Getting to Know the Rules of Volleyball

Welcome to the MitGlobal Dubai Sports blog! Here you will learn all you need to know about the game of Volleyball, from its fascinating history to the rules that you need to remember when playing.

Do you know what volleyball is? Invented over 125 years ago, it is a sport that combines strength, speed and agility. It takes a team effort to play this game and is sure to bring hours of exciting entertainment for players and spectators alike.

Learn all about the history of volleyball, as well as the basic rules of the game. We’ll also cover some of the top volleyball leagues in the world, so you can get to know the sport better.

So, let’s get started and learn all about the rules of volleyball!

Types of Volleyball

Volleyball is a great sport to enjoy, whether it is inside or outside during summer. There are a few types of volleyball, each with its own set of rules and regulations. The most popular types are Beach Volleyball, Indoor Volleyball, and Sitting Volleyball.

Beach Volleyball is a great way to spend the summer outdoors. In this type of volleyball, two teams composed of two players each compete against each other in a game played on a sand court. The rules are the same as an indoor court game, most notably the rally point rule, however there are some regulations specific to playing on a sand court such as allowing two contacts per team instead of three.

Indoor Volleyball is the more traditional version of the game which is played in sports halls on a hard court. Teams of six players compete in this version of the game and there are specific court boundaries which makes it different to beach volleyball. Networking and blocking are also predominantly used in indoor volleyball.

Sitting Volleyball is a specific type of volleyball for athletes with physical disabilities. In this version of the game, teams of six players compete against each other on a court split into two areas by a net barrier. The rules are the same as indoor volleyball with the major difference being that players are required to remain seated and cannot rotate or jump.

Scoring System

Volleyball is a highly competitive game where two teams battle for supremacy in a match that traditionally consists of best-of-five sets. As teams work to prove themselves the better squad, they use the scoring system in place to keep track of each set during the match.

The most common way to score points in volleyball is by rallying the ball over the net and making the opponent unable to return it. When this happens, the team that sent the ball over the net earns one point for their team. Points can also be earned when the opposition commits faults.

A match is won when a team earns 25 points and at least two points more than the opponent. When the score reaches 24-24, the game goes into a deuce wherein whichever team gains the upper hand and earns two consecutive points, wins the set.

When a set goes into a tie, the game is extended to a maximum of 15 points favored by whichever team earned the 24th point. From that point forward, the team that needs the last two points to win the game is called the ‘advantage-side’.

If the advantage-side fails to win the next two points, the game goes back to deuce and keeps on repeating until a winner is determined. When the advantage-side wins the two consecutive points, they win the set, and the match if said set was their fifth win.

Equipment List

One of the most crucial aspects of playing volleyball is preparing the appropriate equipment for your team. Depending on the level of the competition, or if you are playing in an organized or unorganized game, the items you need to gather can vary accordingly. The equipment you will need includes: a volleyball court and net, volleyballs, knee pads, as well as other optional items such as ankle braces, protective eyewear and sportswear.

The volleyball court should be a rectangular area that measures 18×9 meters (59×29 feet). The center of the court should have a two-meter-high net that is stretched over the center line. Its width should be nine meters (29 feet) at the edges and eight meters (26 feet) at the center.

Volleyballs should be made of leather, rubber or a combination. The official volleyball size is 22 centimeters (nine inches) in circumference, and the weight should be 260-280 grams (nine-10 ounces). Volleyballs become softer with time and should be replaced when they no longer bounce correctly.

Knee pads are mandatory for many organized games, or optional for unorganized games, but are recommended for anyone who plays for any length of time. They come in a variety of materials, and should fit comfortably with adjustable straps and closures.

Ankle braces can be purchased to help protect your ankles and feet. They are made of a stretchy material that allows you to move around freely while still protecting your ankles.

Protective eyewear to protect your eyes from being injured while playing and should be worn by all participants.

Finally, wearing sportswear is recommended for comfort and to protect your skin from sweat and possible friction burns. Loose-fitting shirts and shorts are popular for volleyball, along with appropriate footwear that helps with stability and movement.

Do you want to be part of the exciting sport of volleyball? Do you know the rules? Get ready to learn the basics and join the ranks of volleyball fans by reading this article.

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