The Benefits of Wearing Clay Court Tennis Shoes

It is well known that the game of tennis is a sport which can be enjoyed in different terrains. Depending on the surface the game is played on, tennis players require the appropriate tennis shoes.

At MitGlobal Dubai Sports, we understand the different types of tennis court surfaces and how important it is to wear the right type of tennis shoes. The main types of court surfaces are grass, clay, hard court, and indoor court court.

Clay court is one of the most common surfaces found in tennis, but few know why wearing the right clay court tennis shoes is so important. Wearing the right type of shoe can provide efficient ball grip, help with sliding, and reduce the stress on the feet, ankles, and knees.

In this blog article, we will delve into the specific benefits of wearing wear clay court tennis shoes and the differences between clay court shoes and other types of tennis shoes.

Types of Tennis Court Surface

When it comes to tennis, there are several different types of court surfaces. Clay courts are one of the most popular options for professional players, as the slow pace of play offered on these courts demands a greater amount of skill. Clay courts usually consist of soil covered with a thin layer of crushed stone, gravel and sand. The slower surface also helps reduce the wear and tear on legs and joints, and clay court shoes provide excellent support.

Grass courts are another popular playing surface, and the natural, knotted terrain of this type of court acts to reduce the speed of play. This can be advantageous for some players and is the traditional surface of most major tournaments. Grass court shoes provide stability and extra padding to protect feet and joints, while also delivering an excellent grip.

Finally, hard courts are the most common type of playing surface. This type of court is made out of asphalt or concrete, and offers fast play and a solid grip. This type of court typically requires heavier shoes than those used on clay and grass courts, as the extra cushioning provides greater support. Hard court shoes also reduce slipping and offer a higher level of traction.

Benefits of Wearing Clay Court Tennis Shoes

Clay court tennis shoes offer many benefits to the player. The main benefits include better grip, increased protection and increased durability.

Firstly, wearing clay court tennis shoes gives players a greater amount of grip on the court surface due to the specialized sole which has hundreds of small raised plastic and/or rubber ridges or spikes. This added grip increases the player’s dexterity and ability to move around the court quickly.

Secondly, playing in clay court tennis shoes also offers increased protection from the court surface due to its increased sole thickness, and therefore the added cushioning decreases the risk of foot, ankle and leg injury.

Lastly, by wearing clay court shoes, players will enjoy increased durability, as the specialized sole offers increased protection from the abrasive surface, significantly adding to the longevity of the shoe.

As you can see, there are many benefits to wearing clay court tennis shoes. As such, they are a great investment if you are looking to maximize your performance while out on the court.


In conclusion, clay court tennis shoes provide a slew of benefits to tennis players. These shoes have excellent cushioning, allowing players to move quickly around the court without worrying about their feet hurting. Clay court tennis shoes are also durable and long lasting, making them a great investment for avid tennis players. Finally, clay court tennis shoes offer superior grip, which adds an extra layer of stability while playing.

Overall, these shoes are an invaluable part of any serious tennis player’s kit and can provide an additional edge to your game. Investing in a good pair of clay court tennis shoes can be a beneficial choice for anyone who wants to extend their court play.

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