The Rise of Beach Bunny Sports: A Comprehensive Look at the Popular Beach Sport

Welcome to MitGlobal Dubai Sports blog! Today we are taking a deep dive into the fascinating world of Beach Bunny Sports. Get ready for a comprehensive overview of the game and its history, along with an appreciation for its growing popularity.

Beach Bunny Sports, also known as ‘Kitabike’ or ‘Gingerly’, is a beach sport first originating in the United Arab Emirates. It is a two or four-player team-based game that usually played by children and young adults. The game involves a board court made with different objects that form a “bunny beach”, and participants must use various tools and techniques to achieve points. From the different countries the game is being played, the rules may vary and differ slightly.

Since its adaptation and introduction, Beach Bunny Sports has experienced remarkable growth and an increase in popularity, now being played all over the world in countries such as Sweden, Brazil, Australia, and more.

In this article we will cover everything from its history, rules, equipment and more – giving you a thorough look on this fun and exciting beach sport.

Equipment & Rules

Beach bunny sports is an incredibly fun and relatively simple sport, however there is still some equipment and general rules you should be aware of before giving it a shot. First, you must have the right equipment. This includes a net, two beach bats and a few balls.

When setting up the net, it should be exactly 7ft high, 15ft wide and stretched out as far as possible. Make sure that the net is properly stretched, so that it can maintain the proper tension when playing. Additionally, the two beach bats should be completely hollow and made of a lightweight material. Last but not least, the balls should have holes in them, allowing more air to pass through the surface.

Now, onto the rules. Similar to most court sports, the main objective is to score the most points by sending the ball back and forth over the net until the other team cannot return it. When returning the ball, it must remain airborne and never hit the ground. In addition, the ball must not hit the net and must pass in front of it. Finally, the ball must always be hit with the bat and never with anything else and it must not hit the player’s body.

Safety is also extremely important when playing beach bunny sports. Make sure to wear appropriate protective gear, such as gloves, and always stay away from areas where the risk of sand flying up is high. Additionally, it is important to stay hydrated and take regular breaks to rest and stay cool in the heat.

Competition and Scoring

Beach Bunny Sports is a competitive sport that puts players in the sand. While there are no official leagues or competitions, athletes looking for a beach sports challenge are likely to find it in several places. From backyard tournaments to organized beach tournaments, there are plenty of opportunities for athletes to compete against each other.

One of the most popular competition formats is a 3-on-3 beach bunny tournament. Teams may vary in size, but each team consists of three players and two substitutes. These matches typically last between 30 minutes and an hour and may take place in an outdoor arena or on a beach. The game is intense and fast-paced, with teams scoring points based on their style of play and their individual skills.

The game is scored much like volleyball, with each team competing to reach the highest score. Teams can earn points by kicking the ball over the net, delivering a hard serve, preventing the ball from touching their side of the court, and playing strategically. Different styles of play require different strategies, so teams must practice and work together to devise a winning strategy.

The scoring system for beach bunny sports is relatively simple. Each team earns one point per goal, with the team with the most goals at the end winning the game. During regular league play, teams are ranked according to the number of points they accumulate. At the end of each game, teams are awarded a certain number of points based on their individual skill level and the number of successful shots they made.

As a result, competition and scoring are key components of beach bunny sports. The competition format allows for intense and exciting matches, while the scoring system rewards teams for their skill and strategic play. Whether it is a backyard tournament or an organized beach tournament, beach bunny sports offer athletes a thrilling challenge.


Beach Bunny Sports has established itself as an international sensation in recent years. Its popularity has steadily grown among people of all ages, genders and lifestyles. Its success lies in its accessibility and wide range of benefits for those who play. Its fitness benefits provide players with mental and physical stimulations, as well as its recreational benefits, which promote communication and socializing. The future of Beach Bunny Sports looks promising, with new tournaments, game styles and equipment being developed. The combination of accessibility, athleticism and recreational benefits makes it an attractive sport, and one that will likely continue to become more popular.

The growing popularity of Beach Bunny Sports presents an attractive opportunity for advertisers, sponsors and the media to capitalize upon. It’s already becoming increasingly integrated into mainstream media, and is featured on television, radio and digital platforms. Advertising and promotional campaigns can further expand its appeal and reach, as well as provide access to additional revenue sources. Those involved in the development and growth of the sport can benefit significantly from a combination of greater awareness and additional revenue.

The future of Beach Bunny Sports looks exciting, and its popularity and appeal are only likely to increase. It provides an ideal activity for people of all ages and backgrounds to get involved in, and its diverse benefits make it an attractive proposition for both casual and competitive players. The popularity and appeal of Beach Bunny Sports looks set to continue, and the only question is just how far it can go.

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