, meaning that the players will be competing against each other in successive rounds to get to the top. The finalist of the tournament is the player who wins the most matches. Each game is decided by the best of three sets, with the first player to win two sets being announced the winner of the game.

The tournament follows the ITF Rulebook, including guidelines for player conduct, scoring rules, and dispute resolutions. The rules applied in the tournament are available for any interested fan to read on the tournament’s official website. Players are expected to adhere to the rules put in place for the safety, fairness and overall betterment of the event.

The tournament consists of a total of eight players, making four pairs or ‘doubles’ teams. On the day of the event, each team will face the other pairs consecutively until the top four total teams are determined. The top four teams will then compete against each other until the last two teams are settled. The last two teams will engage in a final match to crown the Dubai Tennis Finals champion.

Spectators will have the chance to watch the action live, either at the venue directory or via the tournament’s streaming services. On-site players will also have the opportunity to find out more about the competitors and the events taking place, as well as access to various other attractions around the venue.

Location – An Ideal Venue For High-Level Tennis Competition

The Dubai Tennis Finals take place at the prestigious Dubai Duty Free Tennis Stadium. The stadium is a multi-purpose venue hosting sporting and entertainment events throughout the year. Built in 2019 by the renowned architect, it is a world-class facility to house a major sporting event such as the Dubai Tennis Finals. The stadium has 16,000+ covered seats, eight floodlit outdoor terraces, a media/press centre, administrative offices and other facilities. With top-notch acoustics and ample restrooms, it ensures maximum comfort for spectators.

The venue is conveniently located in the heart of Dubai and within reach of many landmarks, attractions, and entertainment spots. A few minutes away from the stadium you’ll find the iconic Burj Khalifa, the man-made islands Palm Jumeirah and the Mall of the Emirates. Visitors arriving to watch the finals can also experience other nearby attractions, such as the Dubai Zoo, Wild Wadi Waterpark and Ski Dubai.


The tournament is an exciting opportunity for players to compete in an international tournament and take home prizes. At the end of the two weeks of competition, money awards are given out to the top three finishers, making the tournament a great way to potentially earn some cash. Trophies and medals are also presented to the winners and runners-up, making the event doubly rewarding.

In addition to the individual prizes, the tournament also offers a winner-takes-all jackpot, where the most successful player across all rounds is awarded a generous bonus. This fun incentive adds an extra level of excitement for players, as the competition for that coveted prize ratchets up.

Although the red clay courts of Dubai make for great competition, it’s the prizes that make the tournament a truly irresistible attraction for the world’s best tennis players.


The Dubai Tennis Finals have wrapped up an exciting season and sent us into the start of the next. This year’s event was full of surprises, from the dominant performance of the defending champions to the unexpected upsets of favorites. It was an opportunity to show off the impressive depth of talent from across the globe, as well as being a chance for the locals to support their nation’s flag.

The event was a spectacle for all who followed and participated, with an atmosphere charged with energy and emotion that made for an unforgettable experience. It’s a reminder of why we love sports for the amazing moments, challenging opponents, and the lifelong memories made along the way.

Summary of the Event

The Dubai Tennis Finals is part of the Emirates Airline ATP tour, and brought together the top 8 players in the world as they faced off in a series of grueling matches. The tournament concluded with a showdown between Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic, with the Swiss star coming out on top in a three-set battle.

The competition also saw upsets, such as the surprise win by rising star Daniil Medvedev over Rafael Nadal, as well as a thrilling three-set Final between Federer and Djokovic. The event was a showcase of global talent and drew in thousands of enthusiastic fans from across the globe showcasing the sheer passion for the sport.

Final Thoughts

The Dubai Tennis Finals demonstrate that tennis is still an exciting global sport, with passionate fans over many nations. It was an incredible event, showcasing the skills of both the experienced veterans, and the emerging stars of the sport. We can’t wait to have them back in 2021 for another truly memorable season.

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