The Best Padel Rackets of 2020: A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome to MitGlobal Dubai Sports’ guide to the best padel rackets of 2020! In this comprehensive guide we will take a look at all of the key factors when shopping for a padel racket, such as types, materials, shapes and weights. We will create a detailed overview of each item to help you make an informed decision when purchasing the perfect padel racket for your needs.

Types of padel rackets range from all-round, power, offensive and custom-made. Each type has its own unique elements and characteristics that you’ll need to consider when shopping for a racket for your needs. We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each type to help you make the best decision for your gaming style.

The material your padel racket is made of is also important. Different materials offer different properties including power, spin and control. We will provide expert knowledge on the advantages and disadvantages of each material, so you can select the material that meets your needs.

The shape and weight of your padel racket also play a role in your gameplay. The shape dictates the size and shape of the sweet spot while weight affects the power and maneuverability of your shots. We will discuss these features in detail and provide our expert opinion on the pros and cons of each shape and weight.

By the end of the article, you will be armed with all the knowledge you need make an informed decision when purchasing the perfect padel racket for 2020. So now let’s get started!

Los Mejores Palas de Pádel del 2020: Una Guía Completa

Esta guía se centra en contener los diez mejores palas de pádel del 2020. Estas palas, en concreto, han dejado huella, no sólo por su calidad sino también por la opinión excelente de los usuarios. Entre nuestros diez mejores, encontraremos desde las palas de pádel más clásicas y virtuosas, hasta algunas más modernas y punteras, todas con una excelente respuesta feedback.

Comenzamos con la Head Graphene Touch Radical Padel Racket. Equipada con tecnología Graphene Touch, se trata de una pala diseñada para un juego explosivo con una increíble potencia. Posee un perfil plano con una cabeza de 98 metros cuadrados y un peso de 365 gramos, lo que la hace ideal para los jugadores profesionales.

El Babolat Pure Strike Padel Racket es una de nuestras recomendaciones más fuertes. Esta pala para pádel está diseñada para aquellas personas que desean un control preciso y un juego suave. Está hecho con la tecnología FSI Power, que ofrece una forma única de comodidad y potencia, donde la sensación de la bola y el control es indiscutible.

El StarVie Apollo Padel Racket destaca en la lista debido a sus características de alto rendimiento. Esta pala es el sueño de los jugadores competitivos: con un cuerpo de polímero extremadamente ligero, ofrece una mezcla única de velocidad, potencia y control. Esta pala proporciona una gran respuesta en los golpes de toda la cancha.

La Head Graphene XT Radical Padel Racket ofrece a los jugadores una sensación única con una mezcla perfecta de control y potencia. Esta pala presenta una forma perfil plano con un peso de 360 gramos aproximadamente y una cabeza más pequeña que ofrece un excelente spin. Su caja incluye también una funda de transporte.

Otra de las mejores palas de pádel es la StarVie Saturn Padel Racket. Esta pala se diseñó pensando en los jugadores avanzados que buscan alcanzar el siguiente nivel en el juego. Esta pala se ha diseñado con materiales resistentes ofrece una mayor rigidez en los golpes. Esta pala proporciona un rendimiento equilibrado para aquellos jugadores que necesitan máxima precisión.

El Adidas Adipower Padel Racket es una pala diseñada para aquellos jugadores que requieren potencia, velocidad y control. Esta pala se ha hecho ligero para aquellos movimientos rápidos que se requieren en competición. Esta pala viene con tecnología Adipower, que te proporciona una mayor energía para los golpes.

La Bullpadel Vertex Pro Padel Racket se presenta una pala innovadora para los jugadores avanzados. Esta pala ha sido diseñada con la tecnología avanzada Vertex System, que asegura balones precisos y rápidos. Esta pala está equipada con un perfil de cabeza plano y un peso de 345-355 gramos para proporcionar un elevado nivel de potencia.

El Volkl V-Feel Padel Racket es otra excelente opción para aquellos jugadores que procuran un control óptimo. Esta pala presenta un perfil evolutivo y una gran riqueza de detalles técnicos innovadores. Esta pala está equipada con tres tecnologías de alto diseño: Volkl V-Feel, Carbon X-Grill y Stabilo, para proporcionar una mayor seguridad en los golpes.

El StarVie Apollo Pro Padel Racket es una pala particularmente adaptada a los jugadores más ambiciosos que desean calidad al alcance de su mano. Esta pala está equipada con una cabeza de 100 metros cuadrados, muy lapidado y resistente para aquellos golpes difíciles. Esta pala equipada con tecnología Hi-Performance Stabilisation System es la opción definitiva para los jugadores más exigentes.

Por último, el Volkl V-Sense Padel Racket es la última de nuestras sugerencias en la lista de los mejores palas de pádel del 2020. Esta pala es quizás una de las que ofrece mejor relación entre precio y calidad. Esta pala ofrece un balance perfecto entre potencia y control con la tecnología Volkl V-Sense. Diseñada con un perfil plano y una cabeza ligeramente más pequeña, esta pala es un regalo para aquellos jugadores avezados.

Brands of Best Padel Rackets

When it comes to choosing the best padel racket, you should take into account the characteristics of the products of the different brands available. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Head: One of the leading sports brands, they make several models of rackets of high quality. It has durable frames and advanced technology that help improve the power and control of the ball.

Babolat: Another big name in the racket world has been changing the way we play since the early 19th century. Their rackets are renowned for their combination of power, control and spin.

StarVie: This Spanish brand has become one of the main players in the padel racket market thanks to their focus on quality, innovation and performance. Their range of rackets will help inexperienced players to start playing with confidence.

Adidas: Adidas is an international sporting brand that brings a range of low-cost, durable and sophisticated padel rackets. They offer a good combination of power and control with lifted comfort.

Bullpadel: This Spanish company has been producing paddles since the late 80s, and they offer some of the latest technology in their rackets. Their products tend to favour players who want more spin.

Volkl: Volkl specializes in making rackets for experienced players and offer a selection of high-end products. Their rackets have a combination of impressive speed and power.

Padel Racket Maintenance

Maintaining your padel racket is essential in order to make sure that it remains in good condition and continues to perform at its highest level. There are several essential tasks that need to be done in order to properly maintain a padel racket, such as cleaning, storing, and stringing. Let’s take a closer look at each of these essential tasks.


Cleaning your padel racket regularly is essential in order to keep it in tip-top shape. Start by wiping the racket down with a soft, lint-free cloth to remove any dirt or sweat. To really make sure the whole racket gets clean, use a soft brush or toothbrush to get into all of the grooves. You can then use a mild soap and some water to scrub off any stubborn dirt or grime. Once you’ve washed off the soap, make sure to dry your padel racket completely before storing it.


Properly storing your padel racket is another important part of its maintenance. Store your racket in its original packaging, or in a racket bag. This keeps it protected from dirt and moisture. Make sure to avoid storing your racket in hot or damp environments, as this could cause damage.


Stringing is the process of replacing the tensioned strings of your padel racket. The frequency of how often you need to string your racket will depend on your style of play. Generally speaking, recreational players won’t need to string their rackets as often. It’s best to get it professionally strung in order to ensure that the job is done correctly.


When comparing different padel rackets, it’s important to consider the features, playing style, and construction that it offers. There are many types of rackets available, such as carbon fiber or composite, and different grip sizes as well as ample styles and color ranges. Furthermore, choosing the best racket may depend on the player’s experience, skill level, budget, and preference.

The list of the best padel rackets of 2020 is included in this guide to help players find the perfect one to fit their needs and preferences. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you should consider the following factors before buying a padel racket: type of racket, weight, balance, and price.

By examining each comparison point in detail, you can choose the right padel racket to optimize your game. With a good racket and the right technique, you will be able to enjoy playing padel and achieve your goals in this exciting sport.

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