The Benefits of Brown Tennis Courts

Tennis is one of the most popular sports, and brown tennis courts are growing in popularity all over the world. Brown tennis courts offer a superior playing surface and many other benefits that make them ideal for any tennis enthusiast.

At MitGlobal Sports Dubai, we want to provide our readers with all the information they need to know about the advantages of brown tennis courts. In this blog post, we’ll explain the benefits of brown tennis courts and why they are becoming more popular. We’ll also discuss the best ways to maintain a brown tennis court and the advantages of using brown court surfaces.


Brown tennis courts are known for their durability, which means that they are able to handle heavy levels of repeat usage over long periods of time. This is due to the careful combination of the pavement and the backstop which stand up to wear, tear and stress. The durability of the court surface also means that it can retain its level of playability over time, without requiring a significant amount of maintenance.

Stability of the court surface is of paramount importance and creates an even playing surface that is both safe and consistent. The color of the surface also helps promote stability, as darker surfaces don’t get damaged as easily by the constant pounding of feet on the court.

Maintenance of the court surface is also important in keeping it in top condition and playable. Since its dark color is stain resistant, cleaning and maintaining the court is relatively easy. As far as the upkeep of the court, the surface should be sprayed down with a hose in order to keep it free of dust and debris.

Additionally, you should do regular checks of the court for any foreign objects that may be on the surface. These may include pollen, leaves, and other debris which could lead to damage to the court if not properly removed. Any such objects need to be swept away from the court surface in order to protect its integrity and keep it looking great.

Safety Benefits of Playing on a Brown Tennis Court

Brown tennis courts have many safety benefits for players of many levels of skill and age alike. From advanced players to beginners, brown courts can provide a safe and enjoyable playing experience. One of the most noteworthy safety benefits is the improved grip of the court surface. With its earthy, clay-based surface it gives players a firm grip for better overall maneuverability. This is especially welcome news for beginning players who often lack technique or off-balance footing.

The reduction of injuries is another important safety benefit of a brown court. The superior traction and cushioning help to absorb shock and reduce the impact of falls. This can help protect feet, ankles and knees from the common hard court injuries. In addition, the gritty surface breaks down over time to become softer and more forgiving, making more advanced play easier and less straining to delicate joints.

Finally, the rough surface of brown tennis courts makes it an ideal playing area during wet weather. The ability of water to quickly drain away helps reduce the chances of slips, trips, or falls due to slick playing surfaces. When combined with the superior grip of the clay court, you can be confident in knowing that your game will remain both pleasurable and safe when playing on the brown tennis court.

Cost Advantage

The initial cost of construction for a brown tennis court is comparable with that of other materials, making it a viable choice for any budget. The long-term cost of maintenance is much lower than other courts, however, due to the fact that brown courts require resurfacing significantly less often. Brown courts are made of soft sand-filled material that absorbs the impact of balls and players’ feet; it also tends to remain cool even on hot days, thanks to the surfacing material’s ability to disperse sunlight.

The cost of annual maintenance for a brown court is also much lower than that of other types of courts. Brown courts require only regular cleaning and brushing to keep them in excellent condition. This is in contrast to hard surfaces, which usually require more labor-intensive maintenance and regular resurfacing or overlaying when they become damaged. Brown courts can also last longer than other types of courts because they are able to withstand wear and tear with fewer repairs.

Brown courts can be a much more affordable choice than other types of courts. In addition, the fact that they require less maintenance makes them a great choice for those who want to save money over the life of their court. With the lower cost of maintenance, brown courts can be a great option for any budget.


In conclusion, brown tennis courts offer a number of benefits to both play and spectators. The combination of their textured surface, their thoughtful aesthetic, and their increased traction makes them one of the most beneficial and beloved tennis court surfaces to consider. Installing a brown tennis court can effortlessly add beauty and performance to any tennis court setting.

Overall, the benefits of brown tennis courts include a textured surface that requires less maintenance, increased traction when compared to other court surfaces, and a timeless, aesthetically-pleasing color scheme. Whether you are supplementing existing courts or looking to install a brand new court, brown tennis courts can provide an excellent surface for playing and viewing.

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