CBSE National Volleyball Tournament: A Look at the Competition

Welcome to MitGlobal’s Dubai Sports blog! In this week’s article, we are looking into the CBSE National Volleyball Tournament, investigating the aims and purpose of this competition, as well as its history.

The CBSE National Volleyball Tournament is an annual sporting event that is held in different cities across India. It is a platform for the students of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) schools and other affiliate organizations to showcase their sportsmanship and competitive spirit through this thrilling team sport.

The main aim of the competition is to provide an opportunity for the top athletes across India to show off their volleyball prowess and to create a level playing field among teams from various backgrounds. Along with this, the competition is also focused on the development of camaraderie, sportsmanship and team spirit.

The tournament has a long history dating back to 1999, when the tournament was first conducted by the CBSE. Thereafter, the tournament has taken place in different parts of the country, allowing students to participate in the sport of volleyball at a prestigious level and receive recognition across the region.


The CBSE National Volleyball Tournament sees teams from all over the country compete against each other. Teams are divided into two categories – boys’ and girls’ teams. Each category has a set of age requirements that must be adhered to in order to compete in the tournament. Boys and girls between the ages of 14 and 18 are eligible to participate.

Teams are further divided into types, depending on the team’s past record of performance. Some of the types of teams that qualify for the tournament include State Champions, individual sports clubs, state universities, and schools. All teams must have a coach and at least four players to compete in the tournament.

The teams also undergo a ranking system to determine the level of their advancement in the tournament. The ranking is based on various criteria such as tournament performance and individual losses or wins. The ranking system helps to separate teams with better performances and gives teams who perform well in their respective categories a higher chance of advancing in the tournament.

The qualification process for the teams is quite straightforward. All teams must fill out an application form and submit it to the organisers of the tournament. Teams that qualify then move onto the tournament to continue competing.

Competition Format

The CBSE National Volleyball Tournament follows a specific format that ensures fair competition while also giving the audience a great spectacle. The tournament consists of a group stage and a knock-out stage, the latter which culminates in the highly anticipated finals.

The group stage starts with teams from each region being divided into pools of four. Over the course of the pool stage, each team plays each other once as part of the double-round robin format, earning points for victories and ties.

At the end of the pool stage, the top teams in the pool qualify for the knock-out stage, which follows a single-elimination format. As teams advance in the knock-out stage, they get closer to the grand final.

The tournament finale is a thrilling affair that features the top two teams from the knock-out stage vying for the championship. The game is played to the best of five sets, meaning that the team that first wins three sets takes home the title of CBSE National Volleyball Champions!


The CBSE National Volleyball Tournament has been a success since its inception. It has grown in participation as well as in stature, with more and more schools taking part. This year has been no different. Teams from various regions have come to compete in the tournament and the results have been exciting!

The past winners of the competition have been teams from the south and south-west. This year saw teams from the north and east coming to challenge the established powerhouses. This is encouraging news, as it shows that teams from various regions can do really well against those from traditionally more dominant ones.

Records show that teams from Karnataka have won the last three consecutive tournaments and are looking to extend that streak. Other teams such as Haryana, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra have also been doing well and are expected to give the Karnataka team a good fight.

Statistics from previous tournaments reveal that the average points scored by participating teams is increasing every year. This is a sign of teams improving their skills and strategies over time. This could mean that the competition might become even more exciting in the future with teams pushing harder and raising the quality of the game.

All in all, the results of the CBSE National Volleyball Tournament have been a great source of inspiration and provide an insight into the level of quality competition that the sport can achieve. With teams from all over the country participating and putting in their best effort every year, it is sure to be an event to look forward to in the coming years.


The CBSE National Volleyball Tournament was a huge success and was well-received by players, coaches, and spectators alike. It was filled with some of India’s best volleyball teams competing for the title of National Volleyball Champions. The event has spawned many other national tournaments, which means that the future of this tournament is only secure. The tournament saw an increase in participation each year and is expected to keep growing in popularity.

The quality of the matches and the level of competitiveness displayed was outstanding, with most rounds fiercely contested by both teams. The tournament promotes a healthy and competitive lifestyle and provides a platform for volleyball players to hone and perfect their skills in a safe environment. Going forward, the tournament will only become more engaging, with teams competing to prove that they are the number one volleyball team in India.

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